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Eva Price
Eva Price.jpg
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Catherine Tyldesley
Duration 2011–
First appearance Episode 7627
17 June 2011
Introduced by Phil Collinson
What Would Kirk Do? (2014–2015)[1]
Classification Present; regular
Occupation Barmaid (2011–)
Waitress (2011)
Machinist (2011–2013, 2015–)
Personal Assistant (2013–2014)
Home 18a Victoria Street

Eva Price is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street, played by Catherine Tyldesley, her character and casting was announced in May 2011 and she made her first appearance on screen on 17 June 2011. Eva was introduced as Stella Price's (Michelle Collins) daughter. On 24 August 2014, Tyldesley announced that she was expecting her first child and Eva left the show on 23 February 2015, Tyldesley returned to filming on 13 July 2015, with Eva's return scenes airing on 16 September 2015.

Eva moves into The Rovers Return Inn with her mother and her mother's boyfriend, Karl Munro (John Michie). Tyldesley later said in May 2012 that Eva's glamorous lifestyle can be "straining" and enjoys time off work to wear normal and more comfortable clothes. Kate White of Inside Soap praised the character while a writer for the Daily Mirror nicknamed the character "Eva The Diva". Eva was described as being "feisty." Tyldesley revealed more about her character, saying: "Eva is a little bit of a princess! She's been spoiled rotten, so she's somewhat high maintenance and a little bit of a drama queen. She's definitely used to getting her own way." Laura Armstrong from The People described Eva as a "fit barmaid" and later added that "her shifts at Nick's Bistro seem like a stroll in a Manchester park".


In June 2011, Stella Price's (Michelle Collins) daughter, Eva, arrives and announces she has ditched her fiancé and the wedding is off. Under pressure from Stella, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) agrees to let her stay and Stella tells Eva that she has a home at The Rovers for as long as she needs it. When Eva is rude to Leanne Barlow (Jane Danson), Stella is quick to apologize and forces Eva to do the same, Eva later learns that Leanne is her half-sister. Stella and Eva are unimpressed as they clear up the debris from Becky McDonald's (Katherine Kelly) lock-in the night before.

Eva gets a job in Nick Tilsley's (Ben Price) Bistro and they start dating. Eva misunderstands a conversation with Nick about moving out, so she begins looking at flats for them. Nick later tells her he wants to move out alone and it is too soon for them to live together. Eva plans a speed dating night at the Bistro, which ends when Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) pushes her date into the fire alarm. Luckily for Eileen, she gets asked out by a fireman, Paul Kershaw (Tony Hirst). Nick and Eva continue dating but Stella warns Eva that Nick may break her heart. Nick finds Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) in a strip club and helps her by booking them into a hotel room for the night as she cannot go to collect her son, Max, until the morning. When the pair return the next day, Eva finds a receipt from the hotel. Upon reading a text from Kylie to Nick, thanking him for the previous night, Eva announces publicly that Nick is cheating on her after ruining a big occasion in the Bistro and costing him a lot of business. Nick proves her wrong and dumps Eva for doubting him but allows to keep her job.

She later goes on a date with Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) to make Nick jealous, believing that he is still interested but learns that he is in love with Leanne. The sisters have a vicious row, which results in Leanne leaving The Rovers. Eva suspects that Stella's boyfriend Karl Munro (John Michie) is having an affair with Sunita Alahan (Shobna Gulati), and warns them that she knows what is going on. In June 2012, Eva and Sunita are left in charge of The Rovers while Stella goes on a business trip, Beth Tinker (Lisa George) accidentally lets her son Craig's (Colson Smith) pet rat, Darryl, loose in The Rovers. When the health inspector arrives, Eva and Sunita manage to distract him and The Rovers passes. Eva's suspicions are confirmed when returning from a night out with Stella and Leanne, they catch Karl and Sunita together.

