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The following is a list of the 23 stations of the Tbilisi Metro, in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Akhmeteli-Varketili Line[edit]

  • Varketili (Georgian: ვარკეთილი, Varketili, literally meaning "I'm kind", a city suburb to which the station serves)
  • Samgori (სამგორი, Samgori, literally "three hills", a district where the metro station is located)
  • Isani (ისანი, Isani, a district where the metro station is located). The word "isani" is of Arab etymology, meaning "a stronghold".
  • 300 Aragveli (300 არაგველი, named in honor to the 300 soldiers from the Aragvi River valley who fell, defending Tbilisi against the Persians in 1795)
  • Avlabari (ავლაბარი, Avlabari, a historic district where the metro station is situated); formerly known as 26 Komisari after the 26 Baku Commissars. The Arab-derived place name "avlabari" is literally translated as "an area beyond the wall".
  • Freedom Square (თავისუფლების მოედანი, Liberty Square, the city's central square to which the station serves); formerly known as Leninis Moedani (Lenin Square) after Vladimir Lenin the first Soviet Leader..
  • Rustaveli, (რუსთაველი, Rustavelis Gamziri, the city's main thoroughfare to which the metro station serves)
  • Marjanishvili, (მარჯანიშვილი, located in the street named after Konstantine Marjanishvili, 1872-1933, a prominent Georgian theater director and playwright)
  • Station Square I (სადგურის მოედანი, a square where the Central Railway Station is located)
  • Nadzaladevi (ნაძალადევი, a district where the station is located); formerly known as Oktomberi (October) after the Russian Revolution of 1917. "Nadzaladevi" (literally, "taken by force") was a name given to the area along the railway occupied by the workers, in the 1880s, despite the official ban. This district was also known as Nakhalovka (Russian: Нахаловка), a name which has survived in common speech to this day.
  • Gotsiridze, named after the engineer Viktor Gotsiridze; formerly, Elektrodepo, ელექტროდეპო ("the Central Railway Depot")
  • Didube (დიდუბე, Didube, a district to which the station serves). The name Didube itself means "a large plain".
  • Ghrmaghele (ღრმაღელე, a suburb where the station is located). The name is literally translated as "a deep spring".
  • Guramishvili (გურამიშვილი, named so after the poet Davit Guramishvili, 1705-1792)
  • Sarajishvili (სარაჯიშვილი, named so after the tenor Ivane Sarajishvili, 1879-1924)
  • Akhmetelis Theatre (ახმეტელის თეატრი, named so after the theatre director Alexandre Akhmeteli, 1886-1937, who was purged under Joseph Stalin); formerly known as Gldani after the district to which the station serves.

Saburtalo Line[edit]