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Cover of the first DVD/Blu-ray volume of Infinite Stratos as released by Media Factory on March 30, 2011.

Infinite Stratos is an anime series adapted from the light novels of the same title written by author Izuru Yumizuru and illustrator Okiura published by Media Factory. The anime is produced by 8-Bit, directed by Yasuhito Kikuchi, series composition by Fumihiko Shimo, character design by Tomoyasu Kurashima, art directed by Shunichiro Yoshihara and sound directed by Masafumi Mima and Toshihiko Nakajima.[1] Set in the near future, a powered exoskeleton called "Infinite Stratos" (IS), which possesses advanced technology and combat capabilities, changes the world including a major effect on society, as only women can pilot IS. The story focuses on Ichika Orimura, the younger brother of famed Japanese IS pilot Chifuyu Orimura who is discovered to be the first male to be able to pilot an IS. He is then sent to the prestigious Infinite Stratos Academy—an international academy where IS pilots from all over the world are trained—where he meets Houki Shinonono, his childhood friend and younger sister of the creator of the IS. Along with other IS students from different nations, Ichika and Houki's busy school life begins. The anime follows the first three volumes of the light novels.

The first anime aired in Japan from January 7 to April 1, 2011 on TBS, with subsequent runs on Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting, Sun Television, Kyoto Broadcasting System and BS-i. The series is licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks,[2] with Anime Network simulcasting the series on their video website.[3] Six DVD and Blu-ray volumes will be released by Media Factory between March 30 and September 21, 2011.[4] An original video animation, entitled Infinite Stratos> Encore: A Sextet Yearning for Love (IS<インフィニット・ストラトス>アンコール 『恋に焦がれる六重奏』, IS <Infinitto Sutoratosu> Ankōru: Koi ni Kogareru Rokujūsō), was released in Japan on DVD and Blu-ray on December 7, 2011.[5]

The opening theme for the first anime is "Straight Jet", performed by Minami Kuribayashi.[6] The ending theme song is "Super∞Stream", with the first episode version sung by Yōko Hikasa, the second and third episode version sung by Hikasa and Yukana, the fourth and fifth episode version sung by Hikasa, Yukana and Asami Shimoda, the sixth and seventh episode version sung by Hikasa, Yukana, Shimoda and Kana Hanazawa and the final version for the rest of episodes sung by Hikasa, Yukana, Shimoda, Hanazawa and Marina Inoue.[6] Each version of the song reflects the voice actresses' character who is running with Ichika in the episode's ending credits.

The second anime aired in Japan from October 4 to December 20, 2013 on TBS, with subsequent runs on Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting, Sun Television, Kyoto Broadcasting System and BS-i. The opening theme, "True Blue Traveler", is once again performed by Minami Kuribayashi. The ending theme song is "Beautiful Sky" with the first version for episode 1 to 8 sung by Yōko Hikasa, Yukana, Asami Shimoda, Kana Hanazawa and Marina Inoue, the second version for episode 9 to 11 version sung by Hikasa, Yukana, Shimoda, Hanazawa, Inoue and Suzuko Mimori and the final version for episode 12 sung by Hikasa, Yukana, Shimoda, Hanazawa, Inoue, Mimori and Chiwa Saitō.

Episode list[edit]

Infinite Stratos (2011)[edit]

