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This is a list of those who have served as Director of the Monmouth County, New Jersey Board of Chosen Freeholders from 1790 to the present. Pursuant to legislation passed in 1709, freeholders sat with the justices of the peace as the Board of Justices and Freeholders; the presiding officer was then known as chairman. Chairmen of the Board of Justices and Freeholders are included here where records are still extant, as well as whether they were a justice or a freeholder.[1]

Legislation passed in 1798 separated the freeholders and justices; at that time the Board of Chosen Freeholders was established.

Before 1906, Monmouth County Freeholders were elected by townships; where available, this is indicated. As a result of a 1905 referendum reducing the membership on the board, from 1906 to the present they have been elected at-large.

Chairmen of the Board of Justices and Freeholders (1790–1798)[edit]

# Name Term Party Notes
Hendrick Hendrickson 1790–1791 Justice
Edmund Williams 1791–1792 Shrewsbury
Hendrick Hendrickson 1792–1794 Justice
Joseph Holmes 1794–1795 Upper Freehold
Elisha Lawrence 1795–1796 Federalist Justice
Joseph Holmes 1796–1797 Upper Freehold
Hendrick Hendrickson 1797–1798 Middletown

Directors of the Board of Chosen Freeholders (1798–Present)[edit]

# Name Term Party Notes
1 Theophilus Little 1798–1804 Shrewsbury
2 James Allen, Esq. 1804–1805 Howell
3 William Lloyd 1805–1808 Federalist Freehold
4 Robert Evilman 1808–1810 Shrewsbury
5 John P. Conover 1810–1811 Freehold
6 Garret P. Wikoff 1811–1819 Federalist Upper Freehold
7 William I. Conover 1819–1822 Democratic-Republican Freehold
8 John J. Ely, Esq. 1822–1835 National Republican Freehold
9 John I. Conover 1835–1844 Democratic Freehold
10 Elisha Lippincott 1844–1848 Whig Shrewsbury
11 Benjamin I. Lafetra 1848–1851 Democratic Howell
12 James Patterson 1851–1855 Democratic Middletown
13 Henry Howland 1855–1857 Democratic Ocean
14 Thomas H. Lafetra 1857–1860 Democratic Wall
15 Charles Butcher 1860–1872 Democratic Howell
16 William H. Bennett 1872–1873 Democratic Ocean
17 Austin H. Patterson 1873–1875 Democratic Howell
18 John T. Haight 1875–1881 Democratic Atlantic
19 Charles H. Boud 1881–1882 Democratic Howell
20 John C. Hathaway 1882–1884 Democratic Neptune
21 Theodore Fields 1884–1887 Democratic Wall
22 John Henry Heyer 1887–1898 Democratic Holmdel
23 John Guire 1898–1906 Democratic Ocean; Ward No. 2, Long Branch
24 William B. Conover 1907–1910 Republican At-large
25 John M. Corlies 1911–1916 Democratic At-large
26 Charles M. Wyckoff 1917–1918 Democratic At-large
27 William M. Bergen 1919–1920 Republican At-large
28 Bryant B. Newcomb 1921–1933 Republican At-large
29 Frederic P. Reichey 1934–1935 Democratic At-large
30 Raymond L. Wyckoff 1936–1938 Republican At-large
31 Joseph Mayer 1938–1942 Republican At-large
32 Edgar O. Murphy 1942–1947 Republican At-large
33 James S. Parkes 1948–1950 Republican At-large
34 Joseph C. Irwin 1951–1974 Republican At-large
35 Philip N. Gumbs 1975–1976 Democratic At-large
36 Ray Kramer 1976 Democratic At-large
37 Harry Larrison, Jr.[2] 1977–1978 Republican At-large
Ray Kramer 1979–1980 Democratic At-large
Harry Larrison, Jr.[2] 1981–1983 Republican At-large
38 Thomas J. Lynch, Jr.[3] 1984–1985 Democratic At-large
Harry Larrison, Jr.[2] 1986–2004 Republican At-large
39 Thomas J. Powers[2] 2005 Republican At-large
40 William C. Barham[4] 2006–2007 Republican At-large
41 Lillian G. Burry[5] 2008 Republican At-large
42 Barbara J. McMorrow[6] 2009 Democratic At-large
Lillian G. Burry[5] 2010 Republican At-large
43 Robert D. Clifton[7] 2011 Republican At-large
44 John P. Curley[8] 2012 Republican At-large
45 Thomas A. Arnone 2013 Republican At-large
Lillian G. Burry[5] 2014 Republican At-large
46 Gary J. Rich, Sr. 2015 Republican At-large

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