List of Coronation Street characters (1974)

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Gail Potter[edit]

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Sir Julius Berlin[edit]

Sir Julius Berlin
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Leonard Sachs
Duration 1974
First appearance 6 May 1974
Episode 1388
Last appearance 13 May 1974
Episode 1390
Classification Former; guest

Sir Julius Berlin was played by Leonard Sachs. Sir Julius appeared in Coronation Street during 1974 as the boss of the Mark Brittain mail order warehouse that was situated in the Street.

When the residents complained about the lorries passing through, Ken Barlow spoke to Sir Julius about the problem. Sir Julius was so impressed by Ken that he offered him a job as executive administrative assistant. Meanwhile, the workers at the warehouse threatened to strike due to Sir Julius trying to keep his staff out of a trade union, until Ken persuaded Sir Julius to accept the union. Sir Julius upset workers Ivy Tilsley and Vera Duckworth because the company announced all women over sixty had to retire. They called the union in but the union supported lowering the retirement age. After the warehouse fire in 1975, Sir Julius (who had not appeared since May 1974) dissolved the company.

Martin Downes[edit]

Martin Downes
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Louis Selwyn
First appearance 1 July 1974
Last appearance 3 July 1974
Classification Former; guest

Martin Andrew Downes (né Lynch) is the son of Bet Lynch whom she gave up for adoption when she was 16. Martin arrives to meet her but is repulsed by her overt sexual nature and leaves without ever confirming his identity. Nine months later, Bet receives news from one of Martin's army colleagues that he has died in action in Ulster.

Vera Duckworth[edit]

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Idris Hopkins[edit]

Idris Hopkins
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Richard Davies
Duration 1974–75
First appearance 8 July 1974
Last appearance 10 February 1975
Introduced by H. V. Kershaw
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Foundry worker

Foundry worker Idris Hopkins, his wife Vera and their daughter Tricia moved to Coronation Street to take over the tenancy of the Corner Shop in 1974. Idris, a Welshman, was a quiet man, satisfied with what life had thrown at him. Weary of working night shifts, and of the noise in Coronation Street, Idris frequently had to make peace between Vera and his domineering mother Megan, who moved into the Corner Shop accommodation with Idris and Vera.

Idris was never as involved with the grand plans of the family as Vera or (especially) Granny Hopkins. He spent most of his time slumped in his chair or working nights. He barely registered the trouble Granny was giving shop owner Gordon Clegg and his mother Betty Turpin, but when he found out he tried to exclude her from the family's plans to buy the shop from Gordon. When Granny persisted, hoping to buy the shop for a cheaper price, Gordon evicted the family, and they disappeared during the night, never to be seen in Coronation Street again (except for Tricia).

Blanche Hunt[edit]

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