No. in series No. in season Title Original air date[7]
11"All My Classmates are Female"
"Kurasumeito wa Zen'in Onna" (クラスメイトは全員女)
January 7, 2011
Ichika Orimura begins to attend the Infinite Stratos Academy. As the first male in the world to ever pilot an IS, he becomes an instant sensation among the all-female students of the academy. With his homeroom teacher being his older sister Chifuyu Orimura, assisted by Maya Yamada, Ichika is uneasy and unprepared as he tries to get used to the academy. He later learns that his dorm roommate is his childhood friend, kendo champion Houki Shinonono, whom he has not seen in six years. When his class decides to elect him as their class representative, Cecilia Alcott, an English IS pilot, objects and challenges him to a duel for the position.
22"Class Representative Selection Match!"
"Kurasu Daihyō Ketteisen!" (クラス代表決定戦!)
January 14, 2011
Chifuyu tells Ichika that he will be provided with his own personal IS for his match against Cecilia, a rarity since only 467 IS Cores were created by Tabane Shinonono, Houki's older sister, before she disappeared. To prepare, Houki agrees to train Ichika by practicing kendo brutally. On the day of the match, Ichika is given the Byakushiki to fight against Cecilia in the Blue Tears. At first, Cecilia has the advantage due to her sniper abilities. Ichika eventually manages to transform his IS into First Shift, pulling out his energy sword. However, using the sword quickly depletes his shield energy, and it runs out just as Ichika is about to land a strike on Cecilia. The match is declared over with Cecilia as the winner. After losing, Ichika agrees to train more with Houki. On the other hand, even though she technically won, Cecilia becomes unsure of herself.
33"The Transfer Student is the Second Childhood Friend"
"Tenkōsei wa Sekando Osananajimi" (転校生はセカンド幼なじみ)
January 21, 2011
Cecilia takes a liking with Ichika and gives the position of class representative to him instead, much to Houki's dismay. The next day, Ichika meets Huang Rinin, the new transfer student from China who also happens to be his childhood friend as well as the class representative of her class. After Ichika and Rinin get reacquainted with each other, Houki and Cecilia get jealous. Upon learning Houki is Ichika's roommate, Lingyin tries to get Houki to let her become his roommate instead, to which Houki refuses. Rinin later leaves in anger after Ichika fails to figure out the childhood promise they had made in the past, as she wants to settle it in a class league match of the IS tournament. With his match against Rinin with her Shenlong soon approaching, Ichika prepares himself.
44"The Class League Match"
"Kessen! Kurasu Rīgu Matchi" (決戦! クラス対抗戦 (リーグマッチ))
January 28, 2011
Ichika and Rinin battle in the class league match but is interrupted when a mysterious IS attacks the arena. As Ichika and Rinin hold off the IS so the audience can escape, they soon realize the IS is an unmanned drone due to its mechanical behavior. Together with Cecilia, the three of them manage to defeat the IS but not before it injures Ichika. As Ichika recovers while Rinin watches over him, Ichika wonders the promise he made with Rinin had a different meaning, in which the latter quickly denies. Meanwhile, Chifuyu and Maya examine the defeated IS and confirm it is an unmanned drone with a unique core apart from the other 467 cores the world actually has, leading them to question who would make such a thing.
55"Boy Meets Boy"
"Bōi Mītsu Bōi" (ボーイ・ミーツ・ボーイ)
February 4, 2011
Even though Houki is allowed the chance to have her own room, she leaves in anger when Ichika is being dense about it. However, because of her temper, she makes him promise to go out with her should she win the next tournament, which spreads into a rumor that the winner of the tournament would score a date with Ichika. At the same time, a transfer student, a male French IS pilot named Charles Dunois, arrives and becomes Ichika's new roommate. During a training session, Chifuyu has Cecilia and Rinin battle against Maya in the Rafale Revive IS, though the two are easily defeated despite them piloting the more advanced models. While Ichika is having lunch with Houki, Rinn, Cecilia, and Charles, the girls try to give Ichika their lunches. Ichika declares Houki's lunch the best, much to the dismay of the other girls. The next day, another transfer student from Germany named Laura Bodewig, an acquaintance of Chifuyu, arrives much to the surprise of the class. Laura immediately walks to Ichika, slaps him and says that she is unable to accept him as Chifuyu's brother.
