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This is a purported list of ancient humans remains, including mummies, that may have been DNA tested. Provided as evidence of the testing are links to the mitochondrial DNA sequences, and/or to the human haplogroups to which each case has been assigned. Also provided is a brief description of when and where they lived.[according to whom?] Entries lacking a citation should be viewed with skepticism; in particular, cases with no sequence or haplogroup links, with citation, have no evidentiary basis for appearing.

mtDNA tests[edit]

The following mummies have undergone an mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) test, of remains with the indicated name, from the indicated locations:[citation needed]

Name Original Location
of Remains
Date Lived
(years ago)
Mitochondrial DNA sequence mtDNA Haplogroup Y-DNA Haplogroup
Paglicci 23 Italy 28,000[1] CRS [2] H[citation needed]
Paglicci 25 Italy 23,000[3] 7,025 AluI, 00073A, 11719G, 12308A [4] HV[4]|
Cheddar Man England >9,000[citation needed] 16192T,[citation needed] 16270T[citation needed] U5a[citation needed]
Ötzi the Iceman Austria/Italy 5,300 [5] K[citation needed] G2a2b[citation needed]
Ahmose I Egypt 3,550[citation needed]
Seknet-re Egypt 3,550[citation needed]
Thutmose I Egypt 3,500[citation needed]
Amenhotep I Egypt 3,500[citation needed]
Ramesses III Egypt 3,200[citation needed] E1b1a[citation needed]
Yeshua bar Yehosef Israel 2,000[citation needed] 270G,[citation needed] 278T[citation needed]
Mariamene e Mara Israel 2,000[citation needed] 290G[citation needed]
The Norwich Anglo-Saxon England 1,000[citation needed] 16189A,[citation needed] 16223T,[citation needed] 16271C,[citation needed] 16278T[citation needed] X[citation needed]
Juanita the Ice Maiden Peru 500[citation needed] 16111T,[citation needed] 16223T,[citation needed] 16290T,[citation needed] 16319A[citation needed] A[citation needed]
Nonosabasut Newfoundland 190[citation needed] 093C,[citation needed] 189C,[citation needed] 213A,[citation needed] 223T,[citation needed] 278T[citation needed] X2a[citation needed] Q[citation needed]
Demasduit Newfoundland 190[citation needed] 223T,[citation needed] 298C,[citation needed] 325C,[citation needed] 327T[citation needed] C[citation needed]

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