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Cover of the first Seraph of the End home media release.

Seraph of the End (Japanese: 終わりのセラフ, Hepburn: Owari no Seraph) is a Japanese dark fantasy anime based on the manga with the same name written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto with storyboards by Daisuke Furuya. It is produced by Wit Studio, directed by Daisuke Tokudo, and screenplayed solely by Hiroshi Seko.[1] Additionally, the original manga's writer, Takaya Kagami, is personally drafting the original story for episodes with material not yet serialized in the manga and supervising the scripts until the anime's final episode.[2] The series is set in a world that allegedly comes to an end at the hands of a "human-made" virus, ravaging the global populace and leaving only children under the age of thirteen untouched. It is at this time that vampires emerge from the recesses of the earth, likely followed by age-old horrors of the dark thought only to be myth. A young man named Yūichirō Hyakuya joins a vampire extermination unit to avenge the deaths of his orphaned family and reclaim his best friend Mikaela Hyakuya from the vampires.

On December 12, 2014, it was announced the series would run in two split cours (quarters of the year). The first would air in 2015 from April to June and the second from October to December, with both cours having 12 episodes each.[3] The second cour of would be titled Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya (終わりのセラフ 名古屋決戦編, Owari no Serafu: Nagoya Kessen-hen). The series premiered on Tokyo MX, MBS, TV Aichi, and BS11 at their respective time slots. NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan is releasing the first cour in Blu-ray and DVD formats in Japan starting on June 24, 2015 across four volumes.[4] A six minutes omake anime specials adapted from the omake featured in the original manga, included in each Blu-ray/DVD volume titled Seraph of the Endless (終わらないセラフ, Owaranai Serafu).[5]

On March 31, 2015, it was announced that Funimation Entertainment has licensed the series for streaming and home video release in North America.[6] Hulu will also be streaming the series. On May 13, 2015, Funimation announced that the English broadcast dub will stream every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. EDT on its "Dubble Talk" streaming block.[7][8] The anime series was later broadcast in the United Kingdom on Viceland, beginning February 15, 2018.[9][10]

Episode list[edit]

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign (cour one)[edit]