66"My Roommate is a Young, Blonde Nobleman"
"Rūmumeito wa Burondo Jentoru" (ルームメイトはブロンド貴公子 (ジェントル))
February 11, 2011
After losing against him in a practice bout, Ichika has a training session with Charles, which is interrupted by Laura who wants to fight him, although he refuses. On his way back, he spots Laura talking with Chifuyu, begging her to return to Germany, saying that the academy is unsuitable for her status, but Chifuyu refuses. It is later revealed that when Ichika had been kidnapped during the Second Mondo Grosso of the IS championship, Chifuyu had forfeited the finals to rescue her brother. Upon returning to his dorm room, Ichika walks in on Charles in the shower with the new soap, discovering that he is actually a girl. Charles reveals she is her father's illegitimate daughter who had taken her in after her mother died, being made a test pilot. But when her family corporation had entered a financial crisis due to the demand for the third generation models, Charles was ordered to act as a boy to give the company publicity and eventually steal data from these models. Ichika, empathizing for his parents having abandoning him and sister in the past, decides to keep this a secret on behalf of her safety due to diplomatic immunity of the academy if Charles stays for a few more years. Meanwhile, Laura, who blames Ichika for blemishing his sister's record, removes her eye-patch to display her golden left eye as she swears revenge on him.
77"Blue Days ~ Red Switch"
"Burū Deizu/Reddo Suitchi" (ブルー・デイズ/レッド・スイッチ)
February 18, 2011
Houki becomes pressured to win the upcoming tournament after her attempt to ask Ichika out has escalated into a rumor that whoever wins the tournament would score a date with him. As Cecilia and Rinin prepare to spar, Laura appears in her Schwarzer Regen and goads them into a two-on-one battle, effortlessly countering all their attacks. When she continues to beat them at the risk of their lives, Ichika and Charles step in to rescue them before Chifuyu reveals that the duel will be settled in another tournament. It is soon announced that the tournament will be conducted in pairs, with Ichika choosing Charles as his partner. On the day of the tournament, it is decided via lottery that Houki is to be paired up with Laura in a class league match against Ichika and Charles.
88"Find Out My Mind"/ "Discover My Mind"
"Faindo Auto Mai Maindo" (ファインド・アウト・マイ・マインド)
February 25, 2011
Laura decides to focus on fighting Ichika, tossing Houki aside who is then disabled by Charles. Ichika and Charles then use their teamwork to take advantage of lowering Laura's shield energy to defeat her, despite Ichika depleting all of his. With her defeat imminent, Laura reminisce her past of being a failed genetically engineered soldier, until her first meeting with Chifuyu. However, she resents Ichika upon learning that she has shown her softer side because of him. Refusing to lose, a berserk Laura transforms into a dark IS. Wanting to stop her, Charles gives her remaining shield energy, allowing Ichika to manifest his energy sword, striking the dark IS and freeing Laura. As Laura recovers and learns who Ichika fights for, Chifuyu explains what cause her IS to go berserk, and she consoles Laura to choose her own path. Despite the tournament being canceled, Ichika decides to go out with Houki. Well after being punched, kicked and turn down because of Ichika thinking "It's just shopping". Later at the newly opened male public bath, Charles tells Ichika that she will stay at the academy under her true name, Charlotte Dunois, and gender. When the class learns the truth about Charlotte, Lingyin destroys the door to kill Ichika with her IS but Laura's IS intervenes. However, Laura kisses Ichika in front of the girls and declaring him to be "her wife", leaving everyone in shock by her announcement.
99"Ocean's Eleven!"
"Ōshanzu Irebun!" (海に着いたら十一時 (オーシャンズ・イレブン)!)
March 4, 2011
