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The following is a list of characters from the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 video games and their enhanced ports Devil Survivor Overclocked and Devil Survivor 2: Break Record all created by Atlus along with the 2013 anime series, Devil Survivor 2: The Animation which was directed by Seiji Kishi and produced by Studio Bridge of Japan.

Creation and design[edit]

Atlus wanted to cast a wider audience with this game. For this they hired character designer Suzuhito Yasuda.[1]

For the characters portrayed in Devil Survivor 2: The Animation, voice actress Aya Uchida felt that the audience would be able to greatly empathize with the characters since they are presented in a way that asks the question, "What would you do if you found yourself in a situation like that?"[2]

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor[edit]

Some characters of the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Nintendo DS game. (From left to right) Back row - Eiji 'Gin' Kamiya, Amane Kuzuryu, Yoshino Harusawa and, Naoya. Middle row - Yuzu Tanikawa and Atsuro Kihara. Center - Protagonist.

Characters are designed by Suzuhito Yasuda.


The Protagonist (主人公 Shujinkō?), referred to as the Hero, is the main character of the story. His personality is shaped through the player's decisions. He is Naoya's cousin. In the game, it is revealed at some point that he is the actual incarnation of Abel, the first martyr, thus making him a "Bel", and allowing him to take part in the "war of Bel", a battle between high-ranking demons whose name contains "Bel". By winning this war, he can become the new Bel, a divine entity. He is voiced by Takahiro Mizushima in the Drama CD. In the manga adaptation, he is named Kazuya Minegishi.

Yuzu Tanikawa[edit]

Yuzu Tanikawa is the protagonist's childhood friend since elementary school, who struggles to deal with the strain of constant danger and wishes to run away from it all.[3] She has a huge crush on the Protagonist, but should he choose to become the new Overlord, she will leave the party, disagreeing with the idea of waging war against God. In Overclocked, the outcome of her 8th Day depends whether the barrier created by the Devas are restored or not. She is voiced by Minori Chihara in the Drama CD, Ayako Kawasumi in the Japanese version of Overclocked and Melissa Fahn in the English version.

Atsuro Kihara[edit]

Atsuro Kihara is the protagonist's best friend who is a computer savvy, often proclaiming himself as Naoya's apprentice.[4] Although a genius, he hardly has a studious personality and is very gregarious. He wishes to control the demons, erasing their threat and benefiting mankind. In Overclocked during Naoya/Kaido 8th Day, it is revealed he has a crush on Yuzu. He is voiced by Atsushi Abe in the Drama CD/Overclocked and Spike Spencer in the English version of Overclocked.

Midori Komaki[edit]

Midori Komaki is a famous and excitable cosplayer whose alias is Dolly.[5] After receiving a COMP, she strives to save everyone from the demons, claiming that she is Magical Dolly, who administers magical punishment to demons. She is voiced by Kana Asumi in Drama CD, Mariya Ise in Japanese version of Overclocked and Erin Fitzgerald in the English version.

Keisuke Takagi[edit]

Keisuke Takagi is Atsuro's old friend from middle school. Although he appears timid, he has a strong sense of justice and righteousness, almost to a fault when he summoned Yama, the judge of the underworld and started killing people who he deems evil, which includes Kaido's gang members.[6] Depending on the player's choice, Keisuke may or may not be killed by Kaido. He can redeem himself and join the protagonist He is voiced by Yūki Kaji in Overclocked and Makoto Naruse in the Drama CD. He is voiced by Doug Erholtz in the English version.

Yoshino Harusawa[edit]

Yoshino Harusawa, also known as Haru, she is a famous singer who was previously in the band D-VA. She appears depressed and tends to rant because of her outlook on life. She's capable of attracting demons through her singing. She seems interested with the Protagonist. She is voiced by Junko Minagawa in Japan for Drama CD/Overclocked and Amanda Winn Lee in the English version.

Mari Mochizuki[edit]

Mari Mochizuki is Atsuro's kind and caring tutor from middle school, who is now an elementary school nurse. She is looking for the killer who murdered her lover, Kaido's older brother, and teamed up with a vampire slayer named Kresnik by allowing him to possess her body. She is voiced by Shiho Kawaragi in the Japanese version of Overclocked and Kimberly Brooks in the English version.