No. 34 Title Director Original air date[11]
1"The World of Blood Legacy"
Transcription: "Kechimyaku no Sekai" (Japanese: 血脈のセカイ)
Daisuke Tokudo[12]April 4, 2015 (2015-04-04)
An epidemic of unknown origin strikes mankind, killing all adults and rendering the youngsters at the mercy of the vampire kind. Four years later, Yuichiro Hyakuya is fed up with his new life at his family orphanage in the vampire capitol named Sanguinem, but his best friend Mikaela Hyakuya begs to differ. Yuichiro looks back to when he first met Mikaela at the family orphanage. Yuichiro becomes concerned when Mikaela does not show up for dinner. However, Mikaela arrives, obtaining a gun and a map in order to bring the orphans out of Sanguinem. When Yuichiro, Mikaela and the orphans make a daring attempt to escape, they are trapped by Ferid Bathory, who kills the orphans one by one. Ferid mortally wound Mikaela in the midst of his charge, but Yuichiro manages to shoot Ferid. Yuichiro leaves Mikaela and the rest of his family behind and escapes outside Sanguinem.
2"Humanity After the Fall"
Transcription: "Hametsu-go no Ningen" (Japanese: 破滅後のニンゲン)
Masashi Koizuka[13]April 11, 2015 (2015-04-11)
Four years later after he escapes outside Sanguinem, Yuichiro joins the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, but is eager to become a member of the Moon Demon Company, their special vampire hunting force led by Guren Ichinose. However, due to his reckless behavior, Yuichiro is advised by Shinoa Hiragi to make a friend in his school before the promotion can be granted. Yuichiro befriends Yoichi Saotome, who was being bullied by three students named Satoshi Yamanaka, Shishido and Yuji. Yoichi intends to avenge his sister Tomoe Saotome, who was killed by a vampire, by joining the Moon Demon Company. Later, a school evacuation is initiated when a female vampire attacks the school. Going against orders, Yuichiro faces the female vampire alone, that is until Guren arrives to kill her instead. Since Yuichiro fulfilled his requirement nonetheless, Shinoa enlists both Yuichiro and Yoichi into recruit training.
3"The Demon in Your Heart"
Transcription: "Kokoro ni Sumu Oni" (Japanese: 心に棲むオニ)
Tomokazu Tokoro[14]April 18, 2015 (2015-04-18)
Shinoa, who is aware that Yuichiro desires more power, spars with him using her Cursed Gear named Shikama Dōji, a pen that transforms into a scythe, in order to intimidate him. Later, Yuichiro, Shinoa and Yoichi learn from Yamanaka and Shishido that Yuji went underground into a forbidden chamber and never came back out. Shinoa says that Yuji has been possessed by a demon which resides there. As Yuichiro, Shinoa and Yoichi enter the forbidden chamber, Yuichiro confronts Yuji not only in hopes to save him, but also to make a contract with the demon and claim the ax as his Cursed Gear. After managing to take the ax from Yuji, Yuichiro has a hallucination of Mikaela, but breaks free before being tricked into desiring vengeance. After Yuichiro wakes up, Shinoa congratulates him on his progress so far.
4"Vampire Mikaela"
Transcription: "Kyūketsuki Mikaera" (Japanese: 吸血鬼ミカエラ)
Junichi Takaoka[15]April 25, 2015 (2015-04-25)
Mikaela is shown to still be alive shortly after the deaths of the other orphans, thanks to Krul Tepes, who decided to preserve his life by having him ingest her blood. Shinoa brings Yūichirō and Yoichi to their new classroom for recruit training taught by Sayuri Hanayori, where Yuichiro immediately develops rivalry against Shiho Kimizuki. A week before an aptitude test, Guren warns Shihō not to use his desire to find a cure for a virus that has infected his dying sister Mirai Kimizuki simply in order to acquire the strongest Cursed Gear, since its overwhelming power will consume him. On the day of the aptitude test, Yuichiro and Shiho are chained together as partners to battle against giant demon puppets. The test is interrupted when Shiho is informed to see Mirai at the hospital ward. Although their scores will be highly affected due to their leave of absence, Shiho thanks Yuichiro for convincing him to see Mirai.
5"Black Demon's Contract"
Transcription: "Kuro-oni tono Keiyaku" (Japanese: 黒鬼とのケイヤク)
Shuhei Matsushita[16]May 2, 2015 (2015-05-02)
Krul assembles her vampires together and declares war on the Japanese Imperial Demon Army due to their rise to power. Meanwhile, Guren encounters Yuichiro and approves his request of arranging a time for selecting a Cursed Gear. Later, Yuichiro ends up being the only student who failed the spellcraft test in his class. When Guren arrives in the classroom, he uses his Cursed Gear named Mahiru-no-Yo, which takes the form of a katana, to determine which of the students can withstand its demonic energy. Yuichiro, Yoichi and Shiho are the only students able to do so. Guren takes the three of them underground to a chamber to choose a Cursed Gear for themselves, despite knowing the risks.
6"New Family"
Transcription: "Atarashii kazoku" (Japanese: 新しいカゾク)
Kei Anjiki[17]May 9, 2015 (2015-05-09)
Yuichiro, Yoichi and Shihō each confront their respective demons, in the embodiment of their loved ones, in order to gain control of their desires. Both Yuichiro and Shiho manage to obtain their own Cursed Gears, but Yoichi ends up possessed by his weapon and begins to attack the two. Yuichiro and Shiho fend off the attacks, but they hesitate to harm Yoichi, knowing that his soul is still alive. When Yuichiro puts down his Cursed Gear to leave himself out in the open, Yoichi eventually snaps out of it and prevents himself from killing Yuichiro, thanks to Guren's words of encouragement. As the three students all passed the final test to be official members of the Moon Demon Company, Guren tells them to focus on the future to protect others rather than the past to seek revenge on others.
7"Mitsuba's Squad"
Transcription: "Mitsuba no Chīmu" (Japanese: 三葉のチーム)
Tetsuya Wakano[18]May 16, 2015 (2015-05-16)
