List of Presidents of Veneto

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This is the list of Presidents of Veneto since 1970.

Presidents of Veneto
President Party Term Legislature
Angelo Tomelleri DC 1970–1971 I Legislature
Angelo Tomelleri DC 1971–1972
Piero Feltrin DC 1972–1973
Angelo Tomelleri DC 1973–1975
Angelo Tomelleri DC 1975–1977 II Legislature
Angelo Tomelleri DC 1977–1980
Carlo Bernini DC 1980–1985 III Legislature
Carlo Bernini DC 1985–1989 IV Legislature
Gianfranco Cremonese DC 1989–1990
Gianfranco Cremonese DC 1990–1992 V Legislature
Franco Frigo DC 1992–1993
Giuseppe Pupillo PDS 1993–1994
Aldo Bottin PPI 1994–1995
Giancarlo Galan FI 1995–2000 VI Legislature
Giancarlo Galan FI 2000–2005 VII Legislature
Giancarlo Galan FI 2005–2010 VIII Legislature
Luca Zaia LV 2010–2015 IX Legislature
Luca Zaia LV 2015– X Legislature

Source: Veneto Region