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Lega Alpina Lumbarda (Lombard Alpine League, LAL) was a left-wing regionalist political party in Italy, based in Lombardy. The party, an alternative to Lega LombardaLega Nord, was led by Elidio De Paoli throughout its existence.

The party was founded in 1992 by De Paoli, a former blue-collar worker, local leader of the Marxist-Leninist League,[1][2] and municipal councillor for the Greens in Brescia.[3] De Paoli was elected senator both in the 1992 general election (when the party won 2.1% in Lombardy)[4] and the 1994 general election (4.3%).[5]

For the 1996 general election the party joined forces with Autonomy Lombard Alliance (a 1989 split from Lega Lombarda, led by Angela Bossi and Pierangelo Brivio, sister and brother-in-law of Umberto Bossi respectively), forming the Lombard Autonomy League.

In 2009, Lega Alpina Lumbarda, led by De Paoli, filed lists in some Lombard provincial elections. The list gained everywhere less than 1%.[6]

Popular support[edit]

The electoral results of the party in Lombardy are shown in the table below. For general elections the results always refer to the Senate.

1992 general 1994 general 1994 European 1995 regional
2.1 4.3 0.9 -


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