Yuichiro, Shinoa, Yoichi and Shiho are introduced to Mitsuba Sangu as the fifth member of Shinoa Squad. Guren dispatches them on their first mission together to Harajuku. On their way there, a Four Horsemen of John is spotted attacking a little girl in distress. Despite Mitsuba's warning that he is being lured into a trap, Yuichiro ignores orders and rushes to rescue the little girl, while Shinoa, Yoichi, Shiho and Mitsuba are soon ambushed by three vampires. The four manage to destroy the Horsemen, which forces the three vampires to fall back. Although Mitsuba scolds Yuichiro for putting the whole squad in danger, she is later reminded by Shinoa of when she cost the life of a member of her former squad during a mission. The little girl informs Shinoa Squad that the lair of the vampires is located at Omotesando Station.
8"First Extermination"
Transcription: "Senmetsu no Hajimari" (Japanese: 殲滅のハジマリ)
Masaki Utsunomiya, Hironori Aoyagi[19]May 23, 2015 (2015-05-23)
Shinoa Squad enters Omotesando Station, populated by many orphaned children. As they travel further, Yuichiro defeats two vampires by himself. The five of them are eventually ambushed by eight vampires, which is more than what the little girl reported. Shinoa Squad manages to exterminate the vampires and free the orphaned children. In the aftermath, the little girl apologizes to Yuichiro for her deceit. Mitsuba struggles to thank Yuichiro for saving her life, but she ends up withdrawing the statement. After Shiho starts a truck by method of hot-wiring, Shinoa Squad proceeds to Shinjuku, where they encounter vampire noble Crowley Eusford, who easily overpowers them despite being significantly outnumbered. However, vampire nobles Chess Belle and Horn Skuld arrive and take Crowley back to the front lines. Despite now knowing what they will be up against, Shinoa Squad prepares to head towards Shinjuku.
9"Vampire Attack"
Transcription: "Shūgeki no Vanpaiya" (Japanese: 襲撃のヴァンパイア)
Takeshi Ninomiya[20]May 30, 2015 (2015-05-30)
Shinoa Squad arrives at Shinjuku to assist Nagai, corporal of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, in repelling the offensives of the vampires, who attack using helicopters equipped with missiles. Meanwhile, Guren spots Mikaela and Ferid from a distance. Ferid reminds Mikaela that he should embrace his new role as a vampire and drink human blood. A flashback is shown when Mikaela refused to drink Krul's blood, but eventually gave in to his craving. While Nagai drives Shinoa Squad towards the western defensive barrier, Shinoa gives Yuichiro, Yoichi, and Shiho each a pack of curse stimulant pills to be used sparingly, which will temporarily enhance their power. Suddenly, a helicopter attacks them, which causes them to fall into an underground subway as a result of the blast. The debris separates Yuichiro, Shinoa and Nagai from Yoichi, Shiho and Mitsuba.
10"Results of the Choice"
Transcription: "Sentaku no Kekka" (Japanese: 選択のケッカ)
Mastuo Asami[21]June 6, 2015 (2015-06-06)
Yuichiro and Shinoa carry a wounded Nagai to the temporary shelter to be treated by the military paramedics before planning to meet up with Yoichi, Shiho and Mitsuba at the western defensive barrier. While the Moon Demon Company take down much of the vampire army, Ferid allows Mikaela to fight Guren. After being informed that Yoichi, Shiho and Mitsuba are being attacked by a group of vampires at the central park, Yuichiro and Shinoa rush over there to assist them before they make their way to the western defensive barrier. Although Shigure Yukimi and Norito Goshi throw Mikaela off guard with their attacks, Ferid prevents Guren from making the final blow and pushes him away. Mikaela stabs Guren before giving him the chance to fight back. As Shinoa Squad arrives, Yuichiro approaches Mikaela from behind and stabs him through the chest, in which both are surprised to see each other still alive.
11"Reunion of Childhood Friends"
Transcription: "Osananajimi no Saikai" (Japanese: 幼馴染のサイカイ)
Kunihiro Mori[22]June 13, 2015 (2015-06-13)
After seeing that Yuichiro hesitated to kill Mikaela after recognizing his face, Ferid agrees to help Mikaela escape with him. Crowley, Chess and Horn, along with Lacus Welt and René Simm, arrive to take on the Moon Demon Company, while Ferid lures Yuichiro and Guren away from the rest. While Ferid restrains Guren, Mikaela attempts to convince Yuichiro to side with him, but Yuichiro declines after noticing how much Mikaela has changed. Yuichiro loses control of the dreadful power within him upon seeing his friends suffering at the hands of the vampires. Crowley evades Yuichiro due to being unable to withstand his attacks. Mikaela shields Shinoa from Yuichiro, but Shinoa embraces Yuichiro as a last resort, which reverts him back to normal before falling unconscious. The vampires soon find themselves surrounded by the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.
12"Everyone's a Sinner"
Transcription: "Min'na Tsumibito" (Japanese: みんなツミビト)
Toshikazu Yoshizawa[23]June 20, 2015 (2015-06-20)
Shinoa is granted access to see Guren in the underground laboratory. She confronts him about the curse stimulant pills given to Yuichiro, who has been in a comatose state for five days. Guren advises Shinoa to wait by Yuichiro at his hospital bed if she truly does care for him. Meanwhile, Mikaela contemplates his identity as a vampire and a human, while Lacus and René notice his past association with Yuichiro. On the seventh day, Yuichiro finally wakes up and Yoichi notifies the others. Shinoa tells Yuichiro that Mikaela retreated with the vampire nobles in response to an attack led by Kureto Hiragi and Shinya Hiragi of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Once the rest of his friends gather in the hospital room, Yūichirō thanks them and apologizes for sleeping so long. Both Yuichiro and Mikaela make a silent vow that they will save each other. Guren writes a letter to an unknown recipient, and Ferid gives research data to an unseen client.

Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya (cour two)[edit]

Title Director Original air date[11]
131"Human World"
Transcription: "Ningen no Sekai" (Japanese: 人間のセカイ)
Tetsuya Wakano[24]October 10, 2015 (2015-10-10)
Shinoa Hiragi spars with Guren Ichinose, reminded that he killed her demon-possessed sister Mahiru Hiragi in order to claim his Cursed Gear. Shinoa finds Yuichiro Hyakuya at the library, where she explains that Mikaela Hyakuya was chosen by the vampire nobles to become a vampire. Guren declares himself as a superior rather than a friend to Yuichiro, and Mitsuba Sangu receives a promotion despite seeing herself as a failure to Yuichiro. Kureto Hiragi summons Yuichiro to test his loyalty to the Japanese Imperial Demon Army due to the suspicion of being a spy. Kureto reveals Yoichi Saotome and Shiho Kimizuki being held captive and interrogates Yuichiro, mentioning that his former family orphanage was being used for spellcraft experimentation by his vampire sect. After being released, Yuichiro asks Guren to help him reclaim Mikaela from the vampire nobles. In Sanguinem, Ferid Bathory halts a bloodthirsty Mikaela. When a boy named Dai offers his blood, Mikaela refuses despite being tempted by Ferid. Mikaela is then invited by Ferid to the upcoming Progenitor Council meeting.
142"Complicated Connections"
Transcription: "Kōsakusuru Kankei" (Japanese: 交錯するカンケイ)
Tetsuo Hirakawa[25]October 17, 2015 (2015-10-17)
After Yoichi successfully eliminates five Four Horsemen of John with one attack, Yuichiro confronts his Cursed Gear named Asuramaru, managing to break free from Asuramaru's illusion of Mikaela and asking Asuramaru to lend him strength to save Mikaela as a gesture of friendship. Meanwhile, at the Progenitor Council meeting, Ferid has Mikaela show footage of Yuichiro briefly going berserk during the battle at Shinjuku, which enrages Krul Tepes, but Ferid reminds her that she cannot kill him since he has secret information about her. Shiho battles his Cursed Gear named Kiseki-O, but he struggles to break free from Kiseki-O's illusion of his sister, Mirai Kimizuki. Shihō breaks free by remembering how Yuichiro strives to protect Mikaela like family despite not being related by blood. While Yuichiro and Shiho show off their new fighting techniques, Shinoa and Mitsuba later learn that the files containing data on Yuichiro, Yoichi and Shiho have been erased.
153"Ambition in the Demon Army"
Transcription: "Teiki Gun no Yabou" (Japanese: 帝鬼軍のヤボウ)
Fumihiro Ueno[26]October 24, 2015 (2015-10-24)
A letter is sent via messenger pigeon from Dai to Kureto through Aoi Sangu. Shinoa Squad meets during breakfast, in which they discuss whether or not to follow Guren. Elsewhere, Kureto entrusts Guren to send Shinoa Squad and the Moon Demon Company to wipe out ten vampire nobles in Nagoya before the vampires bring their main army into Tokyo in one month. Shinoa Squad eventually decides to follow Guren and make it their policy to protect their family. Meanwhile, Mikaela satisfies his craving for blood by forcing himself onto Krul. Once he calms down, she reveals her plans to him and gives him a secret task. Guren, who is briefed by Shinoa about the progress of Yu and Shiho in their training, tells Shinoa to make preparations for the mission. While Mikaela meets with the other vampires to head towards Nagoya, Kureto orders potentially lethal experimentation on an unknown female test subject in the underground laboratory.
164"The Moon Demon's Orders"
Transcription: "Gekki no gourei" (Japanese: 月鬼のゴウレイ)
Yoshiaki Kyogoku[27]October 31, 2015 (2015-10-31)
Shinoa Squad travels to the Ebina Rest Stop, dodging several Four Horsemen of John along the way. Because of this, Shinoa Squad arrives late when Guren gives his speech, in which Yūichirō takes full blame for their tardiness. As punishment, Shinoa Squad is lured into a fight against Guren, Mito Jujo and Shinya Hiragi. Despite carefully planning out a strategy, Shinoa Squad is eventually yet handily defeated. When Makoto Narumi comments that Shinoa Squad lacks teamwork and discipline, Guren assigns Shinoa Squad to join with Narumi Squad for the next mission as a result. Elsewhere, as Mikaela and Lacus Welt collect stray human children as gifts for the vampire nobles in Nagoya, Mikaela realizes that his thirst for human blood has increased even more. Mikaela withholds himself from attacking a girl for her blood, which Lacus finds strange.
