Legacy of Blood (novel)

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Diablo: Legacy of Blood book cover.

Legacy of Blood is the first novel based on Diablo (video game) by Blizzard Entertainment, published in 2001. The book itself is written by Richard A. Knaak. Legacy of Blood is intended for mature readers. It uses the same image that graced the cover of the Diablo II game box.

The book is written about a group of three men who stumble upon enchanted armor of unfathomable, immense powers that they have no clue about. The armor ends up belonging to a past warlord named Bartuc, who was the most brutal of all men to walk the earth, painting his armor each morning with the blood from the battle from his deceased foes. He was a Sorcerer who could control demons and used them to his own power to take over cities and countries in order to fiercely reign over the entire earth. He was eventually killed during an enormous battle by multiple people including his own brother Horazon. The armor was hidden away in a dark dungeon protected with dark magical powers where it sat dormant secretly calling to the main character, Norrec. Norrec was among the three tomb raiders when the armor was discovered. The three men were caught in a dire situation causing Norrec to put on the armor and reawaken the power of legions of demons and hell itself. His life would be forever changed...and one would question whether for the better or not.


  • Norrec Vizharan – The Armor's host
  • Kara Nightshadow – Necromancer
  • Sadun Tryst – Norrec's companion
  • Fauztin – Norrec's companion and sorcerer
  • Xazax – Demon Mantis
  • Bartuc – Warlord of Blood
  • General Augustus Malevolyn – person who wants the armor
  • Galeona – Witch that travels with the General and Xazax
  • Horazon - Bartuc's brother

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