Ala Littoria

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Ala Littoria
Ala littoria.svg
Founded 1934
Ceased operations 1945
Parent company Italian government
Headquarters Italy

Ala Littoria was the Italian national airline that operated during the fascist regime in the 1930s and 1940s.[1]


Ala Littoria was formed by a merger of Società Aerea Mediterranea (SAM), Società Anonima Navigazione Aerea (SANA), Società Italiana Servizi Aerei (SISA) and Aero Espresso Italiana (AEI) in 1934. The airline was owned by the Italian government and predominantly featured the Italian flag on its aircraft.

After the Spanish Civil War, Ala Littoria invested in Iberia, the Spanish airline that was established following the demise of LAPE. Ala Littoria acquired 12,5 % of the airline and purchased three Junkers Ju 52 air frames without engines from Lufthansa, giving them to Iberia in lieu of capital.[2]

Ala Littoria flew to destinations across Europe and Italian colonies in Africa. During the Second World War, Ala Littoria acted as a transport service for the Italian military. However the airline did not survive the war and was disbanded.

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