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This list of University of Oklahoma buildings catalogs the structures on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. Buildings are categorized based on their current functions and locations.

Main campus[edit]

Academic facilities[edit]

Building Image Constructed Notes Reference
Adams Hall AdamsHall.jpg 1936 Historic Price College of Business building that is connected to the much more modern Price Hall.
Bizzell Memorial Library OU Bizzell Library.jpg 1929 OU's central library, it holds over 4.2 million volumes. In 2001 the building was listed as a National Historic Landmark for its role in the segregation case McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. [1]
Carnegie Building CarnegieHall.JPG 1904 Originally built as a Carnegie Library, it now houses the department of Classics and Letters
Carpenter Hall CarpenterHall.jpg 1919 Contains studio and office space for the School of Musical Theater and several piano practice rooms [2]
Carson Engineering Center 1966 Houses the office of the College of Engineering's dean and the departments of industrial engineering and civil engineering [3]
Catlett Music Center Catlett Music Center OU.jpg 1986 Contains School of Music offices and practice rooms, a 1,000 seat concert hall, and an indoor rehearsal area for the Pride of Oklahoma [4]
Chemistry Building ChemistryBuilding.JPG 1915 This facility was first named DeBarr Chemistry Hall, honoring one of the four original faculty members at OU, Edwin DeBarr. However, DeBarr's extensive involvement with the Ku Klux Klan, which came to light in the late 1980s, lead to a movement to strip his name from the building. It is today known as simply the Chemistry Building. This facility continues to house some offices and lab space for the department of Chemistry even with the completion of the Stephenson Life Sciences Research Center Building. [5]
Coats Hall 1999 This building is the home of the College of Law. In October 1999, ground was broken on a $19 million construction and renovation project which ultimately added 80,000 square feet to the facility, featuring the 58,000 square foot Donald E. Pray Law Library and the 250-seat Dick Bell Courtroom. [6]
Collings Hall 1952 Home of the College of Education, the building is currently undergoing a $9.5 million renovation and expansion [7]
Copeland Hall 1958 Houses OU Student Media, including the offices of the Oklahoma Daily and KGOU, OU's NPR affiliate station [8]
Cross Hall SemiAerial OU.jpg 1965 This building is the home of the Departments of Botany and Microbiology. It is named for George Lynn Cross, the longest serving OU president, whose academic background was in botany. It was the last of the many new buildings constructed during Cross's presidency. [9]
Dale Hall
Dale Hall Tower
Devon Energy Hall 2009 This 100,000-square-foot (9,300 m2) facility is used by the College of Engineering, especially the Schools of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. [10]
Engineering Laboratory 1910 This was the first building erected for the College of Engineering, which was founded that same year. It has been greatly expanded in the years since its construction, and currently houses the Schools of Electrical, Computer and Environmental Engineering and the School of Computer Science. The basement and parts of the first floor house OU's Information technology department. [11]
ExxonMobil Lawrence Rawl Engineering Practice Facility 2009 This building will gives various OU Engineering groups space to design, build and test projects. It will also be used by seniors who are working on their capstone project. [12]
Felgar Hall 1925 This historic building contains many of the College of Engineering's administrative offices, as well as the engineering library and the departments of mechanical and aerospace engineering [13]
Fred Jones Jr. Art Center 1971 Constructed at the same time as the adjacent Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, this building provides studio and office space for the School of Art. [14]
Gaylord Hall GaylordHall.jpg 2005, 2009 The new home for the College of Journalism, Gaylord Hall was built in two phases. It is named for Oklahoma journalism giant Edward K. Gaylord. [15]
Gittinger Hall 1952 Offices and classroom space for the Department of English [16]
Gould Hall 1951 Formerly used for School of Petroleum Engineering, the newly renovated Gould Hall, which was dedicated in the Fall of 2011, houses the College of Architecture. [17]
Hester Hall HesterHall.jpg 1925 Built as a female dormitory, it now houses the Department of Economics, the School of International and Area Studies and the International Programs Center [18]
Kaufman Hall 1949 Home to the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics
Nielsen Hall 1946 Department of Physics classrooms, faculty offices space, and labs [19]
Observatory 1938 Contains a 0.4 meter Meade SCT telescope [20]
Old Science Hall 1904 Home to OU's Center for Teaching Excellence, Institutional Research & Reporting, two Department of Theater performance spaces and classrooms for the Department of Film and Video Studies, this is OU's oldest building [21]
Physical Science Center Physical Science Center at OU.jpg 1971 This building houses the departments of math and history of science, as well as numerous classrooms of all sizes. Build to be riot proof, it has been dubbed by OU students as "The Blender" [22]
Price Hall PriceHall.jpg 2005 Built as an expansion to historic Adams Hall, the building doubled the space for the College of Business [23]
Richards Hall 1935 Build as a WPA project, this building houses the department of zoology and the advising offices for pre-med students
Sarkeys Energy Center 1990 Dedicated to research of energy related topics, this building contains six interdisciplinary institutes with members from four of OU's colleges. It is also the home of the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy and the School of Chemical, Biological, and Materials Engineering. [24]
Zarrow Hall 2011 The new home for the OU School of Social Work. It was built on the demolished site of the original Tri-Delta Sorority House, later the Jim Thorpe Multicultural Center. [25]

