List of Valencian political parties

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These are some of the political parties from the Valencian Country:

Political Party in valencian Translation to English Ideology European affiliation Positioning with respect to Europe Leader of the party Deputies in the Spanish Congress of deputies Deputies in the Cortes Valencianas Councillors
Partit Popular de la Comunitat Valenciana People's Party of the Valencian Community Conservatism, liberalism, spanish nationalism, Centre-right, Christian Democracy European People's Party (as part of PP) Europeanism Alberto Fabra 20 55 2958
Partit Socialista del País Valencià-PSOE Socialist Party of the Valencian Country-PSOE Social democracy, Centre-left European Socialst Party (as part of PSOE) Europeanism Ximo Puig 10 33 1887
Bloc Nacionalista Valencià* Valencian Nationalist Bloc Progressivism, Valencian nationalism European Free Alliance Europeanism Enric Morera 1 3 384**
Iniciativa del Poble Valencià* Valencian Peoples' Initiative Ecosocialism, Left-wing, Valencianism Europeanism Mònica Oltra 0 2 384**
Els Verds - Esquerra Ecologista del País Valencià* The Greens - Ecologist Left of the Valencian Country Ecologism, left-wing Europeanism Carles Arnal 0 1 384**
Esquerra Unida del País Valencià United Left of the Valencian Country Eurocommunism, Left-wing, Federalism European Left Party Europeanism Marga Sanz 1 5 162
Unión, Progreso y Democracia Union, Progress and Democracy Social liberalism None Europeanism Rafael Soriano 1 0 5
Els Verds del País Valencià The Greens of the Valencian Country Ecologism, left-wing None (formerly European Green Party) Europeanism Joan Francesc Peris, Toni Roderic 1*** 0 9
Units per Valéncia United for Valencia Valencianism, centre-right Europeanism Carles Choví 0 0 5
Esquerra Republicana del País Valencià Republican Left of the Valencian Country pro-independence, socialism, Social democracy, pancatalanism European Free Alliance Europeanism Agustí Cerdà 0 0 6
España 2000 Spain 2000 Spanish Nationalism, Far-right None Euroscepticism José Luis Roberto 0 0 4

(*)These parties are part of the Coalició Compromís.

(**) Counting all of the councillors of the parties members of Coalició Compromís.

(***) Counting the deputy obtained by Esquerra Unida del País Valencià in coalition with Els Verds del País Valencià.