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The following is a partial list of Snipe fleets. Fleets are the basic organizational structure of the Snipe class,[1] a 2-person, one design racing dinghy governed by the Snipe Class International Racing Association (SCIRA), and recognized by the International Sailing Federation as an International Class.

The Association consists of sailors organized into Fleets. These may be members of one yacht club or, where more practical, from several yacht clubs in an area.[2]

A new Fleet may be granted a charter and Fleet number from the Association upon application to the Executive Director through the National Secretary. Such application can only be made after the Fleet has been provisionally organized and the necessary Fleet officers and measurer elected. Each Fleet number is assigned according to the order of application and the charter is automatically renewed from year to year until revoked by the Association.[3]

Each Fleet Captain should be responsible for the filing with the National Secretary of complete results of at least five Races each year. A charter may be revoked after it has been issued for failure to maintain a good standing, falling below the minimum quota of boats, or for violation of the Class Constitution, By-Laws or Restrictions. Fleets which permit non-measured and non-paid-up boats to race may have their charters revoked.[4]

In 1932, Dallas was awarded the first fleet charter. The first fleet outside the United States was chartered in March 1933 in Dover, England, to the fleet of the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club, with fleet number 8. In July 1936, the Class reached the status of world’s largest racing class with fleets all over the world,[5] and as of January 2018, 901 chartered fleet numbers have beed issued.[6] Part of those fleets have gone inactive over the years.

List of fleets[edit]