Eva begins dating Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis). The couple separate briefly but reconcile after Rob attempts to flirt with Stella but Eva soon suspects that Rob is cheating on her with Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh). She and Steve, (Michelle's boyfriend), visit the hotel in which they are staying on a business trip, but Eva discovers Rob is sleeping with a waitress at the hotel, not Michelle. The couple split up and Eva sets her sights on her ex-boyfriend, Nick. Eva and Kylie, who also dislikes Leanne, plan to split Nick and Leanne up by having Nick propose to her, the day after her divorce from Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) has come through, but to Eva's disappointment, Leanne accepts the proposal. After Peter returns from Los Angeles, Eva makes a false booking to the Bistro, meaning that Nick has to stay and misses Simon Barlow's (Alex Bain) nativity play. This makes him paranoid about Peter and Leanne, causing him and Leanne to argue after he has a fight with Peter at the school. On Christmas Day, Eva is Leanne's bridesmaid but at the wedding - tells Nick that Leanne had visited Peter that morning. Nick calls the wedding off and Eva hopes for a reconciliation with Nick, only for him to reject her. Nick and Leanne reconcile in January.

When Eva's grandmother, Gloria Price (Sue Johnston) visits with her fiancé Eric Babbage (Timothy West), Eva is shocked when Eric offers to take Eva on a cruise and says that he knows that Gloria is only marrying him for his money. Eva initially turns the offer down, but after a fight with Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) at work, she reconsiders. Stella discovers Eric's plan and is disgusted by his betrayal. She persuades Eva not to go and finds Eric dead in the pub's bar. Eric's death leaves Gloria devastated and Eva and Gloria temporarily fall out. In March 2013, Eva and Gloria attend Eric's funeral and make up. On 18 March 2013, Karl sets The Rovers on fire, leaving Stella and Sunita trapped inside. When they hear about the fire, Eva, Leanne and Gloria rush to the scene and the pub explodes. Karl rushes in to save Stella and they manage to escape but fire fighter, Toni Griffiths (Tara Moran), is killed. Stella, Sunita and Karl are all rushed to hospital and the Price family are told that Sunita is a prime suspect as the arsonist. Sunita dies after Karl pulls her life support machine tubes out and Eva and Gloria are dismayed at Karl and Stella for attending Sunita's funeral, believing her to be guilty. In May, Eva goes to Ibiza to stay with an old school friend, Mitch.

Eva returns to Weatherfield later that month, and is shocked to discover that The Rovers is up for sale, and Stella is now a cleaner at the Bistro, and is angry at Leanne for letting her do this. Eva goes home and comforts her mother. While the Price family discuss what to do next aboout Owen Armstrong (Ian Puleston-Davies) suing Stella for the cost of work done on The Rovers, Gloria makes a shock announcement. Eric left her £80,000 and didn't give it to Stella because she felt that it was something for herself, angering her family. The next day, Gloria visits Owen and pays Stella's bill. Eva, Gloria, Stella and Karl are stunned when Leanne offers £5,000, so Stella only has to find £5,000. Eva is present when Stella, Karl and Gloria re-open The Rovers Return. Eva is furious when Leanne upsets Stella by refusing to be her bridesmaid at her wedding. The next day, David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) overhears Eva insulting Leanne by saying that she is very selfish and tells Leanne and Nick, causing Leanne and Eva to argue at Underworld before Leanne attacks Eva but accidentally knocks Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh), who has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Eva's boss Carla Connor (Alison King) throws Leanne out and Leanne gets a mysterious letter, asking if she knows who Nick was with - and what he was doing - on Christmas night, she confides in Stella and Eva shows little sympathy. When she sees Eva talking to Nick, Leanne suspects that the pair are having an affair, which Eva denies. After Nick and David are involved in a horrific car accident, Eva and Leanne decide to finally make amends and in time become extremely close.

