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This is a list of the games made by Nitrome.

Main games[edit]

Main games generally have many levels and features.

Name Release date Genre Commissioner Description Levels Maximum players Licensing
Hot Air! 2005 Action Miniclip This is Nitrome's first Flash browser game on Nitrome's site. Released in 2005, it was one of the few games available on Nitrome 1.0, and for a limited time, it was available to be played on the Nintendo Wii on Miniclip.Hot Air: All Blown Up and Hot Air Jr. are sequels. 25 1 Available
Sandman 2006 Puzzle Miniclip A game similar to Lemmings in which the player guides sleepwalkers to a portal by dropping sand to control where they are able to go. 15 1 Available
Chick Flick 2006 Action Miniclip A game in which the player controls two squirrels holding a trampoline, trying to bounce falling chicks into nests without letting them hit the ground. 9 2 Available
Roly Poly 2006 Puzzle Miniclip A game in which the player rotates the level, guiding a rolling hedgehog to the finish line. 30 1 Available
Feed Me! June 2006 Platformer Miniclip The player controls a Venus Flytrap, which moves by grabbing things with its mouth. 15 1 Available
Tanked Up October 2006 Racing Miniclip A game in which the player attempts to both drive a tank around a course and use its cannon to slow down opponents at the same time. 8 1 Available
Scribble! 2006 Puzzle Miniclip Another Lemmings-type game in which the player draws lines to guide ink-blots through a seemingly hand-drawn world. 25 1 Available
Frost Bite January 2007 Platformer Miniclip A game where the player climbs a mountain as an Eskimo with a grappling hook. Frost Bite 2 is its sequel. 10 1 Available
Skywire 2007 Action Miniclip A game where the player guides a cable-car through a world of giant toy animals. Skywire 2 is its sequel. 20 1 Available
Space Hopper 2007 Platformer Miniclip A game where the player controls an astronaut jumping between planets in order to collect stars. Collecting enough stars opens a portal through which the next level can be reached. 15 1 Available
Dangle 2007 Action MTV Arcade By swinging a spider left and right, and lengthening or shortening the size of its strand of web, the player attempts to reach the bottom of each level while avoiding a range of opponents and obstacles. 15 1 Unavailable
Hot Air: All Blown Up 2007 Action Miniclip The sequel to Hot Air!, it contains non-linear level progression and the ability to use balloons made with the Balloon Maker, as well as boss levels and unlockable levels. Hot Air Jr. is another addition. 30 1 Available
Square Meal 2007 Action Miniclip A game where the player guides a troll eating its way through a dungeon. 50 2 Available
Toxic 2007 Action MTV Arcade A game where the player guides a man in a hazmat suit through a world of green toxic waste and numerous robots. The character possesses a large magazine of bombs which are used to destroy enemies and the surrounding environment so that the end portal can be reached. Toxic II is a sequel. 20 1 Unavailable
Yin Yang 2007 Puzzle MTV Arcade A puzzle platformer in which the player guides two characters - Yin and Yang - through opposing black and white worlds. 25 1 Unavailable
Nanobots 2007 Shooter MTV Arcade A simple shooter with a microscopic robot theme. 8 1 Unavailable
Off the Rails 2007 Platformer Miniclip Potatoes are high in starch. 20 1 Available
Headcase 2007 Platformer Candystand A platformer in which the player acts as a large-headed superhero who walks on walls, floors, and ceilings. The game has many surfaces, like a sticky surface and a cannon surface. 25 1 Unavailable
Pest Control 2007 Action Miniclip A game similar to Point Blank where the player swats various small creatures with a fly swatter controlled using the mouse. 36 1 Available
Twang! 2007 Platformer MTV Arcade A game in which the player moves a ball through a world of slingshot-rubber bands. 25 1 Unavailable
Thin Ice 28 Nov 2007 Action Miniclip A platformer game in which the player attempts to drown monsters by cutting holes around them with their ice skates. The character is the same as in Frost Bite and Frost Bite 2. 20 1 Available
Snow Drift 14 Dec 2007 Platformer Miniclip A platform game in which the player plays as a yeti, who has to make his way to the end of the level while avoiding obstacles. 20 1 Available
Jack Frost 18 Dec 2007 Platformer MTV Arcade A platform game in which the player plays as Jack Frost attempting to freeze all the blocks and ladders of each level, while avoiding enemies with various abilities. This and the above 2 games (Thin Ice and Snow Drift) made up Nitrome's 'Winter Trilogy' over the November/December period of 2007. 40 2 Unavailable
Aquanaut 12 Feb 2008 Action Miniclip A game in which the player pilots a submarine through an undersea world with their mouse. 20 1 Available
Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam 27 Mar 2008 Platformer Miniclip A platform game set in a steampunk world. The player plays as a British army commando armed with a gun which shoots chains. 24 1 Available