Houki calls her sister Tabane, who reveals she has completed an IS called Akatsubaki just for her. After being beaten up in the morning by Laura and Houki, Ichika goes with Charlotte to the mall to buy swimsuits for their beach study session while Cecilia, Rinin, and Laura stalks them. When Charlotte notices them following her, she hides with Ichika in the dressing room to show off her swimsuit, but they are eventually discovered by Chifuyu and Maya instead. During the beach study session, the girls try to get close with Ichika with various results. Including beach volleyball and swimming. As sunset arrives, Chifuyu talks with Houki about Tabane and believes her sister will come with the Akatsubaki on the seventh day of July.
1010"Thin Red Line"
"Shin Reddo Rain" (その境界線の上に立ち (シン・レッド・ライン))
March 11, 2011
After catching the girls listening at their room while Ichika is massaging her, Chifuyu has a talk with the girls about their feelings for her brother and gives them some advice. The next day, Tabane arrives to personally deliver to Houki the Akatsubaki, a fourth generation model with abilities far more advanced than the others. However, Chifuyu soon receives news that an unmanned IS called the Silver Gospel has gone out of control. After assessing the situation, Chifuyu orders the group to stop it, while Ichika and Houki will pursue it, as only they would be fast enough to catch up with the Silver Gospel with the help of Tabane who's able to finish tuning up Houki's IS.
1111"Get Ready"
"Getto Redi" (ゲット・レディ)
March 25, 2011[n 1]
As Ichika and Houki begin their operation, the others notice how happy Houki looks, which prompts Chifuyu to tell Ichika to watch over her carefully. As Ichika and Houki engages in battle with the Silver Gospel and is about to corner it, Ichika notices an illegal fishing boat in the area and breaks off formation to protect it. Houki is angry at Ichika for ruining the plan, but he scolds her for disregarding the safety of the boat, which is something she never does. However, the Silver Gospel launches a surprise attack on them, which forces Ichika to protect Houki by shielding her with himself. As the critically injured Ichika is admitted, Houki blames herself on what happened and wants to quit being an IS pilot. Nevertheless, Cecilia, Rinin, Charlotte, and Laura manages to convince her otherwise. Together, they ignore Chifuyu's orders to stand by and go after the Silver Gospel themselves.
1212"Your Name Is"
"Yua Nēmu Izu" (君の名は (ユア・ネーム・イズ))
April 1, 2011
As the girls fight the Silver Gospel, Ichika has a dream where he meets a young girl and a warrior woman who both ask him if he wants power, to which he agrees as he wants to protect his comrades. As the battle continues to rage on, Houki manages to cut one of the wings of the Silver Gospel and sees it fall into the ocean, only for it to reemerge in angel wings and proceeds to take down the female pilots. Houki is soon awakened by Ichika, who is now in the Byakushiki Setsura, and gives Houki a hair ribbon as a gift as he still remembers her birthday. With their combined strength, Ichika and the girls finally destroy the Silver Gospel, with Ichika giving it the finishing blow. As they return to their hotel, Chifuyu lectures them for defying orders but allows them some rest and recuperation as a reward. At a seaside cliff, Chifuyu, though believing it an incidence, realizes that Tabane coincidentally allowed Ichika to be the only male pilot in the academy, also implying about the "White Knight" incident from 10 years earlier. Tabane reveals that she hacked the Silver Gospel to go berserk in order to debut the Akatsubaki to the world before she vanishes. At the beach, Houki apologizes to Ichika for his injuries and admits her feelings for him. As Ichika attempts to kiss Houki, they are interrupted by the other girls, forcing Ichika to carry Houki to safety.
13OVA"A Sextet Yearns to Be in Love"
"Koi ni Kogareru Rokujūsō" (恋に焦がれる六重奏)
December 7, 2011
On a hot day of summer vacation, Charlotte's plan to spend time alone with Ichika at his house is somewhat ruined when Cecilia gets the same idea, later followed by Houki, Lingyin and Laura. They spend the afternoon playing games and cooking. The next day, Houki helps out at a summer festival being held at her family's shrine and is surprised when Ichika shows up. Her time alone with Ichika, though, is soon ruined by the appearance of Ran Gotanda, who momentarily has been separated by her brother Dan Gotanda. Later, Houki attempts to confess her feelings to Ichika, but is instead drowned out by the fireworks. Houki holds Ichika's arm in a romantic moment.