During a karaoke night at The Rovers, held to celebrate Roy Cropper's (David Neilson) birthday, and Eva goes to Jason's house to have a drink with him and they end up sleeping together. The following day, Eva feels guilty as Jason is Stella's ex-boyfriend and Stella catches them kissing. Gloria storms in and shouts at them but Stella insists she is fine with the blossoming romance before telling Eva and Gloria that she wants to sell The Rovers. Eva helps Kylie when she believes that David is having an affair with Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan). Eva follows Kylie when she storms into The Rovers and starts a fight with Tina. Eva tries to break up the fight assisted by Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard) but Kylie accidentally slaps Eva. Eva is present when Kylie finds Lily's DNA results and Kylie lies about the contents of the envelope when she realizes what it is. Eva attends Lily's christening with Stella and Gloria and the family comfort Leanne when she discovers that Kylie and Nick had slept together on Christmas Day 2012. Eva is angry that Kylie didn't come clean about their one-night stand when Leanne had accused her of sleeping with Nick. Kylie tries to apologize but Eva ends their friendship.

Eva gets a promotion at work when she shows good computer skills and replaces Michelle as Carla's personal assistant. Eva and her colleagues are devastated in January 2014 when they learn that Hayley has died. They decorate her sewing machine at Underworld with colourful pants in her memory. Eva is upset when Gloria announces that she is going on a cruise around the world. Eva helps organize her farewell party and wave goodbye to Gloria and Dennis Tanner (Philip Lowrie), as they leave.

When Eva, Leanne and Stella's landlord, Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) returns to the street with his son Jack, Eva moves in with Jason. Eva is extremely upset when she learns that Stella is also planning to leave and is angry as she feels that her mother is abandoning her. Eva and Stella later put their differences aside as Stella bids a tearful farewell to her, Leanne and Dev, before leaving Weatherfield in a black cab. Eva and Jason buy a flat above the Prima Doner kebab shop. Eva is disgusted in October 2014 when she discovers that Kylie has been taking Max's ADHD medication. Eva later accompanies Kylie to her childhood estate to meet Max's biological father, Callum Logan (Sean Ward). She leaves, while Kylie stays to spend time with Callum and her old friend, Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell). Kylie leaves on Christmas Day 2014 and Eva tries to help David find her but are unsuccessful. In February 2015, Eva leaves after Jason accuses her of having an affair with his father, Tony Stewart (Terence Maynard), and goes to France, where she meets someone, devastating Jason.

Whilst on the rebound from Jason Eva gets engaged to a French man but they end it in September and she returns to Weatherfield. Eva is shocked to learn that Jason is injured after an attack by Callum and attempts to reunite with him, but he turns her down as he wants to be with his ex-wife, Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien). Eva gets her job back at Underworld and dates new boss Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward). Unknown to Eva, Leanne has been physically abused by Simon and she doesn't know how much more she can take. When Simon spots Leanne with Eva looking relaxed, he soon gets angry again. Simon and Amy are left alone at Ken's house and Simon ends up hurting Amy. Amy tells Ken and Tracy, who contact Leanne and Leanne is encouraged by Eva to admit Simon has been hurting her. Leanne has to take Simon home and the family agree to get Simon help.

In February 2016, she finds a girl named Marta Zarek (Edyta Budnik), hiding in Underworld and tries to call the police until Marta tells her she is a slave and that if she quits, her house will be burned down. She allows Marta to stay with her and Leanne but hides when Aidan comes over. Eva later tells vicar Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) about Marta and she stays with him. However, Eva is caught looking for Marta's passport at the O'Driscolls', they ask her to leave and demand she is sacked from Underworld. Needing the work that the O'Driscolls can provide, Aidan reluctantly agrees. They then tell Eva that Marta was a lodger, not a slave but she goes missing after stealing Billy's watch. Eva and Billy find Marta and take her to the O'Driscolls' house, but Marta seems frightened. They break in but are arrested. They tell the police about Marta being kept as a slave and the O'Driscolls are also arrested. Marta gets her passport back and goes home and Eva gets her job back after impressing Aidan with a new deal.