Magneboy 08 Apr 2008 Puzzle MTV Arcade The player controls a magnetic character with the ability to move floating blocks around to form a path to the end of the level. 50 1 Unavailable
Cheese Dreams 10 Apr 2008 Platformer Miniclip The player plays as a moon that has been captured by giant space mice whose spaceship runs on cheese. Each move causes the moon to bounce, and this acts as the main gameplay mechanic. 20 1 Available
Knuckleheads 20 May 2008 Action MTV Arcade The player controls a large chain with a grimacing head on each end. Using the cursor keys, the heads are swung over each other, causing the entire character to move forward. Enemies can be destroyed on the way to the end of the level. 25 1 Unavailable
Skywire 2 05 Jun 2008 Action Miniclip A sequel to Skywire. New features include: underwater areas, new enemies, new backgrounds, boss levels and falling rails. 50[nb 1] 2 Available
Small Fry 30 Jun 2008 Puzzle Miniclip A tactical game in which the player has to transport four different characters (a skeleton, a warrior, an athlete and a brain) to the end of the level, avoiding various obstacles. Each character has its own physical or personal attributes which can be used to help the others to reach the end of the level. The game is similar to Lemmings. 25 1 Available
Mutiny 12 Jul 2008 Strategy MTV Arcade A Worms-esque game in which the players control teams of pirates. The goal of the game is to defeat all the enemy pirates, which can be controlled by the CPU or another player, with various inventive, pirate-themed weapons. To move or throw weapons the player clicks and drags their mouse. The game also includes boss levels. 15 2 Unavailable
Final Ninja 24 Jul 2008 Platformer Miniclip The player controls Takeshi, a ninja who has to work through various levels to defeat his old master. There is a vast array of enemies, including Samurais, cyberguards, and laser-security robots. The player utilises various techniques including using grappling lines, throwing shurikens and turning invisible. Final Ninja Zero is a prequel to this game. 20 1 Available
Onekey 15 Aug 2008 Puzzle Miniclip In this game, the player guides a savage towards the end by controlling the environment that surrounds him with the Space Key (hence the name "One key"). Pressing the space button may activate helpful items, such as floor springs and fans, but may also trigger traps such as arrows shooting from walls and falling spikes. Gameplay is further excited by the prospect of enemies, which can also be affected by pressing the space bar itself (making them jump, turn, temporarily die, etc.) and some of which can also be affected by the changes which occur around them. 20 1 Available
Mallet Mania 2008 Sports Miniclip In this mouse-based game, the player controls a red ball. Using a mallet, the ball is hit to make it move in a certain direction. There are certain elements such as pink gum tiles, which slow down the ball, and oil slicks, which have low friction. 21[nb 2] 4 Available
Dog House 2008 Puzzle Miniclip In this mouse based game, the character must guide a dog to the other side of a house by moving the pieces of the house and the dog's bone. There are different types of blocks, some of which can move in every direction, another type which can only be moved vertically or horizontally, others which rotate in their own square and yet more which won't move at all. The overall gameplay is made harder by dark squares, which variate between stationary and movable. 40 1 Available
Numbskull 26 Oct 2008 Puzzle Miniclip A Halloween-themed game which introduces a skeleton that lives in a haunted castle. The player uses the cursor to rotate selections of blocks in order to get the skeleton's skull onto its body. 50 1 Available
Bomba 12 Nov 2008 Mouse avoider MTV Arcade A mouse avoider game in which the player picks up bombs to destroy obstacles and enemies, collecting stars on the way. 30 1 Available
Flipside 19 Nov 2008 Racing MTV Arcade In this game the players control two-wheeled cars. The cars can move left and right, as well as jump and stick to the walls and ceiling. The goal is to finish first after three laps in all 15 tracks in the game. 15 2 Unavailable
Toxic II 26 Nov 2008 Action MTV Arcade A sequel to Toxic, in which the protagonist must save the world from a robot race. The gameplay closely resembles that of its predecessor, but is notably affected by the higher frame rate. The character also possesses a different selection of new bombs. The character can also access hidden bonus levels through portals on 10 of the game's original 20 levels. 30[nb 3] 1 Unavailable
Fat Cat 05 Dec 2008 Shooter Miniclip A game in which the player controls two characters: an invincible blue owl with the ability to shoot at enemies, and a flying purple cat which, if having eaten some pastries, can shoot out a destructive mega-burp (also called 'mega-laser'). The goal of the game is primarily to protect the cat using the owl. 21 1 Available
Frost Bite 2 16 Dec 2008 Platformer Miniclip A sequel to Frost Bite, featuring the same character, music and game mechanics as the original, but a slightly higher frame rate. It also includes new bosses, new enemies, and new elements of the environment. 10 1 Available