Amane Kuzuryu[edit]

Amane Kuzuryu is the mysterious yet charismatic maiden of the Shomonkai. She is one of few people who can summon demons without a COMP. She shares her goal with an angel named Remiel who lives inside her. She's also becoming a vessel for one of Bel demons, Jezebel. She's taught to be emotionless by her father since little, causing her to be deprived from normal life. She is voiced by Yui Kano in the Drama CD, Mamiko Noto in Japanese version of Overclocked and Laura Bailey in the English version.

Tadashi Nikaido[edit]

Tadashi Nikaido, also known as Kaido, he is the leader of a gang called the Shibuya Daemons. Although he appears intimidating, he is known to be quite helpful. He strives for world domination and has a lingering crush on Mari, his older brother's lover. Like her, he also strives to find his older brother's killer. He is voiced by Kentarō Itō in Drama CD, Yasuhiro Mamiya in Overclocked and Travis Willingham in the English version.

Eiji Kamiya[edit]

Eiji Kamiya, also known as Gin, he is the owner of a bar called "Eiji" and acts as a guardian to Haru.[7] He used to be uncaring about life, but met Aya, the lead singer of D-VA, and cared more. Gin continues to search for Aya, who went missing. He is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in Drama CD/Overclocked and Josh Gilman in the English version.


Naoya is the Protagonist's cousin, who lived with the Protagonist until he moved to Aoyama a year before the story. He was the one who wrote the Demon Summoning Program. In his and Amane's route, it's revealed he is the reincarnation of Cain, the first murderer in history who killed his own brother, Abel, which reincarnated as the Protagonist. Because of this, he is punished by God to be reincarnated with all of his previous past lives memories carved within him, resulting Naoya holds grudge against God. He wishes for the Protagonist to become the King of Bel and rebel against God to achieve his revenge. He is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya in the Drama CD, Kishō Taniyama in Japanese version of Overclocked and Kyle Hebert in the English version.

Yasuyuki Honda[edit]

Yasuyuki Honda is an office worker who is trying to escape the lockdown so he can be by his son's side during his operation. He teams up with Kaido during battles. He is voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda in the Japanese version of Overclocked and Kirk Thornton in the English version.

Misaki Izuna[edit]

Misaki Izuna is a member of a special government unit that is attempting to rid Japan of all the demons. She values her mission above all else and does not believe that the government's solution is just.[8] She is voiced by Takako Honda in the Japanese version of Overclocked and Karen Strassman in the English version.


Shoji is a journalist who occasionally meets the protagonist and his friends. She is adept at gathering information. Her mentor was a friend of 10BIT, Atsuro's internet friend. She is voiced by Akeno Watanabe in the Japanese version of Overclocked.

Black Frost[edit]

Black Frost first appears as Jack Frost, but after having conversation with Midori about "the power of love" he becomes Black Frost and in certain routes he becomes an ally. He makes a cameo appearance in Devil Survivor 2.


Gigolo is a mysterious man who knows Naoya, and appears in front of the Protagonist and his friends, giving them a hint on how to defeat Beldr and informs them about the war for the Throne of Bel. He is later revealed to be Loki, a trickster god who does everything merely for his own amusement. He is voiced by Yuuji Ueda in the Japanese version of Overclocked and Vic Mignogna in the English Version.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2[edit]

Characters of the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Nintendo DS game. (From left to right) Back row - Yuzuru 'Joe' Akie, Io Nitta, Daichi Shijima and, Yamato Hotsuin. Middle row - Jungo Torii, Otome Yanagiya, Hinako Kujou and, Makoto Sako. Front row - Keita Wakui, Airi Ban, Fumi Kanno and Ronaldo Kuriki. Center - Protagonist.

All voice actors listed are related to the enhanced 3DS port and the anime series, not being featured in the original DS game.


The Protagonist (主人公 Shujinkō?) is named Hiro Kageyama (景山 紘 Kageyama Hiro?) in the Devil Survivor 2 -Show Your Free Will- manga adaptation and Hibiki Kuze (久世 響希 Kuze Hibiki?) in the 2013 manga and anime adaptations. He is an 18-year-old third year high school student from a metropolitan area. He got involved with the Thirteen Devil Messengers group by accident while returning from a mock exam session after signing up a website called Nicaea, and is given a choice to live or die after almost being crushed by a train due to a sudden earthquake as shown in the death clip he received from Nicaea. When he awoke he became one of the Thirteen Devil Messengers together with Io and Daichi. He is a silent protagonist and most of his choices is determined by the player. In the official art book, there is no description of his past, and he was described as a "clean" character. His death clip shows him being crushed by a train.

