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Preserved Ju 52 at Duxford, 2001, showing corrugated skin

The List of Junkers Ju 52 operators lists by country the civil airlines and military air forces and units that have operated the aircraft.

Civil operators[edit]

The civil operators was operated airlines


Aeroposta Argentina[1]
Lineas Aereas del Estado (LADE)
Ministry of Agriculture




Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano[2]


Cruzeiro do Sul
Syndicato Condor - Serviços Aéreos Condor[2]


Canadian Airways Limited
Canadian Pacific Airlines





ČSA Československé aerolinie[3]
Government of Czechoslovakia (Postwar)


Det Danske Luftfartsselskab[3]




Aero Oy[3]


Aero Cargo
Air France
Air Ocean
CTA Languedoc Roussillon
Société Auxiliare de Navigation Aérienne

 Nazi Germany[edit]

Deutsche Lufthansa [3]


Deutsche Luft Hansa
Lufthansa (one still in used for special flights)
Lufthansa Junkers Ju 52/3m D-CDLH, till 1984, known as "Iron Annie N52JU," painted as D-AQUI in historic 1936 Deutsche Luft Hansa colors. D-CDLH has P&W engines, now with 3-bladed propellers.


Elliniki Eteria Enaerion Sinkinonion

EEES operated three Junkers Ju 52/3m. The first arrived on June 28th, 1938 with W.Nr.5984 and registration SX-ACF. The other two were SX-ACH (W.Nr.6004) and SX-ACI (W.Nr.6025). All three were used by the Royal Hellenic Air Force during the 1940-41 war against Italy and Germany. All were captured by the Wehrmacht and transferred to the Luftwaffe.[4]




Ala Littoria[6]

Portugal Mozambique[edit]

Direccao de Exploracao dos Transportes Aéreos[6]

 New Guinea[edit]

Gibbes Sepik Airways
Mandated Airlines

Between 1955 and 1959 Gibbes Sepik Airways operated three Ju-52/3ms purchased in Sweden. Mandated Airlines bought Gibbes Sepik Airways in 1959 and continued to operate the two surviving aircraft until the following year.[7][8]


Det Norske Luftfartselskap[6]


LOT Polish Airlines (1 in 1936-1939)[6]


Aero Portuguesa



 South Africa[edit]

Three Junkers Ju 52 aircraft built for the South African Airways.
South African Airways[6]

 Soviet Union[edit]


 Spanish State[edit]

Iberia Airlines[9]


AB Aerotransport[9]


CASA 352 (license-built Junkers Ju 52/3m) in Ju-Air markings at Zürich airport
Junkers Ju 52 (JU-AIR airline)
Ju-Air (still used, used only 3 Ju 52)


Turkish Airlines

 United Kingdom[edit]

British Airways Limited[9]
British European Airways[9]
British Overseas Airways Corporation
Railway Air Services[9]


Compañía Aeronáutica Uruguaya S.A. (CAUSA)[10]



Military operators[edit]


Argentine Air Force


Austrian Air Force


Belgian Air Force

 Belgian Congo[edit]

Force Publique


Bolivian Air Force

Bulgaria Bulgaria[edit]

Bulgarian Air Force


Colombian Air Force


Air Force of the Independent State of Croatia


Czechoslovakian Air Force (postwar)


Ecuadorian Air Force


French Air Force (postwar)
French Navy (postwar)

When France was liberated some Ju-52 were captured and used. The Ju-52 had been manufactured in France during the war by the Junkers-controlled Amiot company, and production continued after 1945 as the Amiot AAC 1 Toucan (more than 500 were produced). French built Ju-52s were widely used, not only in France but also in colonial wars in Algeria, Vietnam and Thailand.




Hellenic Air Force


Royal Hungarian Air Force


Regia Aeronautica


Royal Norwegian Navy Air Service
One aircraft rented from DNL from January 1940 to 9 April 1940.
Norwegian Air Force (captured) (postwar)


Peruvian Air Force


Portuguese Air Force


Royal Romanian Air Force
Romanian Air Force (postwar)

 South Africa[edit]

South African Air Force

Slovakia Slovakia[edit]

Slovak Air Force (1939-1945)

 Soviet Union[edit]

Soviet Air Force (postwar)

 Spanish State[edit]

Spanish Air Force


Swedish Air Force


Swiss Air Force


Syrian Air Force (postwar)

 United States[edit]

A German Junkers Ju 52/3m, which was confiscated by Peru and transferred to the United States Army Air Forces as a war prize, at Howard Field, Panama, in late 1942.
United States Army Air Forces

USAAF operated one aircraft known as Junkers C-79.


SFR Yugoslav Air Force

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