Ice Breaker 05 Jan 2009 Puzzle Miniclip A game in which the player guides frozen Vikings to their boat by cutting ice blocks with the cursor. Ice Breaker: The Red Clan and Ice Breaker: The Gathering are sequels. 40 1 Available
Pixel Pop 07 Jan 2009 Rhythm MTV Arcade A music driven timing game which essentially has the player clicking in time with 3 different pieces of music. 15 1 Unavailable
Flash Cat 21 Jan 2009 Racing None A pseudo-3D game in which the player drives down a winding road, avoiding obstacles and collecting points. 18 1 Available
Twin Shot 6 Feb 2009 Shooter None A game in which the player controls a cat-like angel wielding a large bow-and-arrow. The objective of the game is to destroy every enemy in each level. The arrows that the player shoots also double as temporary platforms. The game features both single-player and multiplayer modes. Twin Shot 2: Good and Evil is a sequel. 50 2 Available
Mirror Image 12 Feb 2009 Puzzle MTV Arcade A game in which the player controls a warlock whose only method of transportation is teleportation. The player uses the mouse to draw a line that acts as a mirror; the warlock will teleport himself directly to the other side of the line. The direction in which the character travels will be perpendicular to the line drawn; the distance twice that between the character and the line. 36 1 Unavailable
The Glassworks 04 Mar 2009 Action Miniclip A game in which the player uses a pair of mechanical gloves to climb across giant panes of glass. Its gameplay is almost identical to (and possibly based on) that of Super Mario World's castle levels. 20 1 Available
Ice Breaker: The Red Clan 18 Mar 2009 Puzzle Miniclip An expansion and sequel to Ice Breaker, it has almost identical gameplay, except for the addition of a hand element used to hold ice pieces and previously unseen floating ice. Ice Breaker: The Gathering is another addition. 40 1 Available
Rustyard 2 Apr 2009 Puzzle MTV Arcade A game, similar to Onekey, where the player uses their mouse to manipulate levels and guide a robot through obstacles. 28 1 Unavailable
Final Ninja Zero 8 Apr 2009 Platformer Miniclip The prequel to Final Ninja, set 40 years before the original. This game features major new features such as controlling other objects and using disguises to get past cyber guards. 23 1 Available
Powerup 22 Apr 2009 Puzzle None A physics-based game in which the player must connect two robot heads by shifting a set of boxes into a specific order. Different boxes sport varying characteristics (for example, monster blocks move, honey blocks stick to anything and Tesla blocks conduct electricity through air if a pair of them are close enough). 32 1 Available
Droplets 20 May 2009 Archery MTV Arcade A game where the player must carefully drop rabbits onto landing pads, avoiding moving objects and trying to hit the higher scored pads. 30 2 Unavailable
Double Edged 22 Jun 2009 Beat 'em up Candystand A game in which a classical Greek hero must battle his way through waves of different enemies from Greek Mythology. Bosses include King Midas, Hercules and The Behemoth. 12 2(Flash)
Castle Corp: Castlewear for all Occasions 24 Jun 2009 Strategy Miniclip A game in which the player controls and shoots knights to defeat the competition. 25 1 Available
Parasite 11 Jul 2009 Platformer MTV Arcade A game in which the player controls an alien parasite who zombifies friendly creatures to navigate the planet he intends to take over. 20 1 Unavailable
Rockitty 20 Aug 2009 Platformer Miniclip A game in which the player controls a one-eyed space cat. It has to get to the spaceship at the end of the level by avoiding lava, spikes, and other varying hazards, and sticking to pink goo. Other features include space cows, which give the player 1000 points if the cat knocks them onto the cow-patterned patches, milk, which allows the cat to change direction in mid-flight, and asteroids, which can be destroyed if the cat hits them enough times. 22 1 Available
Nebula 15 Sep 2009 Puzzle MTV Arcade A game where the player guides a newly born star in which the player uses the mouse to draw stardust to move the star around the level. The star is constantly moving, unless it lands on pink goo, then it sticks to it and stays there. Spikes, aliens, lasers, and other hazards should be avoided. 30 1 Unavailable
Cave Chaos 7 Oct 2009 Platformer Miniclip In this game, the player takes control of a mine-working rodent who must escape an underground cavernous world by running across platforms and rocks, but must run quickly because the platforms collapse soon after being assembled. Various pieces of the level appear as it runs, delivered by a series of bats. There are also enemies which slow down or completely stop it. There are bonuses which allow it to jump higher or kill enemies. Cave Chaos 2 is a sequel. 20 2 Available
