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International Class was a status that the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) used to grant to sailing boat classes that offered a high standard of international competitive sailing and satisfied a number of criteria regarding the number of boats of that class, their international distribution, and the rules, administration and operation of that class's Class Association. A different status was that of Recognized Class, which was granted to a class of sail boat that did not yet fulfill all the requirements for designation as an International Class. Recognition as an international class made it possible for a class of boat to be considered as an Olympic sailing class.[1]

This status no longer exists,[when?] and the ISAF officially includes only the following seven categories of sailing classes.[2]

Official name Details
Olympic Olympic sailing classes
Centreboard Dinghy sailing
Multihull Multihull
Keelboat Keelboat
Boards Windsurfing
Yacht Yacht
Radio Radio-controlled boat


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