175"Livestock Revolt"
Transcription: "Hangyaku suru kachiku" (Japanese: 反逆するカチク)
Yasuhiro Akamatsu[28]November 7, 2015 (2015-11-07)
Narumi tells Yuichiro, Shinoa, Shiho and Mitsuba that their mission is to exterminate vampire noble Lucal Wesker, while Shinya calms Yoichi down as they wait to snipe Lucal from a distance. While Lucal and his servant Esther Lee debate whether or not to obey Krul's orders, Lucal sacrifices Esther to act as a shield from Yoichi and Shinya's attacks. As Shinoa Squad and Narumi Squad ambush Lucal, he is able to fend off some of the attacks, that is until they alter their formation and manage to severely injure him. When Yayoi Endo attempts to finish Lucal off, he takes her sword and commits suicide, refusing to die by a human. Meanwhile, Guren Squad defeats vampire noble Mel Stefano. A dying Eita Kusunoki reports to Guren, revealing that forty-five soldiers at Nagoya City Hall were defeated, in which nineteen of them were killed and the remainder are held hostage. Kusunoki passes away shortly afterwards.
186"Sword of Justice"
Transcription: "Seigi no Tsurugi" (Japanese: 正義のツルギ)
Yoko Kanamori[29]November 14, 2015 (2015-11-14)
At Nagoya City Hall, Crowley Eusford, Chess Belle and Horn Skuld discuss their next plan of action, suspecting that a traitorous vampire noble provided information to the humans. All of Shinoa Squad, Narumi Squad and Guren Squad regroup, but Aiko Aihara lost eight out of fourteen members in her squad during her assigned mission. Guren leaves Aiko behind to take the three squads to rescue hostages at Nagoya City Hall. Mikaela, Lacus and René Simm suddenly arrive in two helicopters, but Aiko orders her squad to commit suicide by swallowing their poisonous pills. Mikaela prevents Aiko from doing the same, leaving her as the only survivor. Aiko decides to trust Mikaela, discreetly telling him that Yuichiro is headed towards Nagoya City Hall, while tricking Lacus and René into going to Higashiyama Park. After Mikaela kills Aiko upon her request, he sets off to Nagoya City Hall, planning on intercepting Yuichiro.
197"Shinya and Guren"
Transcription: "Shinya to Guren" (Japanese: 深夜とグレン)
Kunihiro Mori[30]November 21, 2015 (2015-11-21)
The Moon Demon Company tries to figure out a way how to handle the hostage situation and come up with a plan to attack Crowley, Chess and Horn. Guren Squad is tasked to distract the vampires, while Shinoa Squad and Narumi Squad must focus on rescuing the hostages. Guren and Shinya jump straight to the office on the top floor to fight Crowley, but they are no match against him. Shinoa Squad launches their plan to assist Guren and Shinya when entering the building. When Guren and Shinya try to run away from Crowley in the hallway, they both wind up wounded and defenseless. However, Yu suddenly appears from under the floor to strike Crowley, yet Crowley immediately makes a counterattack.
208"Demon's Lullaby"
Transcription: "Oni no komoriuta" (Japanese: 鬼のコモリウタ)
Tetsuya Wakano[31]November 28, 2015 (2015-11-28)
Chess and Horn defend Crowley when all of Shinoa Squad attempts to attack. Shinoa Squad retreats with Shinya, having to leave Guren behind. Guren Squad tries to rescue Guren from Crowley, Chess and Horn, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Seishiro Hiragi attempts to arrest Kureto for having a secret plan of his own, but Aoi eliminates two soldiers under Seishiro in retaliation. Yu disagrees with the orders to abandon Guren and carry on with the mission, looking back on how Guren treated him like family since he was younger. In defiance, Yu takes two extra curse stimulant pills, which causes blood to gush out of his mouth and eyes before he collapses. Kureto tells Aoi to inform the scientists to increase the dosage into the test subject since time is running out.
219"Traitorous Allies"
Transcription: "Uragiri no Mikata" (Japanese: 裏切りのミカタ)
Yoshiaki Kyogoku[32]December 5, 2015 (2015-12-05)