In the animated version, Hibiki is a smart and cheerful person with a deep caring for his comrades. He shows great perceptive abilities for most situations enabling him to adapt quickly. His demons, Byakko and Suzaku, are two out of the Four Symbols of Chinese constellations. He later gains demons from his friends and merged them all to Lucifer during his final battle with Yamato. He won against Yamato and wished to Polaris for the world to be restored. Hibiki retains his memories of the Trials of Polaris after the world is restored and has a more optimistic outlook on humanity's future. Hibiki is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya and by Ami Koshimizu as a child. In the English dub of the anime, he is voiced by Patrick Poole and by Emily Neves as a child.

Daichi Shijima[edit]

Daichi Shijima (志島 大地 Shijima Daichi?) is an 18-year-old classmate and childhood friend of the Protagonist. He has a habit of making light of harsh situations and is a deep thinker. He is an ordinary high schooler who has anxiety about growing up. Although spineless when compared to the rest, Daichi always pulls an impressive feat when other people are in danger. Unfortunately, his low self-confidence doesn’t allow him to realize just how great he truly is. He has shown to have interest in several girls, particularly Io. He disagrees with Yamato's and Ronaldo's ways that he thinks too extreme since he wishes for future cooperation instead. His death clip shows him being frozen and shattered by a Bai Suzhen.

In the animated series, Daichi's initial demon is Poltergeist and later he gains Obariyon, Agathion, and Heqet from the Devil Auction. He later on gains Black Frost to save Hibiki during the battle with Benetnasch. He died from being consumed by the Void along with Io. He is revived once the world is restored to before the invasion and with the help of Hibiki, finally has a courage to befriend Io. Daichi is voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto and Mutsumi Tamura as a child. In the English dub of the enhanced 3DS version, he is voiced by Ben Diskin. In the English dub of the anime, he is voiced by Greg Ayres and by Luci Christian as a child.

Io Nitta[edit]

Io Nitta (新田 維緒 Nitta Io?) is an 18-year-old honors student. She has both brains and beauty and is said to be a dream girl of many young men, making her popular in school. Up until the last two days of the game, Io is constantly apologising and always compromises, agrees with others and never forces her own viewpoint on others out of fear of being hated. This frustrates Airi several times because she thinks that Io is very superficial, and when she tells Io to say what’s on her mind, Io realises that she hardly even has any opinions of her own. She pauses a lot when talking and Yamato chews her on her non-confrontational policy. At the last two days, she eventually found her resolve and decided to be more courageous on expressing her own feelings. Her death clip shows her dying from the strain of maintaining Lugh's power.

In the anime series, Hibiki manages to avert her death clip and return her to normal. Io's initial demon is Ogre and later she also obtains Pixie and Goddess Kikuri-Hime, and Lugh after her possession. She died from being consumed by the Void along with Daichi. She is revived once the world is restored to before the invasion and is invited to go home together by Hibiki, which she accepts as she has vague feelings of knowing them. Io is voiced by Aya Uchida. In the English dub of the enhanced 3DS version, she is voiced by Lauren Landa. In the English dub of the anime, she is voiced by Jessica Boone.

Yamato Hotsuin[edit]

Main article: Yamato Hotsuin

Yamato Hotsuin (峰津院 大和 Hotsuin Yamato?) is a 17-year-old young man who is the director of JP's. He has a calm composure and makes judgments when fighting against the mysterious invaders. He is a great leader, smart, decisive and effective, but cannot function as anything else. He lacks common sense about “unnecessary” things that his parental figures never taught him. He can say cruel things and make cruel decisions without feeling bad because he has no concept of compassion programmed into him at all. He has no childhood memories to speak of, because he had been raised and treated as an adult since he was small. He never went to school so he has no concept of friends as well. He almost never interacts with others other than in job related purpose. The only person he makes small talk with is the Protagonist, whom he comes to respect and regards as his only friend. He is very idealistic person as he states that his greatest desire is to make use of Polaris to create a meritocracy.

In the anime series, Yamato's demon is Cerberus, that he had summoned since he was five years old. After gaining the Nicaea version of the Demon Summoning App he summons more powerful demons: Baal, Nebiros and Zaou-Gongen. He then merges Nebiros and Zaou-Gongen into Satan. He is one of the only two survivors of the whole ordeal, aside from Hibiki. He is, however, defeated by Hibiki for the audience with Polaris and dies in his arms. He is revived once the world is restored and the only one besides Hibiki and Alcor who retain the memories of the Purge of Polaris. Yamato is voiced by Junichi Suwabe and Megumi Ogata as a child. Suwabe noted that the charm of his character is his strength.[2] In the English dub of the enhanced 3DS version, he is voiced by Kaiji Tang. In the English dub of the anime, he is voiced by John Gremillion and by Meaghan Avocato as a child.