Eva rekindles her relationship with Aidan. However, he struggles to make a commitment and has a drunken one-night stand with Maria Connor (Samia Ghadie) and is wracked with guilt. She becomes suspicious after Maria's lodger, Caz Hammond (Rhea Bailey), mentions that Aidan was at Maria's flat. However, Maria convinces her boyfriend Luke Britton (Dean Fagan) and Eva that Aidan wanted to buy a flat him and Eva and asked Maria for advice. In October 2016, Eva becomes close friends with Maria, and she and Aidan help her when she is suspected of murdering Caz but Aidan and Maria begin an affair. After Maria is sentenced to twelve months imprisonment for marrying Pablo Duarte (Shai Matheson) so he can stay in the country, Eva looks out for her and her son, Liam Connor Jr. (Charlie Wrenshall). In January 2017, she confronts Aidan after believing he is having an affair with Alya Nazir (Sair Khan), after Jenny Bradley (Sally Ann Matthews) stirs up trouble, following an argument with Aidan. Aidan insists that he and Alya are not having an affair and they confront Jenny. A few days later, Eva overhears Simon and Leanne's step-sister Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) arguing and after comforting Simon, learns that Toyah has been sleeping with Simon's father and Leanne's ex-husband, Peter, and blackmails them not to tell Leanne. However, Leanne finds out and stops speaking to Eva and Toyah for their betrayals however after a while they all forgive each other. While on a shift at The Rovers, Michelle throws Eva out of the pub by her hair when she objects to her staging a lock-in over Steve's infidelity with Leanne, which resulted in the birth of Leanne's baby son, Oliver.

In June 2017, after numerous failed attempts to encourage him to propose to her, Eva proposes to Aidan, which he accepts. A few weeks later, however, after returning from visiting her mother and grandmother in France early, Eva takes a pregnancy test as her period is late. As she is about to show Leanne the result of the test, a text message from Maria flashes on the television saying how much she wants to see Aidan again. Eva then realizes that Maria and Aidan are having an affair. After kicking the television, Eva checks the test, it is positive. Just to be sure, Eva takes another test and, just as Aidan is about to end their relationship, she tells Aidan that she is pregnant however she is lying about being pregnant which she tells Leanne about the next day. Eva tells Leanne she is slowly going to get revenge on Aidan without him knowing she knows about his affair with Maria, at first Leanne thinks Eva is going too far however after seeing Aidan and Maria together they get together and go against him, after Aidan gives Eva his credit card she buys a pink Range Rover to anger him. Later on Toyah finds out about the affair and helps her with her plan to expose him, making the pair closer. Eva plots her revenge on Aidan with Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) after he sees them kiss, continuing the lie that she is pregnant and appoints Maria as head bridesmaid sending her on numerous errands whilst acting as her best friend. At her hen party Eva covers Maria in chocolate starting off her cycle of revenge. Maria then tells Eva she is unable to come to the wedding as her son Liam is ill putting Eva and Adams plans in jeopardy. The next day, the wedding day, Eva visits Adam handing him the keys to the factory which they planned to take over in revenge, however after Aidan confesses about his affair to her, which she acts shocked too, Eva decides she can't go through with the plan and decides to get married to him after all, just as she and Aidan are about to say their vows Maria bursts into the ceremony exposing Eva's fake pregnancy to everyone after finding out about it at the hen party. After Eva has a fight with Maria in the fountains at the wedding venue she climbs out of her bedroom window to declare her love for Aidan however she accidentally nearly falls and has to take her dress off in order for Aidan to save her, after doing this she lands on top of Aidan. Eva texts Adam to thank him for not going through with the plan however unbeknown to her he has had the entire factory ripped out including the roof. She and Aidan then agree to work things out, however he ends things with her for good after finding out she was part of the factory plan. Aidan's father Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) reports Eva to the police where she angrily vows to Adam that she intends to take him to prison with her.

Creation and casting[edit]

Catherine Tyldesley (pictured) was cast as Eva in May 2011[2] and made her first on-screen appearance on 17 June 2011.