Yuichiro remains alive due to the power of angels in the form of a golden trumpet, but Asuramaru lures Yu away from the golden trumpet and gives him enough power to awaken. After reviving in front of his squad, Yu charges off and faces Crowley inside the auditorium in hopes of saving Guren. However, Yu's lust for more power encourages Asuramaru to possess him. Shiho arrives and uses Kiseki-O to stop Yuichiro, rendering him unconscious. As the Moon Demon Company retreats, Mikaela arrives on the scene, charging past the Moon Demon Company to rescue Yu. Since they see Yūichirō as family just like Mika does, Shinoa Squad distracts the Moon Demon Company to allow Mikaela to flee with Yu in tow. The vampires then show up and kill Yayoi and Taro Kagiyama before the rest of the Moon Demon Company escape to Nagoya Airport.
2210"Yu and Mika"
Transcription: "Yū to Mika" (Japanese: 優とミカ)
Shuhei Matsushita[33]December 12, 2015 (2015-12-12)
Mikaela brings Yuichiro to an abandoned store and struggles with his thirst for blood. Yu wakes up and recognizes Mika trying to hold back his craving. Then, Yu tries to convince Mika to drink his blood to keep on living with him, even if that means to survive as a complete vampire. Even though Mika still believes that the humans are brainwashing Yuichiro, he eventually agrees to trust Yu as well as Shinoa Squad. While Yu and Mika drive to Nagoya Airport to rendezvous with the remnants of the Moon Demon Company, Mika explains that both the vampires in the past and the humans in the present have been performing experiments. Nonetheless, Yu ensures Mika to trust Shinoa Squad just like family. The test subject that Kureto is conducting experiments on is revealed to be Mirai.
2311"Arrogant Love"
Transcription: "Gōman'na ai" (Japanese: 傲慢なアイ)
Yoko Kanamori, Yumi Kawai, Masashi Koizuka[34]December 19, 2015 (2015-12-19)
At Nagoya Airport, a letter is sent to the Moon Demon Company informing them to stand by. Narumi eventually believes that the Moon Demon Company should abandon the mission and rescue Guren instead, to which Shinya agrees. Crowley learns from Ferid that Guren is a Namanari, a human half way into becoming a demon; in which Mahiru can fully possess his body. Krul is told by Guren that the Moon Demon Company is currently at Nagoya Airport. As the helicopters finally arrive at Nagoya Airport, Kureto steps out and tells the Moon Demon Company to relax their weapons, but he soon skewers Shusaku Iwasaki and Rika Inoue with chained spears protruding from a large container. Yuichiro and Mikaela arrive in time to assist in fending off the chained spears. The chaos climaxes to a three-way battle among the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, the Moon Demon Company and the vampires. When Yu encounters Guren, the latter suddenly swings his sword at the former.
2412"Seraph of the End"
Transcription: "Owari no Serafu" (Japanese: 終わりのセラフ)
Yumi Kawai, Yoshiaki Kyogoku, Tetsuya Wakano, Daisuke Tokudo [35]December 26, 2015 (2015-12-26)
Mikaela blocks the strike made by Guren. After many soldiers from all three sides are sacrificed by the chained spears, Mirai emerges from inside the container as an angel. Mirai summons Abaddon, the Angel of Destruction of the Fifth Trumpet, and Kureto succeeds in controlling it. As the chaos continues, Abaddon spits out a horde of the Four Horsemen of John to attack everyone. When Mika becomes badly injured, Yu stabs himself in the chest to retrieve the golden trumpet within his subconsciousness. Yu awakens as the King of Salt of the Second Trumpet, using his newly found power to turn Abaddon into salt before Asuramaru knocks Yu unconscious. Mika flees when Krul is intervened by Crowley and killed by Ferid, who declares Krul to be a traitor and assumes command of the vampires. While Shinoa Squad, Mika and Narumi escape with Yu in tow, Shinoa officially resigns her squad from the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Four months later, the Japanese Imperial Demon Army takes over Sanguinem, while Ferid, Crowley, Chess, Horn, Lacus and René meet with vampire noble Lest Karr. Yu, Mika, Shinoa, Yoichi, Shiho, Mitsuba and Narumi set out to rescue Mirai and Guren in Sanguinem.