Makoto Sako[edit]

Makoto Sako (迫 真琴 Sako Makoto?) is a 26-year-old who has a frigid personality and works for JP's Tokyo Division. She’s not afraid to take risk and loyal to the organization. She is also the second in command. In high school, she was in synchronized swimming team with hopes to get to the national team but she got into a traffic accident that cost her at least one year of rehabilitation and left her a bad scar on the shoulder. She got into depression until she was scouted by JP's, which she genuinely grew to like. She is easily flustered around boys because she has been living in JP's facility for a long time and has lost much of her social knowledge. Her death clip shows her being shot by Ronaldo at gunpoint.

In the anime series, Makoto's demon is Power, and later she gains Pallas Athena. She dies protecting Yamato from Alcor. She is revived once the world is restored and is last seen with Yamato leaving the Diet Building. Makoto is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, and Amy Morris in the English dub of the anime.

Fumi Kanno[edit]

Fumi Kanno (菅野 史 Kanno Fumi?) is a 21-year-old scientist who leads JP’s Nagoya branch. She excels in science and conducts various studies. She writes software for JP's, and her hobby is research. She’s similar to Yamato but with a working set of common sense and morale. She studied abroad and treasured her host family there. She hates explaining stuff to idiots and will always mutter “What a drag” when doing so. She gives out nicknames to a lot of people. According to the official art book, she lived in England before the event of the game. She cannot die in game as she's needed to give information to the Protagonist.

In the anime series, Fumi summoned Trumpeter to create a special wave to nullify Benetnasch's ability to forcibly send demons back into the demon realm, but was killed shortly after Benetnasch destroyed Trumpeter. She is revived once the world is restored and is last seen receiving Makoto's invitation to hang out in the middle of her work. Fumi is voiced by Rikako Yamaguchi. In the English dub of the anime, she is voiced by Shelley Calene-Black. In the English dub of the enhanced 3DS version, she is voiced by Amanda C. Miller.

Keita Wakui[edit]

Keita Wakui (和久井 啓太 Wakui Keita?) is a 16-year-old student in Osaka and is on the boxing club. He’s a lone wolf and doesn't like people getting close to him. He seems to be obsessed in getting stronger. After speaking to Keita enough, he reveals was abandoned by his parents after his father attempted to help pay off a friend's debt, which he took as an example as why he considers help from others pointless. Hinako and Jungo often attempts to scold Keita, who only rebuffs their statements. His death clip shows him dying after being pushed on a stairs by a Waira.

In the anime series, his demon is Berserker. He dies while saving Hibiki from Botis' attack, falling from stairs like his death clip has shown. He is revived once the world is restored and is last seen being interviewed on TV as he aims to gain gold medal. Keita is voiced by Fūko Saitō, and Connor Leach in the English dub of the anime.

Hinako Kujou[edit]

Hinako Kujou (九条 緋那子 Kujō Hinako?) is a 19-year-old dancer living in Osaka who began in traditional Japanese dance, but has studied many dances from around the world. She comes from a family of traditional Japanese dancers and trying to learn many modern dances. She at first dancing only because her parents told her to, but eventually comes to love dancing. She's a proud dancer but sometimes she is shown as depressed as she thinks her dancing skill is useless at the current state of the world. She’s a firm believer of human decency and looks after everyone and whenever there are problems, she will try to help, often to annoyance of the others. She is also suicidal when it comes to helping others, and your team will have to bail her up a couple times. She also becomes close friends with Airi despite their initial dislike at the beginning. She cannot die in game as she is needed for the summoning of Shiva.

In the anime series, Hinako's demon is Lilim, and later she gained Keita's demon, Berserker. She died during the battle with Benetnasch. She is revived once the world is restored and is last seen preparing to travel around the world to see how famous her dance can be before taking over her family's business. Hinako is voiced by Ami Koshimizu, and Joanne Bonasso in the English dub of the anime, and Wendee Lee in Record Breaker.

Jungo Torii[edit]

Jungo Torii (鳥居 純吾 Torii Jungo?) is a 19-year-old chef in Nagoya. A simple, quiet man who seems to be distressing mankind’s current condition. Jungo also has a slight mentality of a child, while he wishes not to fight, when forced to, he is somewhat ruthless, but able to get the job done. he reveals that he, like Keita, grew up with no parents, but accepted that with others, he can overcome problems. he can also be seen making dishes for the Protagonist, or for others, sometimes in an attempt to calm the situation (as he tried to stop Ronaldo with one). His death clip shows him being killed by rioters when they threatened to kill Daichi, the hostage.