Administrative facilities[edit]

Building Image Constructed Notes Reference
Buchanan Hall OUBuchananHall.JPG 1926 The building houses the office of the Bursar, as well as the records and admissions departments [26]
Ellison Hall EllisonHall.jpg 1928 Originally built to house the on-campus hospital, Ellison Hall was renovated in 2002 to become the administrative building for the College of Arts and Sciences, OU's largest college. [27]
Evans Hall OUEvans Hall.JPG 1912 This is the University's central administrative building, containing the offices of the President and Provost, as well as several Vice presidents. It was the third administration building to be constructed, the first two having been destroyed by fire. [28]
Wagner Hall WagnerHall.jpg 2008 This building was built in 2008 to house many of OU's student academic services. It contains the offices of the University College, graduation offices, tutoring services, a writing center, several classrooms and small group study rooms. [29]
Whitehand Hall 1920 This administrative building was once a Masonic dormitory, built with a $300,000 donation from the Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma. [30]

Athletic facilities[edit]

Building Image Opened Notes Reference
Barry Switzer Center 1999 Located at the south end of the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, the Switzer Center houses football offices, the football locker room, equipment room, the Siegfried Strength and Conditioning Complex, the Freede Sports Medicine Facility and the Touchdown Club Legends Lobby. The Anderson All-American Plaza, located just outside the Switzer Center, features a large wall honoring every OU All-American. The name of every letter winner from each OU sport is also displayed.
Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium OMSFront.jpg 1925 This venue is the on-campus football facility for the OU Sooners. The official capacity of the stadium following recent renovations is 82,112, making it the fifteenth largest college stadium in the United States and the third largest in the Big 12 Conference. [31]
L. Dale Mitchell Baseball Park 1982 The home of the Sooners baseball team, this field was renovated in 1992 to include additional seating and locker room space. [32]
Lloyd Noble Center LNC Outside.jpg 1975 This building houses an 11,528-seat multi-purpose arena. It is home to the Oklahoma Sooners men's and women's basketball teams. [33]
McCasland Field House OU FieldHouse.jpg 1928 Originally the home to Sooner basketball, this facility now is used by the OU wrestling and volleyball teams. [34]


Building Image Constructed Notes Reference
Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art FredJonesMuseumofArt.jpg 1971, 2005 Housing works by artists like Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, Vincent van Gogh, Camille Pissarro, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, this museum is one of the largest at a college in the United States. Originally constructed in 1971, a new wing was added in 2005. [35]
Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History SNOMNH.jpg 2000 A University operated natural history museum, it including a Native American gallery and collections of fossils and dinosaur skeletons from Oklahoma and throughout the world. [36]

