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Leah Leneman (3 March 1944 – 26 December 1999) was a popular historian and cookery writer.[1] She wrote about Scottish history including the struggle for women's suffrage.


Leah Leneman was born in California of European descent.[2] She grew up in Los Angeles, educated in a private English/Hebrew school. She embarked on an acting career in the early 1960s first in New York, then in Islington, London (Tower Theatre).

Leneman became a vegetarian by the influence of Vedanta movement of Hinduism and later a vegan. She wrote vegan cookery books.[3]

She was also one of the pioneers of women's history in Scotland. She received an adult education class and developed her interest in Scotland's history, and after taking A-level, she enrolled as a mature student at the University of Edinburgh in 1975. She introduced to a wide audience many aspects of Scottish social history from the 17th to the 19th centuries. She worked on Scottish women's history and published many books later.[1]


  • Vegan Cooking: The Compassionate Way of Eating (1982)
  • Living in Atholl: a social history of the estates, 1685–1785 (1986)
  • Sexuality and Social Control, Scotland 1660–1780 (1989)
  • Fit for Heroes: Land settlement in Scotland after World War I (1989)
  • In the Service of Life: the story of Elsie Inglis and the Scottish women's hospitals (1994)
  • A Guid Cause: the Women's Suffrage Movement in Scotland (1995)
  • Leah Leneman (1997) The awakened instinct: vegetarianism and the women's suffrage movement in Britain, Women's History Review, 6:2, 271-287[4]
  • Sin in the City (1998)
  • Girls in Trouble (1998)
  • Alienated Affections: The Scottish Experience of Divorce and Separation, 1684–1830 (1998)[5]
  • The Tofu Cookbook: Over 150 Quick and Easy Recipes (1998)
  • Vegan Cooking for One: Over 150 Simple and Appetizing Meals (2000)


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