No. Title Original air date
1"Vampire Shahal"
Transcription: "Kyūketsuki Shahal" (Japanese: 吸血鬼シャハル)
May 2, 2016 (2016-05-02)
A very mysterious vampire named Shahal kidnaps a human girl named Riko. Shahal's true goal is unknown, and while he has kidnapped Riko, he refuses to drink her blood. Suddenly, he receives a visit from the vampire nobles Ferid and Crowley. Meanwhile, Guren tasks Shinoa Squad with rescuing Riko and returning her to her family.

Home media[edit]

Japanese release[edit]

NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign (cour one)
Vol. Episodes Bonus disc Release date Ref.
1 1-3 Seraph of the Endless June 24, 2015 [36]
2 4-6 Seraph of the Endless 2 July 23, 2015 [37]
3 7-9 Seraph of the Endless 3 August 26, 2015 [38]
4 10-12 Seraph of the Endless 4 September 26, 2015 [39]
Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya (cour two)
Vol. Episodes Bonus disc Release date Ref.
1 13-15 Seraph of the Endless: Nagoya Edition December 25, 2015 [40]
2 16-18 Seraph of the Endless: Nagoya Edition 2 January 27, 2016 [41]
3 19-21 Seraph of the Endless: Nagoya Edition 3 March 9, 2016 [42]
4 22-24 Seraph of the Endless: Nagoya Edition 4 March 30, 2016 [43]
Blu-ray Box Set
Vol. Episodes Bonus disc Release date Ref.
1 1-12 Seraph of the Endless 1-4 December 25, 2017 [44]
2 13-24 Seraph of the Endless: Nagoya Edition 1-4 February 28, 2018 [45]

English release[edit]

Part Episodes Release date Ref.
1 1-12 May 24, 2016 [46][47]
2 13-24 September 27, 2016 [48]
Collector's Edition 1-24 September 27, 2016 [49]
Complete 1-24 August 21, 2018 [50]
Universal Pictures UK
Col. Episodes Release date Ref.
1 1-12 May 23, 2016 [51]
2 13-24 December 5, 2016 [52]
Universal Sony
Part Episodes Release date Ref.
1 1-12 January 2, 2016 [53]
2 13-24 December 14, 2016 [54]


Seraph of the End Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Hiroyuki Sawano, Takafumi Wada, Asami Tachibana, Megumi Shiraishi
ReleasedJuly 15, 2015 (2015-07-15) (OST 1)
January 27, 2016 (2016-01-27) (OST 2)
RecordedStudio Sound Valley
(Tokyo, Japan)
Length53:54 (OST 1: Disc 1)
56:38 (OST 1: Disc 2)
54:25 (OST 2)
LabelNBCUniversal Entertainment Japan
ProducerHiroyuki Sawano, Takafumi Wada, Asami Tachibana, Megumi Shiraishi, Yasushi Horiguchi