Fleet number Fleet Country
233 Club Náutico Sudeste  Argentina
274 Club Náutico San Isidro  Argentina
275 Yacht Club San Isidro  Argentina
289 Yacht Club Entrerriano  Argentina
290 Cruz del Sur (Yate Club Monte Hermoso, Club Náutico Bahía Blanca)  Argentina
374 Yacht Club Olivos  Argentina
451 Lago San Roque (Club Náutico Córdoba)  Argentina
466 Chascomos  Argentina
593 San Nicolás (Club de Regatas San Nicolás)  Argentina
629 Rosario (Club de Velas de Rosario, Yacht Club Rosario)  Argentina
721 Yacht Club Argentino  Argentina
731 Sanfa Fe (Club Marinas Puerto Santa Fe, Yacht Club Santa Fe)  Argentina
737 Club Universitario de Buenos Aires  Argentina
744 Club Náutico Olivos  Argentina
758 General San Martin  Argentina
853 Salta (Club de Regatas Güemes)  Argentina
897 Habsburg (Segelclub Mattsee)  Austria
391 Nassau (Royal Nassau Sailing Club)  Bahamas
212 Ostende  Belgium
356 Koninklijke Yacht Club Nieuwpoort  Belgium
423 Anversoise-Antwerp (Sociéte Royale Nautique Anversoise, Koninklijke Liberty Yacht Club, Royal Yacht Club van België )  Belgium
429 Royal Belgian Sailing Club  Belgium
361 Spanish Point Boat Club  Bermuda
159 Rio de Janeiro (Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro)  Brazil
245 Vitória (Iate Clube do Espírito Santo )  Brazil
311 São Paulo (Yacht Club Paulista)  Brazil
368 Baia de Guanabara (Clube de Regatas Guanabara)  Brazil
414 Aracaju (Iate Clube de Aracaju)  Brazil
426 Rio Grande do Sul (Clube dos Jangadeiros, Veleiros do Sul)  Brazil
427 Cristal (Veleiros do Sul)  Brazil
434 Santo Amaro  Brazil
448 Guarapiranga  Brazil
450 Antonina (Iate Clube de Guaratuba)  Brazil
455 Macae (Grêmio de Vela Ilhabela)  Brazil
477 Saco de São Francisco (Rio Yacht Club, Clube Naval Charitas)  Brazil
483 Santos (Clube Internacional de Regatas)  Brazil
487 Salgadinho (Iate Clube Pajussara)  Brazil
516 Brasília (Iate Clube de Brasília)  Brazil
555 Florianópolis (Iate Clube de Santa Catarina)  Brazil
662 Bahia (Yacht Clube da Bahía)  Brazil
727 Iate Clube Veleiros da Lagoa  Brazil
878 Búzios (Búzios Vela Clube)  Brazil
95 Armdale Yacht Club  Canada
113 Bras d'Or Yacht Club  Canada
220 Northern Yacht Club  Canada
321 Oakville Yacht Squadron  Canada
408 Royal Victoria Yacht Club  Canada
622 Royal Hamilton Yacht Club  Canada
877 Guelph Community Boating Club  Canada
644 Yacht Club de Chile  Chile
645 Algarrobo  Chile
670 Club Náutico Muña  Colombia
733 Club Náutico El Portillo  Colombia
898 Santander  Colombia
880 Kvarner  Croatia
22 La Havana  Cuba
302 Espergaerde  Denmark
587 Kolding  Denmark
650 Horsens  Denmark
886 Ecuador (Salinas Yacht Club, Manta Yacht Club)  Ecuador
481 Helsinki (Helsingfors Segelsällskap, Helsingfors Segelklubb, Nyländska Jaktklubben)  Finland
494 Kotka (Kotkan Pursiseura)  Finland
509 Turku (Turun Pursiseura)  Finland
523 Pori (Segelföreningen i Björneborg)  Finland
550 Tampere (Näsijärven Purjehdusseura)  Finland
552 Hamina (Haminan Pursiseura)  Finland
569 Lappeenranta (Lappeenrannan Pursiseura)  Finland
570 Kokkola (Gamlakarleby Segelförening)  Finland
576 Emäsalo (Borgå Segelsällskap)  Finland
578 Hanko (Hangö Udds Segelsällskap)  Finland
663 Nykarleby (Segelsällskapet Ägir)  Finland
741 Oulu  Finland
221 Paris  France
293 Claouey  France
294 Audierne  France
313 Le Havre  France
348 Lorient  France
778 Cercle de la Voile de Cazaux-Lac  France
846 Chiosy le Roi-Paris  France
849 Seglerverein Wörthsee  Germany
902 Amatitlán  Guatemala
738 Bangalore Sailing Club  India
48 Rimini (Club Nautico Rimini)  Italy
264 Monfalcone (Società Vela “Oscar Cosulich”)  Italy
335 Grignano (Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano)  Italy
395 Caldaro (Lega Navale Italiana - Bolzano)  Italy
399 El Gato  Italy
402 Romagna (Circolo Nautico Cervia)  Italy
415 Punta Indiani (Associazione Velica Trentina, Circolo Nautico Chioggia)  Italy
541 Ledro (Associazione Vela Lago Ledro)  Italy
606 Sistiana (Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano, Società Triestina della Vela, Circolo della Vela Muggia, Yacht Club Lignano, Società Nautica Pietas Julia)  Italy
609 Cremona (Circolo Vela Cremona)  Italy
616 Orta1 (Circolo Vela Orta)  Italy
617 Capo Verde (Yacht Club Sanremo)  Italy
833 Orbetello (Circolo Nautico Castiglioncello)  Italy
837 Macondo (Associazione Velica di Bracciano)  Italy
838 Ledro (Associazione Vela Lago di Ledro)  Italy
847 Laguna (Circolo Nautico Chioggia)  Italy
850 Est Nord Est  Italy
856 Edonista (Circolo Vela Gargnano)  Italy
868 Planet Sail Bracciano  Italy
875 Aternum (Lega Navale Italiana - Pescara)  Italy
888 Yacht Club Adriaco  Italy
895 Ceresium (Circolo Velico Ceresio)  Italy
428 Kanto  Japan
519 Chubu  Japan
561 Biwako  Japan
595 Kyushu  Japan
692 Chugoku  Japan
820 Hokkaido  Japan
703 Kansai  Japan
821 Tohuku  Japan
822 Hokuriku  Japan
823 Shikoku  Japan
839 Enoshims Snipe Kenkyukai  Japan
844 Ushimado Snipe Gakkyu  Japan
884 Kagoshima  Japan
879 Club Náutico Avándaro  Mexico
194 Oslo (Bundefjorden Seilforening, Kongelig Norsk Seilforening, Oslo Seilforening, Skøyen Seilforening  Norway
195 Bærum Seilforening  Norway
675 Bergen (Bergens Seilforening, Hjellestad Seilforening, Milde Båtlag)  Norway
815 Asker Seilforening  Norway
816 Åsgårdstrand Seilforening  Norway
829 Stavanger Seilforening  Norway
854 Tønsberg Seilforening  Norway
863 Risør Seilforening  Norway
896 Kristiansunds Seilforening  Norway
899 Horten Seilforening  Norway
Moss Seilforening  Norway
Røyken Seilforening  Norway
749 Yacht Club Ypacarai  Paraguay
861 Club Náutico San Bernardino  Paraguay