In the anime series, Jungo's demon is Neko Shogun. He died together with Airi during the battle with Benetnasch. He is revived once the world is restored and is last seen in his shop making chawanmushi for Airi as a present for winning the piano competition. Jungo is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa, and Ty Mahany in the English dub of the anime.

Airi Ban[edit]

Airi Ban (伴 亜衣梨 Ban Airi?) is a 15-year-old lively and cheerful girl. A student at Nagoya High school. She hates idiots and seems to be hiding something about her family. She was once very talented at piano, and wanted to play professionally in concerts. However, she came from a working-class family and quit playing piano because of the costs of going to special high schools and private universities, in addition to her parents supporting her. She became a no-nonsense sort of person, and has somewhat a rivalry with Hinako and initially didn't get along with her, constantly bickering with her. She’s the type of person who talks without thinking and then apologizes soon after for being mean. She cannot die in game as she is needed for the summoning of Kama.

In the anime series, Airi's demon is Cait Sith and later she gains new demon, Lorelei. She died together with Jungo during the battle with Benetnasch. She is revived once the world is restored and is last seen winning a piano competition before visiting Jungo in his shop to show her trophy. Airi is voiced by Kana Asumi. In the English dub of the anime, she is voiced by Cynthia Martinez. In the English dub of the enhanced 3DS version, she is voiced by Cassandra Morris.

Otome Yanagiya[edit]

Otome Yanagiya (柳谷 乙女 Yanagiya Otome?) is a 24-year-old physician in charge of JP's Osaka Branch. She has a warm personality and a kind heart. Last year, she adopted a relative's daughter. Her daughter is now 4 years old, and she’s having difficulties balancing career and home. While she’s feminine and motherly now, She used to prefer physical activities like playing Sumo than artistic ones when she was young. She can’t cook well and has problems with her daughter liking junk food more than her home cooking. Her death clip shows her being burnt to death by Bifrons.

In the anime series, Otome's demon is Sarasvati. She died along with Ronaldo and Joe at the end of the battle with Megrez. She is revived once the world is restored and is last seen going home with her daughter, Koharu, after finishing her work. Otome is voiced by Yuka Iguchi, and Molly Searcy in the English dub of the anime.

Yuzuru Akie[edit]

Yuzuru 'Joe' Akie (秋江 譲 Akie Yuzuru?) is a 25-year-old salary man that works for a trading company. Yuzuru often has his head in the clouds and can make light of serious situations. However, he seems to be wiser than most other people. Joe is a lazy salary man and solves his problems by ignoring them. He thinks that as long as he is safe and well fed, he cannot care less about saving people because he believes that a more diligent person will do it even if he doesn’t. He has a sickly girlfriend waiting for him in Nagoya hospital but he moved to Tokyo and had not visited for a long time because he think he's a bad boyfriend. His death clip shows that he dies after being burnt to ashes by a Pyro Jack.

In the anime, Joe's demon is Orcus. He died along with Ronaldo and Otome at the end of the battle with Megrez. He is revived once the world is restored and is last seen waiting for his girlfriend in the hospital. Yuzuru is voiced by Mitsuaki Madono. In the English dub of the enhanced 3DS version, he is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. In the English dub of the anime, he is voiced by Mark X. Laskowski.

Ronaldo Kuriki[edit]

Ronaldo Kuriki (栗木 ロナウド Kuriki Ronaudo?) is a 26-year-old detective half-Japanese/half-Brazilian former detective situated in Nagoya who opposes JP's and its leader Yamato Houtsuin. Ronaldo's senior at the police (who happens to be Airi's father) was investigating some shady deals involving JP’s and the government and he tries to find any involvement of JP's with his death. Ronaldo is very emotionally driven, and opposes Yamato's view of creating a forced meritocracy with Polaris' power, as he wishes for an egalitarian society instead. The Protagonist will have to make sure he doesn't go blind in revenge.

In the anime series, Ronaldo's demon is Hagen. He died along with Otome and Joe at the end of the battle with Megrez. He is revived once the world is restored and is last seen receiving a data for his investigation. Ronaldo is voiced by Rikiya Koyama, and Jason Douglas in the English dub of the anime.