Infinite Stratos II (2013)[edit]

No. in series No. in season Title Original air date[8]
141"The Memory of a Summer"
"Hitonatsu no Omoide" (一夏 (ひとなつ)の想いで)
October 4, 2013

One morning, Ichika finds Laura sleeping with him once again, but this time she has a swimsuit on. Laura asks Ichika to the new amusement park to end their last summer day. Ichika then suggests that they bring the whole group, causing Laura to throw a knife near him in anger, since she wanted to go with him alone. Ichika then goes around the whole day inviting the other girls to the amusement park, not knowing the consequences of bringing all the girls together. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Laura decide to go shopping. During their trip, Charlotte and Laura become mini celebrities in a clothing shop, employees at a maid cafe and heroines when they break up a hostage situation at the maid cafe. They end up the day enjoying ice cream, while Charlotte thinks that she would love to come with Ichika next time.

The scene then cuts to a mysterious woman named M (kind of looking like Chifuyu) breaking into a heavily guarded facility to retrieve a confined IS using an extremely powerful IS of her own named Silent Zephyrus. The scene then cuts back to Ichika and the girls at the amusement park having a fun time, despite Ichika being blame by the girls when they realize that it's not a date after all. They went swimming on the big slide and participating in the Summer Festival up until a nice close with the candle spark marking the end of the summer holidays. At the same time, Chifuyu and Maya checked the new incident involving a new IS.
152"Heart Pain Killer"
"Hāto Peinkirā" (恋スル☆舌下錠 (ハート・ペインキラー))
October 11, 2013
After sparring with Lingyin, Ichika runs late to class, where Chifuyu commands Charlotte to use her IS to shoot him indirectly as a punishment. Officially meeting Tatenashi at the school assembly, Ichika oversees the selection of his class' activity for the school festival wherein Laura suggests a normal maid cafe. After receiving approval, Ichika is unwilling to receive Tatenashi as an instructor and challenges her only to be defeated. Dreaming upon the grasslands, Ichika appears to see Houki before awaking in Tatenashi's lap and dodging Laura's surprise attack. Tatenashi takes Ichika to training in shooting circle stance with Charlotte and Cecilia. Ichika returns home tired to find Tatenashi dressed as a maid who's playing with him, making Houki angry and attacking him as she was trying to give him food. Tatenashi's goal is for Ichika to get better accuracy at his shots, so she makes him go around in circles at high speed mid-air in his IS while trying to shoot a static round object. Unfortunately, he ends up crash into the side field. In the end Houki, Cecilia, Ling, Charlotte and Laura all try to comfort Ichika, but he falls asleep from exhaustion while having dinner.
163"Translucent Chord of Cinderella's Heel"
"Shinderera Hīru no Sukiiro Waon" (硝子少女 (シンデレラ・ヒール)の透色和音)
October 18, 2013
Tatenashi extorts Ichika for a massage before he butlers for his class' maid cafe the next day. Stopping by the cafe, Rin orders a set wherein she has to feed Ichika personally. Disheartened after Houki interrupts her attempt to be fed by Ichika, Rin eats the chopstick and is complimented as being cute. Rin slaps him after being called a squirrel by Ichika, Reiko Makigami asks Ichika to use her company's equipment, making him uncomfortable. As Ichika goes on break, Cecilia, Houki, Charlotte and Laura all try to join but Cecilia wins out taking him to the brass band exhibition. Returning, Ichika is abducted by Tatenashi to be the prince of the student council's rendition of Cinderella wherein, unbeknownst to him, whomever gets his crown receives the right to live with him. Under constant fire, Ichika manages to survive the absurdity of a play, which involves running and escaping from the girls (and Tatenashi's traps) only to be pursued by the walk-in contestants where he is dragged under stage by Reiko who desires to steal Byakushiki in a surprise attack in the locker room.
