List of county roads in Highlands County, Florida

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County road shields used in Florida
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County roads in Florida
County roads in Highlands County

The following is a list of county roads in Highlands County, Florida. All county roads are maintained by the county in which they reside.

County roads in Highlands County[edit]

Route Road Name(s) From To Notes
CR 17 US 27 SR 17 former SR 17[1]
CR 17A CR 17 US 27 / CR 621
CR 17A US 27 SR 17 former SR 17A[1]
CR 17A O Douglas Avenue CR 17A former SR 17A[2]
CR 17A CR 634A SR 17 former SR 17A[1]
CR 17A SR 17 US 27 former SR 17A[1]
CR 29 SR 70 US 27 former SR 29[1]
CR 64 Main Street SR 17 Highlands-Polk County Line former SR 64[1]
CR 619 CR 29 CR 621 former SR 619[1]
CR 621 North Coast of Lake June US 98 former SR 621[1]
CR 623 Airport Road CR 17 Sebring Airport former SR 623[1]
CR 627 CR 17A Highlands-Polk County Line former SR 627[1]
CR 634 Highlands Hammock State Park SR 17 former SR 634[1]
CR 634A US 27/98 CR 634 former SR 634A[1]

CR 634 Alt.
Brunns Road CR 634 US 27/98
CR 635 SR 66 CR 634 former SR 635[1]
CR 640 Golfview Road, Desoto Road CR 17A unsigned
CR 700A Arbuckle Creek Road CR 17A US 98 (SR 700) former SR 700A[1]
CR 721 Glades-Highlands County Line US 98 former SR 721[1]
Short gap at SR 70
CR 731 Glades-Highlands County Line US 27 former SR 731[1]


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