Leilek District

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Kyrgyzstan Leilek Raion.png
Country Kyrgyzstan
Region Batken Region
Capital Isfana
Population (2009)
 • Total 97,300
Time zone GMT +5 (UTC+5)

Leilek is a raion (district) of Batken Region in south-western Kyrgyzstan. It borders with Batken District in the east, and Tajikistan in the south, west, and north. The capital lies at Isfana.:[1]


Leilek District is located at northern slopes of Turkestan Range, high foothills, and Isfara-Isfana Valley with lowest point of Kyrgyzstan - 394 meters above sea level.

Towns, rural communities, and villages[edit]

In total, Leilek District include 1 town and 46 villages in 9 rural communities (aiyl okmotus). The rural communities and settlements in the Leilek District are:[2]

  1. town of district significance Isfana (including villages: Myrza-Patcha, Samat, Chimgen, Taylan, Ak-Bulak, and Golbo)
  2. Ak-Suu aiyl okmotu (center village Ak-Suu and also villages Alga, Jenish, and Suu-Bashi)
  3. Beshkent aiyl okmotu (cener - village Beshkent, and also villages Imeni Karla Marksa, Kayragach, 50 Let SSSR, and Eski Oochu)
  4. Margun aiyl okmotu (center - village Margun, and also villages Churbek, Darkhum, and Dargaz)
  5. Jangy Jer aiyl okmotu (center - village Tsentral'noe, and also villages Arka, Dostuk)
  6. Leilek aiyl okmotu (center - village Korgon, and also villages Kara-Suu, Leilek, Chuyanchy, and Ak-Terek)
  7. Katran okmotu (center - village Katran, and also villages Jangy Turmush, and Ozgeryush)
  8. Kulundu aiyl okmotu (center - village Kulundu, and also villages Bulak-Bashy, Internatsianal'noe, Kommunizm and Imeni Lenina)
  9. Sumbulu aiyl okmotu (center - village Andarak, and also villages Iskra, Kek-Tash, and Kommuna)
  10. Toguz-Bulak aiyl okmotu (center - village Toguz-Bulak, and also villages Aykol, Kara-Bulak, Aybike (formerly called Madaniyat), Min-Jigach (formerly called 50 Let Kirgizii), and Gordoy (formerly called Imeni Chapaeva))


Coordinates: 39°50′N 69°31′E / 39.833°N 69.517°E / 39.833; 69.517