174"The Mysterious Lady"
"Misuteriasu Reidi" (ミステリアス・レイディ)
October 25, 2013
Reiko unleashes Arachne revealing herself to be Lady Autumn from Phantom Task. After detaining Ichika, Autumn reveals that it was Phantom Task who abducted Ichika during the Second Mondo Grosso while she forcibly attempts to take Byakushiki. Upon arrival, Tatenashi is seemingly killed while Cecilia and Rin engage BT Second, Silent Zephyrus. Revealing the speared Tatenashi to be a water-based copy, Tatenashi along with her IS, Mysterious Lady, engages Autumn. As Ichika pursues Autumn, he is intercepted by Silent Zephyrus who successfully deters him. Houki, Charlotte and Laura allowing Lady Autumn and herself to escape. Maya briefs Chifuyu on Phantom Task revealing that Silent Zephyrus was the second Blue Tears stolen from England while Chifuyu states that Tatenashi's true objective was to train and guard Ichika. In an unknown location, Autumn berates a woman resembling Chifuyu for her interference while Squall intervenes, simply addressing the other as "M". As M awaits her revenge while staring at a locket containing the photo of Chifuyu, Tatenashi tells Ichika her purpose of protection. Tatenashi also reveals what Ichika's crown really meant as her stay with him ends.
185"Lovely Style"
"Raburī Sutairu" (ラブリー・スタイル)
November 1, 2013
By request of his teachers, Ichika is drawn to an event where each of the girls are allowed to provide service for him for a limited amount of time. Initially, Houki stumbles while performing a Japanese tea ceremony to him, followed by Cecilia who plays billiards with him while wearing a bunny suit. Charlotte then serves Ichika some cookies while dressing as a poodle but is taken away for going too overboard on her service and Laura play darts with him with some intimate items of hers as prizes. Before Lingyin's turn, Tatenashi appears to join the party and teases Ichika wearing a cat suit, only turning into a brief fiasco. Before the end, Chifuyu appears dressing as a maid to serve him and it is revealed that it was all part of the birthday party they had prepared to him. When asked about which one of the girls acts he liked best, Ichika chooses Chifuyu's instead, causing the girls to get angry and attacks him for his stupidity. After the party, Ichika is approached by M, who introduces herself as Madoka Orimura and shoots him off screen.
196"The Secret Base"
"Za Shīkuretto Bēsu" (乙女の矜持 (ザ・シークレット・ベース))
November 8, 2013
Laura appears in the nick of time to protect Ichika, and Madoka flees. Some time later, Charlotte is assigned to perform some escort job and with the other girls all busy, Ichika offers himself to assist her. While dealing with some attackers, Ichika protects Char from an explosion and back at the academy, his Byakushiki is confiscated after failing to open due to an error. With instructions to not fill in the others about it, Charlotte decides to watch over Ichika by herself as long as he is defenseless, but she comes into another predicament when her panties vanish mysteriously. Charlotte then discovers that changing her underwear does not solve the problem as it vanishes as soon as she puts it on, thus she is forced to keep it quiet. Even at the risk of Ichika figuring out. Noting that something is wrong with her, Houki, Cecilia and Lingyin manage to have her reveal all the truth and the three start fighting for the right of becoming Ichika's bodyguard until Tatenashi appears to reprimand them for causing a commotion inside the school. Just when Charlotte decides to reveal the truth to Ichika, Laura appears and confirms that her panties had returned as the interference causing malfunctions of both Ichika's and Charlotte's IS had subsided. Back at their room, Laura points out to Charlotte that all her troubles could be averted if she had put on a bloomer instead of panties, much to her chagrin.