The series' soundtrack was composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, Takafumi Wada, Asami Tachibana, and Megumi Shiraishi. The first soundtrack album was released on July 15, 2015 containing two discs: the first disc contained 14 tracks all composed by Sawano, while the second disc contained 19 tracks composed by Wada, Tachibana and Shiraishi.[55] A second soundtrack album was released on January 27, 2016, containing 17 tracks composed by Sawano, Wada, Tachibana and Shiraishi.[56]

Sawano produced and composed the opening and ending theme songs in the first cour of the anime series, titled "X.U." and "scaPEGoat", respectively. As part of Sawano's vocal song project "SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]", for the first cour, the opening song is performed by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Gemie, while the ending song is performed by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Yosh. Both themes were released in Japan on a CD on May 20, 2015.[57]

In the second cour of the anime series, the opening theme song is "Two souls -towards the truth-" by fripSide and the ending theme song is "Orarion" (オラリオン) by Nagi Yanagi.[58]

Track listing[edit]

All music in the first disc of Seraph of the End Original Soundtrack were composed by Hiroyuki Sawano.

Seraph of the End Original Soundtrack (Disc 1)[55]
1."X.U. (TV size)"
  • Benjamin
  • mpi
  • Benjamin
  • mpi
3."1hundredknight:Y"  5:37
4."pfSOTEad1"  3:36
5."1hundredknight:M"  5:32
6."pfSOTEad2"  3:42
7."OneZeroEight"  5:42
8."[B]pa-t"  5:14
9."pfSOTEad3"  3:58
  • Benjamin
  • mpi
Mika Kobayashi, mpi4:18
11."9BL00d鬼"  3:07
12."SOTE"  5:04
13."scaPEGoat (TV size)"
  • Hiroyuki Sawano
  • Benjamin
  • mpi
14."ToBeContinued.."  2:28
Total length:53:54
Seraph of the End Original Soundtrack (Disc 2)[55]
1."Seraph of the End - Prologue"Takafumi Wada0:42
2."Seraph of the End - Epic"Wada3:45
3."Moon Demon Company" (月鬼ノ組)Asami Tachibana2:24
4."Beyond Unrest" (不安のむこう)Megumi Shiraishi2:07
6."Ferid Bathory"Wada3:20
7."Commence Battle" (戦闘開始)Tachibana2:44
8."Comrade" (仲間)Shiraishi2:27
9."Invisible Sky"Wada3:38
10."Post-Apocalyptic World" (破滅後の世界)Tachibana3:19
11."The Japanese Imperial Demon Army"Wada2:25
12."Swooping Evil" (襲い来る悪)Shiraishi3:25
13."Escape" (脱出行)Tachibana5:28
14."Bizarre" (奇々怪々)Shiraishi3:02
15."Demon's Reborn"Wada2:34
16."Battle Time" (戦いの時)Shiraishi3:12
17."Reality, Destiny"Wada3:13
18."Bonds" (絆)Tachibana2:59
19."Evening" (夕景)Shiraishi2:45
Total length:56:38
Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya Original Soundtrack[56]
1."Dim Light" (vocals by mpi)Hiroyuki Sawano
  • Benjamin
  • mpi
2."4-a"Sawano 2:49
3."world wAr E"Takafumi Wada 3:16
4."Asura's Power" (阿朱羅の力)Asami Tachibana 2:08
5."Imperial Demon Army" (帝鬼軍)Megumi Shiraishi 3:27
6."WD×2"Sawano 3:18
7."In Cold Blood"Wada 2:37
8."Confrontation in the Aristocracies" (貴族社会の対立)Tachibana 2:28
9."Style of Monarch" (王者の風格)Shiraishi 3:04
10."21科315"Sawano 3:28
11."Extinction Evil"Wada 3:37
12."The Existence Called Comrades" (仲間という存在)Tachibana 2:20
13."With Sadness and Strength" (哀しさと強さと)Shiraishi 3:19
14."WD×2 <ver.2>"Sawano 3:18
15."Cataclysm" (天変地異)Shiraishi 3:35
16."4-a:slow"Sawano 3:05
17."Dim Light (instrumental)"Sawano 4:18
Total length:54:25


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