892 Lima (Yacht Club Ancón, Club de Regatas Lima)  Peru
855 Slonka  Poland
188 Clube Naval de Lisboa  Portugal
331 Sport Club do Porto  Portugal
332 Clube Naval de Cascais  Portugal
334 Clube Naval Setubalense  Portugal
358 Faro (Ginásio Clube Naval)  Portugal
369 Clube de Vela Atlântico  Portugal
458 Lagos (Clube de Vela de Lagos)  Portugal
702 Portimão (Clube Naval Portimão, Iate Clube Marina de Portimão)  Portugal
791 Clube Náutico de Oficiais e Cadetes da Armada  Portugal
796 Clube Internacional da Marina de Vilamoura  Portugal
826 Clube Naval de Leça  Portugal
827 Clube Náutico de Almada  Portugal
870 Yate Clube do Porto  Portugal
591 Club Náutico de San Juan  Puerto Rico
832 Москва  Russia
667 Transvaal Yacht Club  South Africa
136 Real Club Náutico de Vigo  Spain
146 Real Club Mediterráneo  Spain
147 Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena  Spain
148 Real Club de Regatas de Santiago de la Ribera  Spain
150 Real Club Marítimo de Santander  Spain
151 Real Club Marítimo del Abra & Real Sporting Club  Spain
152 Real Club Astur de Regatas  Spain
153 Escuela Naval Militar  Spain
154 Real Club Náutico de Valencia  Spain
168 Real Club Náutico de La Coruña  Spain
187 Club Marítimo de Mahón  Spain
214 Real Club de Regatas de Galicia  Spain
248 Real Club Náutico de Palma  Spain
249 Club Náutico de Ibiza  Spain
252 Club Náutico de Ciudadela  Spain
278 Club de Mar de Almeria  Spain
281 Liceo Casino de Vilagarcía de Arousa  Spain
287 Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria  Spain
529 Real Club Náutico de Madrid  Spain
623 Real Club Náutico de Arrecife  Spain
624 Club Náutico de Motril  Spain
649 Club de Mar - Mallorca  Spain
678 Real Club Náutico de Torrevieja  Spain
685 Club Marítimo Molinar de Levante  Spain
686 Club Náutico Los Nietos  Spain
773 Club Marítimo de Canido  Spain
776 Real Club Náutico de Adra  Spain
866 Cádiz  Spain
873 Club Náutico Cala Gamba  Spain
324 Skåne  Sweden
325 Landskrona Segelsällskap  Sweden
327 Göteborg (Hovås Yacht Club)  Sweden
329 Stockholm  Sweden
512 Stavsnäs  Sweden
522 Karlshamns Segelsällskap  Sweden
825 Lake Vattern (Motala Segelsällskap)  Sweden
883 Westervik  Sweden
901 Lake Lugano   Switzerland
13 Northern Ireland (Strangford Lough Yacht Club, Lough Erne Yacht Club)  United Kingdom
217 Budworth Sailing Club  United Kingdom
362 Maldon Yacht Club  United Kingdom
372 Stone Sailing Club  United Kingdom
388 Broadstairs Sailing Club  United Kingdom
545 Bough Beech Sailing Club  United Kingdom
563 Erith Yacht Club  United Kingdom
10 Lake Mohawk Yacht Club  United States
17 Narragansett Bay  United States
18 Onondaga Yacht Club  United States
28 Edgewood Yacht Club  United States
77 Winchester (Winchester Boat Club)  United States
103 Newport Yacht Club  United States
231 Quassapaug (Quassapaug Sailing Center)  United States
244 Cottage Park Yacht Club  United States
256 Barnegat Bay (Surf City Yacht Club)  United States
258 Manhasset Bay  United States
301 Bantam Lake  United States
412 Galway Lake  United States
442 Cuba Lake Yacht Club  United States
532 Annapolis (Severn Sailing Association)  United States
554 Beverly (Jubilee Yacht Club, Sail Salem)  United States
777 Medford (Medford Boat Club)  United States
1 Dallas (Corinthian Sailing Club, Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club, White Rock Sailing Club)  United States
14 Oklahoma City Boat Club  United States
68 Sequoyah Yacht Club  United States
93 Wichita (Ninnescah Sailing Association, Walnut Valley Sailing Club)  United States
210 Rocky Mountain (Union Sailing Club)  United States
309 Iowa/Nebraska (Lake Manawa Sailing Association)  United States
567 Lincoln Sailing Club  United States
625 Windycrest Sailing Club  United States
640 Bow Mar Yacht Club  United States
715 Rush Creek Yacht Club  United States
720 Tsa-La-Gi Yacht Club  United States
5 Detroit River (Crescent Sail Yacht Club)  United States
91 Island Bay Yacht Club  United States
110 Portage Lakes Yacht Club  United States
128 Milwaukee (South Shore Yacht Club)  United States
129 Green Lake Yacht Club  United States
137 Grand Rapids Yacht Club  United States
190 Gull Lake  United States
409 Indianapolis Sailing Club  United States
433 Cowan Lake (Cowan Lake Sailing Association)  United States
515 Acton Lake  United States
520 Barton Boat Club  United States
621 Chippewa Yacht Club  United States
705 Carlyle Lake (Carlyle Sailing Association)  United States
747 Cleveland  United States
762 North Cape (North Cape Yacht Club)  United States
7 Miami (Coconut Grove Sailing Club, Coral Reef Yacht Club, Biscayne Bay Yacht Club)  United States
52 Charleston  United States
142 Privateer Yacht Club  United States
330 Atlanta Yacht Club  United States
580 Valdosta Yacht Club  United States
630 St. Johns River (Florida Yacht Club)  United States
801 St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg Yacht Club)  United States
828 Birmingham (Birmingham Sailing Club)  United States
24 Santa Monica (South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club)  United States
218 Alamitos Bay  United States
495 Mission Bay Yacht Club  United States
573 Coronado Yacht Club  United States
583 San Diego Yacht Club  United States
12 San Francisco Bay (Richmond Yacht Club)  United States
444 Seattle (Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle)  United States
533 Willamette Sailing Club  United States
654 Redwood Empire  United States
506 Yacht Club Uruguayo  Uruguay
725 Punta del Este  Uruguay
900 Acal Náutico Club  Uruguay


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