"Shisutāzu" (シスターズ)
November 15, 2013
Tatenashi watches over her younger sister, Kanzashi Sarashiki, who is feeling gloomy since her personal IS was delayed due to the development company focusing on Ichika's IS. Ichika and Houki are invited to be put on exclusive magazines for personal IS pilots; during the interview, Houki exaggerates that Ichika is willing to protect her. Wondering about Madoka, Ichika asks Chifuyu if they have any other relatives, but his sister says that he is his only relative. Tatenashi entrusts Kanzashi to Ichika for the upcoming tag tournament. All of the girls interested in Ichika, plan to partner with him; however, Ichika responds that he plans to partner with someone else after he rejects Laura. Houki and Cecilia assume he is implying to be with one of them. Ichika tried to approached Kanzashi, only to be slapped, turning the proposal down in anger instead.
218"Open Your Heart"
"Ōpun Yua Hāto" (オープン・ユア・ハート)
November 22, 2013
Persisting Kanzashi to be his partner, Ichika looks up on maintenance assistance for Kanzashi's personal IS, but it's not that simple. Meanwhile, upon realizing Ichika insists on pairing with Kanzashi for the tag tournament, the girls take their time training more aggressively. As Tatenashi devises Houki to team up with her, she analyzes Houki's physical maneuver, surprisingly to learn that her aptitude is up to level S already. When Kanzashi takes her IS, Uchigane Nishiki, for a test run, it malfunctions, then Ichika saves her before she crashes. Having a change of heart towards Ichika, she indirectly agrees to be his partner. Then Ichika shares data from Byakushiki to help improve Kanzashi's IS, and has other students gladly help. Returning to his dorm room, Tatenashi insists upon Ichika for another massage, talking how important younger siblings can be for their elders, knowing how strict they can be for their protection. Hoping to give Ichika sweets as a gift, Kanzashi reaches his door only to overhear that Ichika's generous offer was Tatenashi's idea, leaving her heartbroken.
229"The Requirements for a Hero"
"Hiirou no Jōken" (ヒーローの条件)
November 29, 2013
Stunned at her sister's actions, Kanzashi stays in bed and skips school. Tatenashi announces the opening tag tournament at the school assembly, while Ichika goes looking for Kanzashi who's thinking how incompetent she is. But, a sudden raid is launched on the arena by five anti-IS units. Chifuyu orders the Personal IS pilots to engage the attacking units. One unit lands before Kanzashi but, Ichika saves her. Kanzashi activates her IS and they both battle the anti-IS. Tatenashi and Houki charge spear-strike onto their anti-IS, but its armor prove too much to penetrate, thus an explosion occurs. Ichika goes to check on the scene when Kanzashi detects Tatenashi is unconscious and fights in rage at the unit until her IS weapon power runs out. Believing it is hopeless, Tatenashi protects Kanzashi. Tatenashi is seriously injured. Deep within her subconscious, Ichika and Tatenashi encourage Kanzashi that no matter how weak you are, a hero should never run away and accept your well-being. Houki replenishes Ichika's energy. Kanzashi uses a charm that Tatenashi lead to her and they destroy the anti-IS, while the other units are destroyed as well. Recovering in the infirmary, Tatenashi begins to see how reliable Ichika can be and feels for him, while she and Kanzashi have a friendly sister-to-sister talk. Meanwhile, they managed to recover two of the advance anti-IS Cores, as Chifuyu decides to notify the government. Kanzashi gives Ichika an anime movie as a gift, and she confesses her love to him and ran. Kanzashi realizes she misspoke by saying that she loves anime instead.
2310"Cooking My Way"
"Kukkingu Mai Uei" (クッキング・マイ・ウェイ)
December 6, 2013

