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This is a list of described Culex species around the world, as of 2006. Subspecies have been omitted. There are possibly errors and inaccuracies in this list that stem from the conversion from the source. Please check the original source when in doubt.

Subgenus Acalleomyia Leicester[edit]

Subgenus Acallyntrum Stone & Penn[edit]

Subgenus Aedinus Lutz[edit]

Subgenus Afroculex Danilov[edit]

Subgenus Allimanta Casal & Garcia[edit]

Subgenus Anoedioporpa Dyar[edit]

Subgenus Barraudius Edwards[edit]

Subgenus Belkinomyia Adames & Galindo[edit]

Subgenus Carrollia Lutz[edit]

Subgenus Culex Linnaeus[edit]

Subgenus Culiciomyia Theobald[edit]

Subgenus Eumelanomyia Theobald[edit]

Subgenus Kitzmilleria Danilov[edit]

  • Culex moucheti Evans, 1923 — Cameroon, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda, Zaire

Subgenus Lasiosiphon KirkPatrick[edit]

Subgenus Lophoceraomyia Theobald[edit]

Subgenus Maillotia Theobald[edit]

Subgenus Melanoconion Theobald[edit]

Subgenus Micraedes Coquillett[edit]

Subgenus Microculex Theobald[edit]

Subgenus Neoculex Dyar[edit]

Subgenus Nomina Dubia[edit]

Subgenus Oculeomyia Theobald[edit]

Subgenus Phenacomyia Harbach & Peyton[edit]

Subgenus Sirivanakarnius Tanaka[edit]

Subgenus Tinolestes Coquillett[edit]

Uncertain subgenus[edit]


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