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Here follows a list of notable people associated with Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California, including notable graduates, dropouts, and past and present faculty.

Notable alumni[edit]





  • Orley Ashenfelter '64 - Joseph Douglas Green 1895 Professor of Economics at Princeton University; former editor of the American Economic Review
  • Tibor R. Machan '65 - former editor of Reason magazine, Stanford Hoover Institution fellow and professor at Chapman University
  • Vincent Phillip Muñoz (BA 1993), Tocqueville Associate Professor of Religion & Public Life in the Department of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame[5]
  • Jack L. Stark '57 - former CMC president
  • Francisco Vázquez '72 - Professor and director of the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies at Sonoma State University



Writing and journalism[edit]

Dropouts and transfers[edit]

Notable faculty[edit]

  • William Ascher - Donald C. McKenna Professor of Government and Economics; served as Dean of the Faculty from 2000–2005; prolific author and winner of the G. David Huntoon, Sr., Award for Superior Teaching
  • Fred Balitzer - professor of government. He was director of the Republican National Committee under President Ronald Reagan, chairman of Scholars for Reagan-Bush in 1984, and special emissary to the Sultan of Brunei. He helped bring about diplomatic relations with China and Israel and played a leading role in preventing efforts to make the District of Columbia a state.
  • Ross Eckert - professor of economics who dedicated his life to cleaning up the blood supply. The matter affected him personally as he was a hemophiliac who contracted HIV/AIDS from a bad transfusion. Eckert worked with Elliott on market-incentives to reduce congestion. He also worked to rescue the U.S. Laws of the Sea from degradation. (deceased)
  • Ward Elliott - researched market solutions to Los Angeles smog problem. Elliott drafted the economic-incentives of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. Thanks to his efforts, the number of first-stage smog-alerts days declined from one day in three in the 1960s to only one day in 1997.
  • Diane Halpern - former president of the American Psychological Association
  • Eric Helland — Professor of Economics, Senior Staff Economist, President's Council of Economic Advisers (2003–2004)
  • Harry V. Jaffa - professor of political philosophy, scholar of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Aristotelian virtue, and the American founding. The National Review once had a cover story that described Jaffa as "the foremost contemporary interpreter of the American political tradition."
  • Charles Kesler - editor of the Claremont Review of Books and noted conservative scholar
  • Jamaica Kincaid - novelist
  • Kenneth P. Miller - professor of Government specializing in California politics, direct democracy, and state constitutional law. Miller is the Associate Director of the Rose Institute of State and Local Government, a research institute known for its expertise in redistricting, elections, demographic research, and public policy analysis.
  • Jonathan Petropoulos - historian and scholar of Holocaust-era looted art[12]
  • Mort Sahl - speech writer for President John F. Kennedy; famed comedian
  • Michael Uhlmann - former Assistant Attorney General to President Gerald Ford; special assistant to President Ronald Reagan; reportedly convinced Justice Clarence Thomas to join the federal judiciary


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