The girls question Kanzashi's relationship with Ichika. Kanzashi replies with "We're just friends." but secretly has feelings towards him, which all the girls then reflect that upon themselves since they're all in the same boat. Later that day Ichika is called to the nurse's office by Maya, where she then tells him that due to the recent attack the IS-suits must be improved. Maya then tells him the "Student Council" asked for Ichika himself to do the body measurements. After the shocking debacle, the group is on the roof eating lunch where Ichika is shown with a bento made by Houki. When Ichika mentions how he loves everybody's cooking, Cecilia comes to the realization that her friends has neglected to tell her that no one likes her cooking!

When everyone went back at their dorms, Cecilia goes to Houki for help on how to make fried chicken. With deep remorse she decides to help Cecilia anyway. When Houki gets a call and leaves the room, Cecilia purposely adds perfume and hot mustard to the chicken for "color", making it sparkle, where Houki then taste tests it. The next day Houki is shown absent due to Cecilia's interference (mainly because of the hot mustard). Cecilia then goes to Charlotte for help and they start to make Charlotte's famous "pot-au-feu", knowing what happen to Houki while they cook. When Laura is tossing around in her sleep, Charlotte goes to tuck her in and leaves Cecilia to her own accord where she again purposely adds "sparkle" (using perfume and hot mustard) to the dish. Laura wakes up hungry and eats the dish too not knowing that what cause Charlotte to get sick. The next day Cecilia asks Ichika if they can eat lunch on the rooftop the following day, where he agrees. Cecilia asks Ling for her help. Lingyin reluctantly agrees to teach her how to make sweet and sour pork. Cecilia uses her "weapon" to blow up her kitchen pot, putting Ling in hospital instead, after Ling mentions that the electric stove can't fire it up quickly. Cecilia meets Ichika on the roof, but due to her realization that she can't cook, Ichika then brings her to his dorm where they make Rice Balls creating the only romantic moment between the two.

Meanwhile, Tabane eats a fancy dinner with Squall (the blonde woman who is part of Phantom Task). Tabane notices how Squall was trying to drug her through soup. Autumn is then shown pointing a gun at Tabane's head, but Tabane then knocks the gun out of her hand and severely injures Autumn by knocking her into a wine case. Silent Zephyrs busts through the cafe and attacks Tabane, but she easily disarms it. Tabane shows an interest in Madoka after disabling Silent Zephyrs so she makes an exception to only make a personal IS for her.
2411"Looking For Memories"
"Rukkingu Fō Memorīzu" (恋こがれ京舞台 (ルッキング・フォー・メモリーズ))
December 13, 2013
The IS class goes on a leisurely field trip with the girls vying for Ichika's attention. But Ichika's misunderstanding made the girls mad, carrying Kanzashi and crashing into Houki. Afterwards, Ichika and Houki walk together when Squall appears and kindly shares a camera picture with them, just as Squall departs she mentions Ichika's name, having him curious to how she knew him. While leaving, the class is attacked at their various locations by Phantom Task. Madoka arrives to battle Ichika, piloting the IS Black Knight.
2512"Angel Girls (Girls Over)"
"Gåruzu Ōbā" (少女たちの展翅 (ガールズ・オーバー))
December 20, 2013
As Madoka and Ichika continue their battle. Tatenashi fights Squall on top of a tower at full combat. On a malfunctioning monorail that Chifuyu and the following students are trapped in, they deduce a time-bomb is attached to it, so Kanzashi quickly calculates the bomb’s whereabouts. As Ichika fights Madoka while reaching the train, Houki and Cecilia are attacked by Autumn and eventually rejoin Ichika, to see the train's explosion. Madoka kills Ichika by stabbing him, leaving Houki to save him and cries for his awakening. Luckily, Charlotte, Laura, Lingyin, and Kanzashi disarmed the bomb just in time. In a vision, Ichika is seized by Madoka, but then a mysterious girl in white hair gives Ichika a helping hand. Squall has the other IS pilots vulnerable, until Tatenashi diverts her with a weapon of hers and signals for Ichika to attack in White Knight form. Madoka intercepts Ichika. Ichika manages to strike her down. Phantom Task retreats for now and states they have collected enough data. Ichika is welcomed by everyone else alive and well. A scene is shown with Tabane sitting beside the white girl. In a hot spring, Ichika relaxes while thinking about Madoka's pendant that had Chifuyu's picture. Just before Ichika leaves the bath, the girls suddenly start coming in because a person accidentally changed the sign from male to female. This leaves all the girls embarrassed after seeing what is supposed to be Ichika, exhausted from the hot spring.
26OVA"World Purge-hen"
"Wārudo Pāji-hen" (ワールド・パージ編 ())
November 26, 2014
A program called "World Purge" sends illusions to all the girls about their ideal fantasies.


  1. ^ Episode was delayed due to 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami


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