Percy Sugden

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Percy Sugden
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Bill Waddington
Duration 1983–1997
First appearance 22 August 1983
Last appearance 20 October 1997
Introduced by Mervyn Watson
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Army cook (retired), Caretaker (retired)

Percy Sugden is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street, played by Bill Waddington. He appeared between 1983 and 1997.


The character was introduced to Coronation Street as a potential caretaker of the Community Centre. Percy's niece, Elaine Prior, stayed with him until she married Bill Webster (Peter Armitage). Percy was also a school crossing patrol 'lollipop' man, and Phyllis Pearce (Jill Summers) came to respect him greatly after he was injured trying to protect her.


In 1988, Percy retired from the Community Centre at the age of 66, and Emily Bishop (Eileen Derbyshire) offered him lodgings with her until his council flat was ready. Within a week of him staying with her, Percy's interfering personality annoyed Emily. She was happy when he moved out but when she visited him, saw how unhappy he was and let him move in with her permanently.

In 1992, Percy met up with Olive Clark who was one of his closest wartime friends, and he felt obliged to propose to her. However, her fluffy white cat caused them to separate as he was allergic to them. Percy also became engaged to Maureen Webster's mother Maud Grimes (Elizabeth Bradley), but it was a short-lived relationship.

Percy moved out of No. 3 briefly when Emily had builders in. He temporarily moved in with Curly Watts (Kevin Kennedy) at 7 Coronation Street. He thought he had been evicted when Emily delayed him moving back in as she was having his room decorated as a surprise.

In January 1996, Maud proposed to Percy again but Phyllis also proposed. It was never revealed if he accepted either of the proposals.

In 1997, Percy's happy life in the Street was shattered when the Battersby family moved in next door. Percy was unable to stand his boisterous new neighbours, so he decided to move into a retirement complex, Mayfield Court.


Along with Stafford Hildred, actor Bill Waddington wrote a book about his character called The importance of being Percy, which was released in 1992.[1]


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