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Lilou Macé (2013)

Lilou Macé (born August 20, 1977) is a French-American author, webTV host, video blogger, speaker and interviewer.[1]


Macé was born in Santa Barbara, California, to French parents, Jean-Yves Macé and Irène Martin. Moving back to France, Lilou grew up primarily in Nantes and Cholet. She also spent part of her youth in Scottsdale, Arizona. During her four-year bachelor's degree in European Business Studies (1996-2000), Mace studied at ESC La Rochelle and Oxford Brookes University and wrote her final year dissertation called How to create a strong brand online, graduating in 2000 with honours. She did a major in International Marketing and completed a 14-month internship for Nortel Networks in Mainhead, UK and in Silicon Valley.

Early career[edit]

Between November 2000 and October 2006, Lilou resided in Florida, mainly in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and moved to Chicago in October 2006, where she lived until the end of July 2008. Between January 2000 and June 2008, Lilou was self-employed, creating online branding, website design and online marketing for the hospitality industry. After the short experience in the marketing area, Lilou decided to create and focus on her YouTube channel. Her videos, always bringing positive messages about life, career and love, became a huge success and she turned into a Social Media star, gathering more than hundreds of thousands of followers on several platforms, like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Soon after the breakthrough, Lilou Mace decided to leave her old life and focus mainly on her new YouTuber and Vlogger career.

Juicy Living Tour[edit]

Shortly after moving to Chicago, on 9 November 2006, Mace met Oprah Winfrey during an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show on the theme of “Dream Jobs”. This experience inspired her to start interviewing and a few months later, with no television or broadcasting background, Macé went on to produce and host a cable TV show on CAN TV called My Juicy Life. This show aimed at inspiring people to fully live their purpose and passions in life, and featured authors such as John Gray, Sonia Choquette, and Karyn Calabrese. Ever since, she has been interviewing and video-blogging on YouTube. This quickly became an online television show called the Juicy Living Tour, broadcast on YouTube and supported via donations.

The Juicy Living Tour is now called Lilou Macé TV. Mace travels the world and interviews people that share their life story, lessons and advice to live a fulfilled life. Mace has over 3000 videos and interviews online in English, French, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and has 42 million video views. She is known internationally for her bubbly personality that is refreshing and offers an uplifting point of view on life. In France Mace's show is called La Télé de Lilou. Her channel also became a huge success in South America, mainly Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, turning Mace into a popular YouTuber in these countries.


In July 2008, Macé was offered a position in London as Internet Marketing Director for a luxury hotel sales-and-marketing company based in the United Kingdom.[2] She moved back to Europe to take up this position, and only seven months later, on 16 February 2009, lost her job. The event proved to be life-changing. It inspired her to write her first book I Lost My Job and I Liked It: 30-Day Law-of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker. Macé announced the publication of her book at the 2009 London Book Fair, where she printed the first copies on the Espresso Book Machine.

In Fall 2011, Macé's new book I Had No Money and I Liked it was published by her publishing company Juicy Living Publishing and at the end of October 2012, her book was launched in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec by Tredaniel Editions.


Macé has interviewed hundreds of authors, speakers and scientists from all over the world about the art of creating a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. She posts these interviews on Lilou Macé TV website and YouTube channel which has 42-million video views.[3] Some of her guests are Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Carl Johan Calleman, Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Eben Alexander, Pierre Rabhi and Bruce Lipton. Mace organizes live interviews in front of an audience at the Theatre des Feux de la Rampe in Paris, where once a month the French audience can assist her with the interviews. She regularly organizes conferences and is invited all around the world to speak and interview. Macé offers all her interviews for free and is supported by donations.


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