Residential facilities[edit]

Building Image Constructed Notes Reference
Boyd House BoydHouse.jpg 1906 The house of David Ross Boyd, OU's first president, this building remains the official residence of the President of the University, currently David L. Boren. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. [37]

Other facilities[edit]

Building Image Constructed Notes Reference
Asp Avenue Parking Facility AspParkingGarage.jpg 2005 The main parking facility for commuter students, its first floor and basement house the OU Bookstore.
Jacobson Hall JacobsonHall.JPG 1919 First built as a library and then used to house the OU art museum, this building is now the official OU visitors center. [38]
Holmberg Hall (Reynolds Performing Arts Center) HolmbergHall2.jpg 1918 A European style opera hall, it was renamed in 2005 following an extensive renovation. [39]
Monnet Hall MonnetHall.JPG 1914 Built as the home for the College of Law, Monnet Hall now houses the OU Library's Western History Collection. [40]
Oklahoma Memorial Union Oklahoma Memorial Union in Norman, OK.jpg 1928 The OU student union, it houses a variety of restaurants, office space for the student government and various student organizations, a ballroom, a movie theater, a credit union, and a variety of other student amenities. It is also the home to the OU Department of Student Life. [41]

Research campus facilities[edit]

Building Image Constructed Notes Reference
National Weather Center OU National Weather Center.JPG 2006 This 224,000-square-foot (20,800 m2) facility houses a confederation of federal, state, and academic organizations that work together to improve understanding of events occurring in Earth's atmosphere over a wide range of time and space scales. It accommodates OU’s academic and research programs in meteorology and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Norman-based weather research and operations programs, including the National Severe Storms Laboratory and the National Weather Service Forecast Office. [42]
One Partners Place OU One Partners Place.JPG 2004 One Partners Place houses the private company Weathernews Americas, the largest publicly traded private weather company in the world, as well as the office of the OU Integrated Robust Data Services. The second floor of the facility, completed in February 2007, houses the university’s radar innovations lab and an academic outreach office. [43]
OU-PRIME Radar Ouprime sign.jpg 2009 OU-PRIME (Polarimetric Radar for Innovations in Meteorology and Engineering) is an advanced Doppler weather radar. It has the highest resolution of any C-band, polarimetric, research, weather radar in the United States. [44]
Stephenson Life Sciences Research Center 2010 This project provided the university’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry with new teaching and research laboratory space, as well as graduate seminar areas, conference rooms, and a lecture hall. [45]
Stephenson Research and Technology Center StephensonResearch.jpg 2004 The first component of what will be a multi-phase research complex, this structure is home to several interdisciplinary programs in microbiology, botany, and bioengineering, as well as the OU Supercomputing Center. [46]
Three Partners Place 2009 The facility houses the offices of three University Vice Presidents– Vice President for Technology Development, the University Research Cabinet, and the Vice President for Research as well as the Office of Research Services, the Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth, Intellectual Property Management Office, Commerce and Investment Venture Opportunities, and the Office of Export Controls. It is also home to several private companies, including Dow Lohnes and RiskMetrics Group. [47]
Two Partners Place 2007 This facility houses the university’s Center for Applied Social Research, K20 Center for Educational and Community Renewal, and Center for Spatial Analysis as well as the private company Atmospheric Technology Services Company Inc. [48]

Planned facilities[edit]

Building Began Est. Completion Notes Reference
Five Partners Place TBD TBD OU Regents approved plans for a fifth multidisciplinary research facility in July 2010. [49]
Four Partners Place 2010 2012 Plans call for this facility to house Nanjing Automobile Group Corp.’s MG subsidiary research and development facility. [50]

Historic campus photographs[edit]


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