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This is a list of people who have taught or studied at the University of Göttingen:

Natural sciences and mathematics[edit]

Law, economics and social sciences[edit]

Humanities and theology[edit]


List of Nobel prize winners[edit]

To date, 44 Nobel Prize laureates have studied, taught or made contributions here. Most of these prizes were given in the first half of the 20th century, which was called the "Göttingen Nobel prize wonder".[2]

Affiliations Graduate Attendee or Researcher Academic staff before or at the time of award Academic staff after award
Georg August University of Göttingen
50 (official 44)[3]
  1. [Ph.] Hans G. Dehmelt
  2. [Ph.] Herbert Kroemer
  3. [Ph.] Maria Goeppert-Mayer
  4. [Ph.] Max von Laue
  5. [Ph.] Werner Heisenberg
  6. [Ch.] Adolf Butenandt
  7. [Ch.] Irving Langmuir
  8. [Ch.] Manfred Eigen
  9. [Ch.] Walter Haworth
  10. [PM] Max Delbrück
  11. [PM] Robert Koch
  12. [PM] Élie Metchnikoff
  13. [PM] Thomas C. Südhof
  14. [Pe.] Ludwig Quidde
  15. [Li.] Rudolf Eucken
  1. [Ph.] Enrico Fermi
  2. [Ph.] Gustav Ludwig Hertz
  3. [Ph.] Paul Dirac
  4. [Ph.] Robert A. Millikan
  5. [Ch.] Gerhard Herzberg
  6. [Ch.] Theodore William Richards
  7. [Ch.] Thomas A. Steitz
  8. [PM] Carol Greider
  9. [PM] Hans Krebs
  1. [Ph.] Albert Einstein
  2. [Ph.] Eugene P. Wigner
  3. [Ph.] James Franck
  4. [Ph.] Johannes Stark
  5. [Ph.] Manne Siegbahn
  6. [Ph.] Max Born
  7. [Ph.] Max Planck
  8. [Ph.] Otto Stern
  9. [Ph.] Niels Bohr
  10. [Ph.] Patrick Blackett
  11. [Ph.] Walther Bothe
  12. [Ph.] Wilhelm Wien
  13. [Ph.] Wolfgang Paul
  14. [Ph.] Wolfgang Pauli
  15. [Ch.] Adolf Windaus
  16. [Ch.] Otto Hahn
  17. [Ch.] Otto Wallach
  18. [Ch.] Peter Debye
  19. [Ch.] Richard Adolf Zsigmondy
  20. [Ch.] Stefan Hell
  21. [Ch.] Walther Nernst
  22. [PM] Bert Sakmann
  23. [PM] Erwin Neher
  24. [PM] Paul Ehrlich
  25. [Pe.] Nathan Söderblom
  1. [Ph.] Hendrik Lorentz


  • John T. Dorrance (1873–1930), inventor of Campbell's soup
  • Otto Ohlendorf (1907–1951), SS general and Holocaust perpetrator, executed for war crimes
  • Erich Roth (1910–1947), Nazi Gestapo member executed for war crimes

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