On 4 May 2011, it was revealed that Tyldesley had been cast in the role of Eva.[2] This was Tyldesley's second role in Coronation Street having previously played a maternity nurse that helped deliver Dev and Sunita Alahan's twins in January 2006.[3] The actress, who has previously appeared in Emmerdale and Lilies, began filming her first scenes that month.[2] During an interview with Digital Spy, Tyldesley revealed that there had been a lot of competition for the role of Eva and that she felt "incredibly lucky" to have secured the part.[4] Tyldesley said she felt "nervous" when she first arrived on set.[5] Speaking to What's on TV, she said that she had a "mini freak out" when filming her first scenes in The Rovers. Tyldesley added that Coronation Street is "absolutely legendary" and is thrilled to be a part of the cast.[5] After impressing producers, it was later confirmed that Tyldesley was to be kept on as a permanent member of the cast.[6] After signing a new six-month contract, an executive said that Eva will be involved in some "cracking" storylines towards the end of the year.[6] In May 2012, Tyldesley expressed her desire for a long-term stint on the show.[7] Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Tyldesley said "I've always wanted to be in Corrie. So when I got the phone call to tell me that I'd got the part, I was thrilled to bits."[7] She also added that Eva has got "so much scope".[7]



Before she appeared on screen, Eva was described as being "feisty."[2] Tyldesley revealed more about her character, saying "Eva is a little bit of a princess! She's been spoiled rotten, so she's somewhat high maintenance and a little bit of a drama queen. She's definitely used to getting her own way."[4] The actress said her character adores her mother and they share a great relationship.[4] When Eva enters the show, her circumstances force her to be more angry than she normally is. Tyldesley said that Eva does have a softer side, which she believed viewers would see in the future.[4] When asked why Eva and Karl do not get along, Tyldesley said "I think it's because they're both quite similar. When Eva first joins the street, she's had a little bit of turmoil with past relationships and things like that, so I think she feels like she wants to be quite selfish at the moment, which annoys Karl. But she's always been full of self-importance because she's always been spoiled - she's not known any different."[4] Tyldesley revealed that Eva is not a lesbian character, despite a newspaper report, and that she definitely loves the boys.[4] When asked about Eva's type, Tyldesley said that they would have to be "on her wavelength" as Eva gets bored and frustrated with people who are not on her level.[4] In May 2012, Tyldesley commented that Eva's glamorous lifestyle can be "straining" and she enjoys time off work so she can wear normal and more comfortable clothes.[8]

Tyldesley admitted in June 2012 that men do not approach her outside of the show and blamed her character for putting other men off.[9] Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Tyldesley said: "I'm so disillusioned with men at the moment. Possibly men are intimidated by my screen character, I don't know. I've been single for a while. I've been on a couple of dates, but it's been quite a long time now."[9]

In an interview with Digital Spy in June 2017, Tyldesley expressed interest in Eva's father being introduced into the show, she said: "He walked out when she was three. She's spoken about that in previous episodes, saying he just packed his bags and went. That's something I've always thought I'd love Corrie to do, to bring him in. So I hope they do bring in Eva's dad, because he has a lot to answer for. There were few details about why he walked out, as Stella said very little about it." She also expressed interest in Michelle Collins reprising her role as Eva's mother Stella.

Friendship with Kylie Platt[edit]

Paula Lane revealed that Eva will start a friendship with Kylie Platt.[10] Lane said Eva would feature in "lighter" storylines with Kylie and that viewers will see a happy side to Kylie as Eva "becomes her sidekick".[10] She also added that herself and Tyldesley are a "nightmare" on set saying that they "laugh a lot".[10]

Relationship with Nick Tilsley[edit]

It was announced in late 2011 that Eva is to start a relationship with Nick Tilsley. Ben Price hinted that Eva and Nick are made for each other.[11] Speaking to Inside Soap, asked whether who would be good for Nick, Price replied: "Maybe Eva. I think she'd be perfect for him - she's intelligent, feisty and Leanne's half-sister. After Natasha Blakeman, who was barmy and clingy, and then Leanne, which was complicated, Nick needs someone to give him a run for his money. That's what Becky can do and perhaps someone like Michelle - but not Fiz or Julie! It has to be someone who's going to have an intelligent argument with him, make him laugh and not take his nonsense."[11] Speaking to Soaplife, Tyldesley explains Eva's motions when Stella starts to show a significant amount of interest in Leanne.[12] Tyldesley commented that Eva is Jealous that Leanne is married with a family because she split up from her fiancé just weeks before finding out Leanne is her half-sister. She also added that Stella is Eva's "territory" but also "she treats Leanne as a sister and would consider Leanne with Nick a complete betrayal."[12]

