List of children's rights organizations

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This is a list of children's rights organizations by country.


Children's rights organizations listed by country
Country Name Notes
Australia ChilOut
Bangladesh Children's Heaven[1]
Bangladesh Breaking the Silence[2]
Bangladesh Phulkuri Ashar[3]
Bangladesh Child Parliament, Bangladesh (Advocacy wing of NCTF, Bangladesh)
Canada Child Welfare League of Canada
Colombia Pies Descalzos Foundation
Germany Deutscher Kinderschutzbund
Germany Kinderstern
Greece Network for Children's Rights
Hong Kong Ecumenical Coalition on Third World Tourism
International(Global) Wrists4Rights
India Lakshyam NGO
Iran Society for Protecting the Right of the Child
Iran Stop Child Executions Campaign
Israel Israel National Council for the Child [4][5][6][7]
India Child Rights and You
Malaysia Genesis
Pakistan Children Parliament Pakistan
South Africa Children's Rights Project, UWC
Sweden Children First Now
Switzerland Defence for Children International
Switzerland Terre des hommes
Tanzania Mkombozi[8]
Thailand Development and Education Programme for Daughters and Communities
Thailand ECPAT
Thailand Child Watch Phuket
Thailand Fight Against Child Exploitation
Nepal Sano Sansar Initiative
The Netherlands KidsRights Foundation
United Kingdom Children's Rights Alliance for England
United Kingdom Action on Rights for Children
United Kingdom Child Rights Information Network
United Kingdom Save the Children
United Kingdom National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
India Save the Children
United States Children's Defense Fund
United States Children's Rights Council
United States Doctors Opposing Circumcision
United States First Focus
United States Intact America
United States The Global Fund for Children
United States National Safe Place
United States NOCIRC
United States Stand for Children
United States Child advocacy 360
United States Voices for America's Children
United States Distressed Children & Infants International
Child Workers in Asia
International Falcon Movement
Watchlist (NGO)
RWANDA Ineza For Children Rwanda


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