Graveyard Shift 16 Oct 2009 First Person Shooter Miniclip In this Halloween game, the player must protect the town by shooting anything (e.g. zombies and flying bugs) that cross its path. The game is over if the player loses 4 hearts. The player can shoot chests to fix their shield and get different weapons such as swords and grenades. The player must collect brown vials of health and avoid purple ones, which are poison. 15 1 Available
Cold Storage 4 Dec 2009 Action Miniclip In Cold Storage, the player controls a Yeti who navigates the levels by jumping and swinging on poles. While the Yeti is at the height of its swing, it can jump to a higher part of the level. The level is completed by getting to the top. To kill enemies, the yeti must swing off a super pole. Super poles are identified by their stripes. There are also rusty poles, which break after a few seconds of swinging on them. 16 1 Available
Ice Breaker: The Gathering 14 Dec 2009
Elder Clan: 14 Dec 2009
First Clan: 21 Dec 2009
Raven Clan: 28 Dec 2009
Red Clan: 4 Jan 2010
Hunter Clan: 11 Jan 2010
Puzzle None A third installment in the Ice Breaker series, after Ice Breaker and Ice Breaker: The Red Clan. Gameplay is similar to the other Ice Breaker games, but with several added details, such as bombs. 40 1 Available
Avalanche: A Penguin Adventure 22 Dec 2009 Platformer Miniclip In Avalanche, the player is a penguin, riding down a mountain on a sled. It must always go fast, because there is a large avalanche behind it. This and the above 2 games (Cold Storage and Ice Breaker: The Gathering) made up Nitrome's 'Winter Trilogy 2' in December 2009. 15 + 1 endless 1 Available
Rubble Trouble New York 29 Jan 2010 Puzzle Miniclip A puzzle game where the player controls a demolition team destroying buildings using various tools. Rubble Trouble Tokyo and Rubble Trouble Moscow are sequels. Previously called Rubble Trouble, the game's name was changed to Rubble Trouble New York on 20 July 2011 because of Rubble Trouble Tokyo's upcoming release (and to allow for possible future releases in other locations).[1] 32 1 Available
Skywire VIP 9 Feb 2010 Quiz None A game in which the player guesses who the people in the Skywire cable cars are modeled after. 100 1 Available
Blast RPG 12 Mar 2010 Strategy None A game where the player is a boy knight and has to get shot out of a cannon and break distances (i.e. 3000 metres), avoiding or killing the many enemies. 6 1 Available
Tiny Castle 6 Apr 2010 Platformer Miniclip In Tiny Castle, the character is a knight which battles to reach a princess but there are traps, enemies and many puzzles that must be completed first. 1 (8 check-points) 1 Available
Chisel 29 Apr 2010 Platformer Miniclip In Chisel, the player is a robot with a drill on its head, and it must drill through planets to reduce their size, avoiding enemies on the planets' surface and inside the planets. Chisel 2 is a sequel. 30 1 Available
Bullethead 13 May 2010 Shooter Miniclip In this game, which is reminiscent of Space Invaders, the player controls a small creature with a gun on its head, which must be used to destroy the alien invaders that are trying to take over the world. 20 2 Available
Fault Line 16 Jun 2010 Puzzle None The player is a small robot with two rocket arms. The arms must be used to connect white nodes on the level, which causes that part of the level to be folded up, letting the robot get to the end. 30 1 Available
Ribbit 16 Jul 2010 Action None In Ribbit, the character is a frog-rabbit created by Dr. Siamese. It must bounce its way through the level to the end. 20 1 Available
Worm Food 24 Jul 2010 Action Miniclip The player is a giant evil worm, thought to be destroyed many years ago by the villagers of a town. Now it must eat them up to show them just how wrong they were. 20 1 Available
Temple Glider 8 Oct 2010 Action None The player controls an Egyptian bird trying to fly to its golden sarcophagus. 20 1 Available
Sky Serpents 22 Oct 2010 Action None The player controls a Norse Warrior who is trying to take on his father's slaying record of 15 Sky Serpents. Sky Serpents have segments similar to worms. In order to slay a serpent, certain segments of it must be destroyed individually. 15 1 Available
Enemy 585: The Last Henchman 9 Nov 2010 Puzzle None Enemy 585 is similar to Rustyard and Onekey in which the player must guide Enemy 585 by moving an animated set of blocks. This is clearly a parody of Mario games, as many characters look and behave similarly to certain characters in the Mario series. 24 1 Available
Super Treadmill 19 Nov 2010 Platformer None In this game the rather fat main character, Billy, turns to his Uncle Rico who decides to train him for a race. Billy begins training with his uncle's "super treadmill". 28 1 Available
Bad Ice-Cream 2010 Action None In this game the character is an ice cream scoop whose objective is to eat all the fruit on the level, while staying away from enemies. The ice cream must eat all the fruit on a level before proceeding to the next level. Bad Ice-Cream 2 is a sequel. 40 2(Flash)
Rush 24 Dec 2010 Racing None In this game the player is a robot racing three other robots. Gravity can be switched by pressing space. The next level is unlocked after winning the race. 30 4 Available