Tyldesley revealed in May 2012 that Nick will dump Eva in an upcoming episode after Eva accuses Nick of having an affair with Kylie.[13] Speaking to All About Soap, she said that Eva likes a bit of drama and when Eva reveals to everyone in bistro that Nick is having an affair with Kylie and hinted that Eva goes too far.[13] Tyldesley later added that Eva will fail to reconcile with Nick after she tries to "scheme" her way back into his affections.[14] She explained that Eva hits rock bottom as she tries to cope without Nick in her life.[14] She added: "She'd invested everything into the relationship and she's depressed and angry to say the least… she's well and truly gutted."[14] After Eva's separation from Nick, Tyldesley said that she is keen for Eva to find some "fresh meat" and added that Eva will just "play with en" until the right person comes along.[15] Tyldesley also claims that Eva is devastated by the loss of Nick and said that it will be sad not working with Ben Price as much.[15] Tyldesley later predicted that Eva will "bounce back from her troubles".[16] Speaking to Key 103, Tyldesley said: "They just keep throwing all these things at her - she's having a right time of it at the minute! But she's her mother's daughter, so I'm sure she'll get through it."[16]

Relationship with Aidan Connor[edit]

In July 2015, it was reported by the Mirror that Eva who was currently on a hiatus at the time due to Tyldesley's maternity leave, would embark on a relationship with newcomer Aidan Connor played by Shayne Ward upon her return to the street later in the year.[17]Asked about talk of a new romance for Eva, Tyldesley said: "Possibly. Anything can happen."[18] Eva and Aidan later went on to begin a relationship with the two characters kissing at midnight on New Year's Eve.[19] It was later announced that Eva and Aidan's relationship would soon become a love triangle with Aidan having a one-night stand with Maria Connor (Samia Ghadie), producer Kate Oates had previously spoken about the affair, saying: "No soap is complete without a good love triangle! We have got Aidan, who has had this one-night stand with Maria, and he's regretted it. Maria hasn't quite so much." After their one-night stand, Maria decides to end her relationship with Luke Britton (Dean Fagan), which makes Aidan think she really is in love with him and will tell his Eva all about the fling.[20] Aidan later invited Maria to spend the night with him at a hotel and she's thrilled until Aidan makes it clear he’s no intention of finishing with Eva.[21] In May 2017, it was reported by The Sun that Eva would have the "ultimate 'diva' revenge" after discovering Aidan and Maria's affair.[22] On 20 June 2017, it was revealed that Eva would discover that she's pregnant with Aidan's baby around the same time she discovers Aidan's affair with Maria. In an interview with Digital Spy, Tyldesley said: "If she'd found out she was pregnant a week previous, it would have been all she'd ever wanted. That was her goal – to meet a Prince Charming, settle down and have a family, but now she's discovered this, it's even more heartbreaking. She can't even begin to get her head round the fact that she's pregnant."[23]


Kate White of Inside Soap praised the character, saying "Sexy, sassy and often a proper bitch, Eva's by far the most interesting girl in Weatherfield right now. She's got the makings of a classic Corrie woman. Think Karen, think Bet."[24] A writer for the Daily Mirror nicknamed the character "Eva The Diva",[25] while another called Eva "snobby".[6] Laura Armstrong from The People described Eva as a "fit barmaid" and later added that "her shifts at Nick's Bistro seem like a stroll in a Manchester park".[26] Sue Crawford from the Daily Mirror branded Eva "ditzy".[27] Paul Martinovic of Digital Spy called Eva a "maneater".[9]

In August 2017, Tyldesley was longlisted for Best Actress, Best Bad Girl and Sexiest Female at the Inside Soap Awards.[28]


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