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This is a list of cities and towns in Goa. Goa /ˈɡ.ə/ (About this soundlisten) is a state located in the South western region of India; It is India's smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population. Goa is one of India's richest states with a GDP per capita two and a half times that of the country.[1] It was ranked the best placed state by the Eleventh Finance Commission for its infrastructure and ranked on top for the best quality of life in India by the National Commission on Population based on the 12 Indicators.[1]

Panaji is the state capital of Goa. Vasco da Gama is the largest city. Margao is the commercial capital of Goa. Goa still exhibits the cultural and religious influence of the Portuguese, who ruled Goa from 1510 to 1961.


Talukas of Goa. Talukas in green shades belong to North Goa district, and orange denote South Goa district.

The state is divided into two districts: North Goa and South Goa. Each district is administered by a district collector, appointed by the Indian government.

Panaji is the headquarters of North Goa district and is also the capital of Goa.

North Goa is further divided into three subdivisions – Panaji, Mapusa, and Bicholim; and five taluksTiswadi (Panaji), Bardez (Mapusa), Pernem, Bicholim, and Sattari (Valpoi),(note = the letter m is silent at the end of ever place/city/taluka)

Margao is the headquarters of South Goa district.

South Goa is further divided into five subdivisions – Ponda, Mormugao (Vasco da Gama), Margao, Quepem, and Dharbandora; and seven taluksPonda, Mormugao, Salcete (Margao), Quepem, and Canacona (Chaudi), Sanguem, and Dharbandora. (Ponda Taluka shifted from North Goa to South Goa in January 2015).(note = the letter m is silent at the end of ever place/city/taluka)

Goa's major cities include Vasco da Gama, Margao, Panaji, Mapusa and Ponda.

Panaji is the only Municipal Corporation in Goa. There are thirteen Municipal Councils: Margao, Mormugao (including Vasco da Gama), Pernem, Mapusa, Bicholim, Sanquelim, Valpoi, Ponda, Cuncolim, Quepem, Curchorem, Sanguem, and Canacona.(note = the letter m is silent at the end of ever place/city/taluka)

Cities in Goa[edit]

dagger Capital City
Name[2] Type[2] Taluka Population (2011)[3][4] Land area[3][4] District
km2 mi2
Bicholim City Bicholim 16986 14.50 5.60 North Goa
Canacona City Canacona 12434 18.70 7.22 South Goa
Cuncolim City Salcete 16623 28.70 11.08 South Goa
Curchorem City Quepem 22730 22.60 8.73 South Goa
Mapusa City Bardez 40487 11.32 4.37 North Goa
Margao City Salcete 87650 21.10 8.15 South Goa
Mormugao City Mormugao 94393 27.36 10.56 South Goa
PanajiCapital City City Tiswadi 40017 08.10 3.13 North Goa
Pernem City Pernem 5289 15.94 6.15 North Goa
Ponda City Ponda 22664 5.20 2.01 South Goa
Quepem City Quepem 14795 19.70 7.61 South Goa
Sanguem City Sanguem 6444 4.90 1.89 South Goa
Sanquelim City Bicholim 13651 14.70 5.68 North Goa
Valpoi City Sattari 8532 11.70 4.52 North Goa

Urban agglomerations in Goa[edit]

dagger Capital City
Name UA Type Taluka Population (2011) Land area UA has following cities & town under it.
km2 mi2
Margao UA Class I UAs/Towns Salcete 106484 24.1 9.3 Margao(M.CI), Aquem, Navelim
Mormugao UA Class I UAs/Towns Mormugao 101326 39.55 15.27 Mormugao(M CI), Chicalim
Panaji UACapital City Class I UAs/Towns Tiswadi 114759 75 29 Panaji(M Corp.), Taleigao, Durgawado, Morambi-O-Grande, Cujira, Panelim, Morambi-O-Pequeno, Bambolim, Calapor, Chimbel, Murda


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