The Bucket 9 Jan 2011 Mouse Avoider None This is a retro looking game in which the player is a flying fish trying to get a raccoon back to its family. As the game progresses more and more hazards and obstacles appear. 20 1 Available
Canary 2 Feb 2011 Side-Scrolling Shooter Miniclip The player controls a bird-like alien miner called a Canary, shooting lasers at rocks and enemies to escape an asteroid mining facility. 24 1 Available
Test Subject Blue 2 Mar 2011 Puzzle None The first game in the Test Subject series. The player must guide Test Subject Blue, a blob of blue enzymes, through platform levels using green teleports. Test Subject Green is the second game in the series, and Test Subject Complete is the third and final game. Test Subject Arena is a spinoff of the series. 25 1 Available
Chisel 2 16 Mar 2011 Platformer None A sequel to Chisel with the same idea (drill through planets to reduce their size) but with both a normal jump and a charge-up rocket jump added, as well as having levels with more than one planet. There are also new enemies. 30 1 Available
Knight Trap 4 Apr 2011 Platformer None In this game, there are a number of platforms at the top of each level. The player must move knights from the bottom of the level one at a time until there is one on each platform. But, certain areas of blocks (in later levels all blocks) activate deadly traps which must be avoided. There are a limited number of knights in each level, so if enough die, the level must restart. Knights can also be used to free caged villagers for extra points. 30 1 Available
Steamlands 18 Apr 2011 Real-time strategy None The player controls a tank in a seemingly post-apocalyptic steampunk world in which you build your tank up using scrap metal scavenged from destroying your opponents. 47 1 Available
Test Subject Green 10 May 2011 Puzzle None The second game in the Test Subject series, and a sequel to Test Subject Blue. Blue gets kidnapped by the evil Dr. Nastidious and must do tests for him, while avoiding not only the orange enemies from the first game, but several new green enemies, a combination of the muscle and attack force of the orange enzyme and the intelligence of the blue enzyme (as seen at the end of Test Subject Blue). At the end, Blue gets a new proto-suit, codenamed "Rex209." Test Subject Arena is a spinoff of this game. Test Subject Complete is another addition. 30 1 Available
Silly Sausage 27 May 2011 Puzzle None The player must guide a stretchy dog, first collecting all the gems in a level, then moving to a "finish" block. 30 1 Available
Office Trap 5 Jul 2011 Platformer None A sequel to Knight Trap, Office Trap is a one or two player game where the player(s) must move office workers to a helicopter at the top of the building while avoiding traps and saving other workers. 30 2 Available
Rubble Trouble Tokyo 28 Jul 2011 Puzzle Miniclip The second game in the Rubble Trouble series (a sequel to Rubble Trouble New York) with new demolition tools. Rubble Trouble Moscow is another addition. 30 1 Available
Canopy 19 Aug 2011 Platformer None In this game, similar to Twang, the player controls a blue, monkey-like creature with large hands. The player moves the hands with the mouse, letting the creature swing from trees and collect fruit in its journey through the canopy. 20 1 Available
Mega Mash 30 Sep 2011 Varies None This game is presented in the format of a 7-in-1 game drive that, due to an internal error, has fused all of its games together. The player must jump from one game to another within each level, using each game's unique structure to reach the end 20 1 Available
Steamlands: Player Pack 13 Oct 2011 Real-time strategy None An expansion of the previous game Steamlands featuring brand new levels created by players of the original game using the in-game "developer pack". 49 1 Available
Stumped 30 October 2011 Puzzle None A Halloween themed game in which the player controls a right foot, which has been brought to life. However, players can only turn right, and must avoid enemies and reach the goal. 20 1 Available
Nitrome Must Die!!!! 24 Nov 2011 Platformer,Shoot 'em up In honor of this being Nitrome's 100th game, Nitrome created a separate website,, claiming that it was an independent hate campaign against Nitrome. However, it was later revealed that this was actually a tie-in to the 100th game. In this game, the player controls either Austin or Justin, a pair of friends determined to bring down Nitrome once and for all. Every level represents a floor of Nitrome Towers, which in turn represents one of Nitrome's previous 99 games. Every 10th level is a boss. 102(100 Main Levels+2 Final Boss Levels) 2 Available
Lockehorn Version 2.0 15 Dec 2011 Puzzle None A game where the player controls lockehorn, who pushes frozen elk to kill snow spirits. After the game's release, an update came out which added 2 player mode and easy mode for singleplayer,which gives the player three lives. 20 2 Available
Rubble Trouble Moscow 21 Dec 2011 Puzzle Miniclip The third in the Rubble Trouble series. New demolition tools, many new levels. 30 1 Available
Rainbogeddon 2 Feb 2012 Action None A game similar to Pac-Man, except with powerups. 40 2 Available
