Yōko Hikasa

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Yōko Hikasa
Native name 日笠 陽子
Born (1985-07-16) July 16, 1985 (age 31)
Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Years active 2007–present
Agent I'm Enterprise
Notable work
Height 155 cm (5 ft 1 in)
Website hikasayoko.com
Musical career
Genres J-pop
  • Vocals
  • bass guitar
Years active 2013-present
Labels Pony Canyon

Yōko Hikasa (日笠 陽子 Hikasa Yōko?, born July 16, 1985 in Kanagawa) is a Japanese voice actress and singer affiliated with I'm Enterprise.


Hikasa aspired to become a voice actress after watching Sailor Moon,[1] and later attended Nihon Narration Engi Kenkyūjo, a voice actor training school. She is a member of the five-girl pop music group Ro-Kyu-Bu!, along with Kana Hanazawa, Yuka Iguchi, Rina Hidaka and Yui Ogura.[2] The group takes its name from the anime series Ro-Kyu-Bu!; the five members voice main characters in the series. Their first single "Shoot!" was released on August 17, 2011 and was used as the opening theme of Ro-Kyu-Bu!. Ro-Kyu-Bu! put out the album Pure Elements on October 5, 2011. Married 2015.


Television animation[edit]


Drama CD[edit]

Original video animation (OVA)[edit]

Original net animation (ONA)[edit]

Theatrical animation[edit]

Video games[edit]

Dubbing roles[edit]



  • RWBY, Weiss Schnee


Singles & albums[edit]

As the voice actor for Mio Akiyama in K-On!, she participated to four singles and two albums.[5]

  • "Cagayake! Girls" ranked #2 on Japanese Oricon singles charts.[6]
  • "Don't say 'lazy'" ranked #3 on Oricon singles charts,[7] and was awarded Animation Kobe's "Best Song" award.[8]
  • "Light and Fluffy Time" (ふわふわ時間?) ranked #3 on Oricon singles charts.[9]
  • "Mio Akiyama" (秋山澪?) ranked #2 on Oricon singles charts.[10]
  • Hōkago Teatime (放課後ティータイム?) ranked #1 on Oricon albums charts.[11][12]
  • "Rhythm Dimension" along with Shiina-Tactix.[13]
Below are singles under her own name.
  • "This Beautiful Cruel World" (美しき残酷な世界 Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai?), used as the ending theme for the anime series Attack on Titan.
  • "Song That Doesn't End" (終わらない詩 Owaranai no Uta?), used as the theme song for the anime movie Hal.
  • "SEEK DIAMONDS", used as the ending theme for the anime series Diamond no Ace.
  • "EX:FUTURIZE", used as the opening theme for the anime series Z/X Ignition.
Below are albums under her own name.
  • Glamorous Songs (July 17, 2013)
  • Couleur (September 3, 2014)


  • Hikasa Yoko GLAMOROUS LIVE Blu-ray & DVD released date: April 16, 2014.
  • Hikasa Yoko Live Tour Le Tour de Couleur Blu-ray & DVD released date: March 18, 2015.


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