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This is a list of cities in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium. The status of "city" is historical and does not necessarily mean it has a high number of inhabitants: see city status in Belgium for more information.

Brussels is not listed because it is not part of the Flemish Region; it is however included in the Flemish Community.

City name Arrondissement Province Inhabitants (2012)
Aalst Aalst East Flanders 81,853
Aarschot Leuven Flemish Brabant 28,755
Antwerp Antwerp Antwerp 502,604
Beringen Hasselt Limburg 43,661
Bilzen Tongeren Limburg 31,358
Blankenberge Bruges West Flanders 19,337
Borgloon Tongeren Limburg 10,495
Bree Maaseik Limburg 15,379
Bruges Bruges West Flanders 117,170
Damme Bruges West Flanders 10,844
Deinze Ghent East Flanders 29,724
Dendermonde Dendermonde East Flanders 44,484
Diest Leuven Flemish Brabant 23,259
Diksmuide Diksmuide West Flanders 16,432
Dilsen-Stokkem Maaseik Limburg 19,947
Eeklo Eeklo East Flanders 20,274
Geel Turnhout Antwerp 37,848
Genk Hasselt Limburg 65,264
Ghent Gent East Flanders 248,242
Geraardsbergen Aalst East Flanders 32,629
Gistel Ostend West Flanders 11,792
Halen Hasselt Limburg 9,352
Halle Halle-Vilvoorde Flemish Brabant 36,852
Hamont-Achel Maaseik Limburg 14,225
Harelbeke Kortrijk West Flanders 26,957
Hasselt Hasselt Limburg 74,588
Herentals Turnhout Antwerp 27,368
Herk-de-Stad Hasselt Limburg 12,316
Hoogstraten Turnhout Antwerp 20,386
Ypres Ypres West Flanders 35,087
Izegem Roeselare West Flanders 27,363
Kortrijk Kortrijk West Flanders 75,219
Landen Leuven Flemish Brabant 15,546
Leuven Leuven Flemish Brabant 97,656
Lier Mechelen Antwerp 34,276
Lo-Reninge Diksmuide West Flanders 3,299
Lokeren Sint-Niklaas East Flanders 39,882
Lommel Maaseik Limburg 33,409
Maaseik Maaseik Limburg 24,828
Mechelen Mechelen Antwerp 82,325
Menen Kortrijk West Flanders 32,683
Mesen Ypres West Flanders 952
Mortsel Antwerp Antwerp 25,143
Nieuwpoort Veurne West Flanders 11,368
Ninove Aalst East Flanders 37,295
Ostend Ostend West Flanders 70,284
Oudenaarde Oudenaarde East Flanders 30,248
Oudenburg Ostend West Flanders 9,110
Peer Maaseik Limburg 16,194
Poperinge Ypres West Flanders 19,989
Roeselare Roeselare West Flanders 58,823
Ronse Oudenaarde East Flanders 25,403
Scherpenheuvel-Zichem Leuven Flemish Brabant 22,592
Sint-Niklaas Sint-Niklaas East Flanders 72,883
Sint-Truiden Hasselt Limburg 39,747
Tielt Tielt West Flanders 19,922
Tienen Leuven Flemish Brabant 32,987
Tongeren Tongeren Limburg 30,557
Torhout Bruges West Flanders 20,149
Turnhout Turnhout Antwerp 41,572
Veurne Veurne West Flanders 11,516
Vilvoorde Halle-Vilvoorde Flemish Brabant 41,005
Waregem Kortrijk West Flanders 36,751
Wervik Ypres West Flanders 18,374
Zottegem Aalst East Flanders 25,398
Zoutleeuw Leuven Flemish Brabant 8,252

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