Swindler 21 Feb 2012 Action Miniclip A green creature dangling on a slime line navigates through a world which can be rotated by the player. it's similar of Dangle And Roly Poly. 25 1 Available
Skywire VIP Extended March 2012 Quiz Scratch Fan-made sequel to Skywire VIP 100 1 Available
Gunbrick 20 April 2012 Puzzle None Nitrome's first "icon game", which is only 50 pixels square. The player controls a brick with a gun on one side and a shield on the other. The player must utilize these to get through all the levels. 9 1 Available
Cave Chaos 2 17 May 2012 Platformer None The sequel to Cave Chaos, in which the protagonist must escape the caves from the Under Dweller. 15 2 Available
Hot Air Jr. 28 June 2012 Action Miniclip The sequel to Hot Air: All Blown Up, in turn a sequel to Hot Air!. This game features the child of the original characters where the player propels a light blue hot air balloon through the levels, using the cursor as a fan, collecting stars along the way, in order to save a dog. 17 1 Available
J-J-Jump 19 July 2012 Platformer None A second icon game. In this one, the player can only jump five times, but can replenish his supply of jumps by standing on rainbow platforms. 10 1 Available
Skywire VIP Shuffle August 2012 Quiz None Shuffle of Skywire VIP. 100 1 Available
Tournament 26 Sep 2012 Adventure/Puzzle None A third icon game, navigate a knight through a dungeon to save a princess from the evil sorcerer. 11 1 Available
Swindler 2 21 Nov 2012 Platformer Miniclip Sequel to Swindler. 25 1 Available
Ice Beak 6 Dec 2012 Puzzle None 4th icon game. 10 1 Available
Bad-Ice Cream 2 21 Dec 2012 Action None Sequel to Bad-Ice Cream. 40 2(Flash)
Plunger 22 Jan 2013 Puzzle Miniclip A game where the player is Plunger, and has to connect the nodes. 24 1 Available
Twin Shot 2: Good and Evil Version 2.0 7 Feb 2013 Shooter None The sequel to Twin Shot, featuring "Good" and "Evil" worlds. This game was the first of Nitrome Limited's to include MochiCoins, which allow the player to pay for the extra levels of the Evil world and a collection of cheats. It also allows players with Mochi Media accounts to use extra skins with their character. 100(50 Good Levels,50 Evil Levels)[nb 4] 2(Flash)
Super Stock Take 19 Mar 2013 Platformer Miniclip A game where the player is a chimp whose job is to collect wares for the Nitrome Boss 22 1 Available
BC: Bow Contest Version 2.0 6 April 2013 Archery,Strategy None A pre-historic themed archery game. The player must fire different types of arrows to hit a target. As the player progresses through the game, new levels, arrows, and characters are unlocked. This game was the second of Nitrome Limited's to include MochiCoins, which allow the player to pay for extras such as special arrows and a collection of cheats. There are six cups with an easy, medium, and hard opponent for each. The cups are Beginners Cup, Rock Cup, Balloons Cup, Bone Cup, Fire Cup, and Tar Cup. 28 (divided into six different cup stages) 2 Available
Test Subject Complete 7 May 2013 Puzzle None Third and final game in the Test Subject series, the sequel to Test Subject Blue and Test Subject Green. 30 1 Available
Colour Blind 5 June 2013 Puzzle None Colour Blind is a puzzle platforming game released on June 5, 2013. The player plays as a right eye who has to rescue his girlfriend, a left eye from the pirate cloud. 25(20 Main Levels+Bonus Level+4 Storyline Levels) 1 Available
Oodlegobs 28 August 2013 Puzzle None Oodlegobs is a puzzle platforming game in which the player must control an entire army of 'Oodlegobs' (little slug like creatures that are used to hack into and destroy TV monitors) to take over a TV channel called Mew Tube. There are four different coloured 'Oodlegobs': blue, pink, green and orange. 15 1 Unavailable
Test Subject Arena 2 16 October 2013 Platformer None Test Subject Arena 2 is the second spin off to the Test Subject Series. In this game, the player can choose from 8 playable characters, each with their own special ability and statistics. 8(Single Player)
Cheese Dreams: New Moon 5 December 2013 Platformer None Cheese Dreams's sequel 10 1 Available
Bad Ice Cream 3 20 December 2013 Platformer None Bad Ice Cream 3 is the 3rd installment to the Bad Ice Cream Series. 41 2(Flash)
ChangeType() 20 February 2014 Platformer None ChangeType() is a game in which the player must swap commonly found objects such as blocks and spikes in order to pass through each level. 29 1 Available
Ditto 26 March 2014 Platformer None Ditto is a game in which the player controls a female protagonist named Girl who traverses levels by solving mirror based puzzles. 40 1 Available
Bump Battle Royale 1 August 2014 Arena None Bump Battle Royale is a game where the player is tasked with knocking opposing players or CPUs off the arena by ramming their chosen avatar in a bumper car into the enemy's bumper car. 12 2(Flash)
Flue 16 May 2014 Puzzle None Flue is the fifth icon game in which the player controls a nasal mucus that is trying to escape a somebody's nose. 10 1 Available
Coil 11 September 2014 Puzzle None Coil is the sixth icon game. 16 1 Available