Anguished One[edit]

Anguished One (憂う者 Ureumono?) is a mysterious man who has a strange fascination with people. Although he has a very sinister appearance, and his motives can come across as evil, he is actually a very kind person. He refers the Protagonist as the "Shining One" and is very fond of him. In the last day, he reveals himself as the eighth and last Septentrione, Alcor and has existed for thousands of years and is the creator of Nicaea and the demon summoning program. He is also known as Al Saiduq ( アル・サダク Aru Sadaku?) should the Protagonist choose to side with him. In the Triangulum Arc, he also takes up the name and is referred as simply Saiduq by the others throughout the arc.

In the anime series, he appears to Hibiki during the battle with Merak, introducing himself as Alcor. He had met Yamato twelve years prior to the series, originally referring to him as the Shining One. As such he tells Yamato the details of the upcoming Septentrion invasion in the hopes that he would be the one to lead mankind to a better future. However this backfires as Yamato instead wants to create a world of meritocracy, where only the gifted will survive. This leads him to seek a new Shining One in Hibiki, who is also against Yamato's beliefs. With Benetnasch defeated and the seven days of trials over, Alcor proceeds to battle Yamato to allow Hibiki to create a better world, but died when his suicide attempt to kill both him and Yamato fails, with Yamato surviving the attack. He is revived once the world is restored and is the only one besides Hibiki and Yamato who remembers the Purge of Polaris. He is last seen watching from afar as he ponders that humanity has no need for his help anymore. Alcor is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai. In the English dub of the enhanced 3DS version, he is voiced by Todd Haberkorn. In the English dub of the anime, he is voiced by Illich Guardiola.

Miyako Hotsuin[edit]

Miyako Hotsuin (峰津院 都 Hotsuin Miyako?) is a character unique to Record Breaker. In Triangulum Arc, after the world was regressed by Al Saiduq, Yamato disappears and Miyako is the one who leads JP's as the bureau chief in the battle against the new invaders, Triangulum. She is first mentioned in the art book as Yamato's rumoured younger twin sister. In contrast with Yamato, she is open-minded and polite when speaking to others, willing to listen others' opinions and consider it. However, she can be as cold as Yamato when making decisions as JP's chief, she believes that it was impossible to save one person without losing another, and therefore, she has no hesitation to sacrifice lives of a few to save the lives of many. At Friday, she reveals herself as the fourth Triangulum, Cor Caroli (コル・カロリ Koru Karori?) created by Canopus to replace Yamato's absence in the third world and is the distributor of the second version of Nicaea in order to lure out the Protagonist and his friends whom she seeks to become sacrifices to save mankind from the Administrators. Miyako is voiced by Rie Tanaka. In the English dub she is voiced by Kira Buckland.


Nicaea AI
Tycho / Tiko (ティコ Tiko?) is the AI navigator for the 'Nicaea' website. A person may choose between Tiko, a girl who wears bunny ears or Tycho, a well-dressed man as the contact for Nicaea. (In the translated version, they're both called Tico.) Tiko has a more childish way of speaking while Tycho has a more formal way of speaking. Tycho is voiced by Shūta Morishima. In the English dub of the enhanced 3DS version, he is voiced by Matthew Mercer. In the English dub of the anime, he is voiced by John Swasey. While Tiko is voiced by Kikuko Inoue. In the English dub of the enhanced 3DS version, she is voiced by Eden Riegel. In the English dub of the anime, she is voiced by Luci Christian.
Dera-Dekka (清水寺: 刑事 Dera Dekka?) is a person who will appear in the game later around day 3, after attempting to speak to him several times, he reveals to have been a detective, and was in fact the mentor for Ronaldo, who faked his own death as his family faced threats from JP's, and went into hiding. He also reveals that he is the father of Airi, whom he wishes to speak to, but cannot due to her involvement with JP's.


RPGamer noted that within the cast of Devil Survivor "their development is fairly shallow despite the copious amounts of dialogue, making the main appeal of the story its branching paths."[9] Sam Hansen from RPGFan praised the "mannerisms of the characters and the changes that the setting goes through makes for an extremely powerful experience" yet still noted that within the cast there were cliches such as the main character being a messiah figure and that he had whiny love interest.[10]

On the other hand, the cast of Devil Survivor 2 was much better received with publications finding most of them as likable characters and their further characterization thanks to the Fate System.[11][12][13] In regards to the cast's role in the anime adaptation, Richard Eisenbeis from Kotaku praised the development of Yamato Hotsuin's character, crediting as an "excellent villain" and liking his relationship with the main character.[14]


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