Mini games[edit]

Mini games generally have no levels and less features. As of 21 June 2011, there are 10 mini games.

Name Release date Genre Commissioner Description Levels Players Licensing
Gift Wrapped 15 Dec 2006 Puzzle None A Christmas themed game in which the player tries to guess which present is in which package. The soundtrack is a techno version of the Christmas carol "Jingle Bells." Infinity 1 Available
Magic Touch 2007 Arcade None A game in which the player acts as Merlin. As balloons appear on the screen, the player must use their mouse to draw the shape that is on the balloon. None 1 Available
Go! Go! UFO 08 Mar 2008 Racing None A simple racing game in which up to four players can race UFOs around three outer space tracks. The game is multi-player and only has three levels. 3 1-4 Available
Snot Put 28 Apr 2008 Sports None A game in which the player attempts to fling a droplet of mucus as far as possible. Distances achieved are shown in meters.Super Snot Put are sequels. None 1 Available
Cosmic Cannon! 17 May 2009 Shooter None A game featuring the same theme and soundtrack as Cheese Dreams in which the player must shoot a ball into the air, then attempt to keep it from falling off the screen as long as possible by firing other balls at it. There are references to other games, such as a Knucklehead ball, and a moon ball from Cheese Dreams. None 1 Available
Squawk 29 Sep 2010 Action None A game in which the player is a parrot shaped like a ball aboard a pirate ship. It must collect as many coins as it can as they pop up and down, without getting hit by enemies. This game has no levels. Infinity 1 Available
Test Subject Arena 15 Jun 2011 Platformer None A 2-player spin-off of the Test Subject series. The 2 players play as Blue and Green, and each must try to shoot the other player to gain some of its "goo". A player wins either when the other player runs out of goo, or by having more goo after 3 minutes are up. If the players have the same amount of goo when the time is up, it is a draw. Nitrome's first 2-player-only game. 14 2 Available
Super Snot Put 7 June 2012 Sports None Snot Put's Sequel. None 1 Available
Calamari 3 Sep 2012 Shooter None Calamari is Nitrome's second released multiplayer game that could be played with Facebook, and is also the first of their Facebook applications to include an offline multiplayer function that allows to players to compete on the same computer at once. None 1-2 Available
Icebreaker: Freeze Frame 19 June 2013 Accompaniment None None 1 None


In March 2012, Nitrome began releasing demos of upcoming games, showcasing new graphics and gameplay functions, or a new gameplay engine. These generally have very limited playability, and little to no plot.

Name Release date Description Levels Maximum players Licensing
Cheese Dreams Demo 30 March 2012 Nitrome's first demo. Demo for Cheese Dreams 2. 1 1 Available
Hot Air Jr. Demo 2 May 2012 Nitrome's second demo. Demo for Hot Air Jr.. 1 1 Available
Flightless Demo 15 Oct 2012 Nitrome's third demo. Demo for Flightless. 1 2 Available

Mobile games[edit]

Name Release date Genre Developer Description Levels Players
Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage (iOS) 20 June 2013
(Android) May 6, 2014
Puzzle Rovio Stars A remake of their game Icebreaker on an iOS and Android version. The player slides their finger to cut ice and to interact with other objects. 95 1
Endless Doves November 10, 2014 Arcade Nitrome Available on iOS and Android devices, the player controls a sleeping man, dreaming that he is flying, and collecting doves as he goes. Neverending 1
Platform Panic December 5, 2014 Arcade Nitrome Available on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices, the player controls different characters, advancing through various rooms trying to get a higher score. Neverending 1
Roller Polar December 14, 2014 Arcade Nitrome Available on iOS and Android devices, the player controls a polar bear balancing on a rolling ball of snow, jumping over obstacles that get caught in the snow. Neverending 1
Gunbrick January 8, 2015 Puzzle Nitrome A remake of their game Gunbrick, on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. The player controls the gunbrick, which can flip, shoot, and fly through obstacles. 36 1
Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire February 25, 2015 Arcade Nitrome A remake of their game Magic Touch, on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. The player controls a wizard defending a castle, who pops balloons carrying knights to protect it. Neverending 1
Super Feed Me On hold Platformer Unknown This is Nitrome's first iPhone/iPod Touch application. The player controls a Venus Flytrap, which moves by grabbing things with its mouth. Unknown Unknown

Upcoming games[edit]

Name Release date Genre Commissioner Description Levels Maximum players
Flightless Coming Soon Platformer Steam (Valve Corporation) Flightless is an upcoming multiplayer platforming-exploration Metroidvania game set for release in the coming future. The game was first announced through a preview image on September 27, 2011, with more information revealed on October 15, 2012, over a year after the image was released on the Nitrome blog. It was placed on Steam's user-nominated "Greenlight" list, and was finally greenlit on August 30, 2013. It is not known whether Flightless would be released or not. Unknown Unknown

NES Games[edit]

  • Pixel Pop
  • Silly Sausage
  • Super Treadmill
  • The Bucket
  • Mega Mash

Touchy Games[edit]


  • Magic Touch
  • Off The Rails
  • Thin Ice
  • Aquanaut
  • Flash Cat
  • Double Edged
  • Worm Food
  • Bad Ice-Cream
  • Mega Mash
  • Swindler
  • Super Snot Put (free)
  • Swindler 2


  • Bad Ice-Cream 2
  • Plunger
  • Twin Shot 2
  • Super Stock Take
  • B.C. Bow Contest
  • Test Subject Blue
  • Test Subject Green
  • Test Subject Arena
  • Test Subject Complete


  1. ^ There are 30 new levels in this game, along with the 20 levels from the original Skywire.
  2. ^ Some of these levels are multi-player stages.
  3. ^ 10 hidden bonus levels are included in this count.
  4. ^ In random mode some additional levels can be played. However, since they're accessible only randomly, their exact amount is not known.


  1. ^ Nitrome blog post 20 July 2011

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