List of football clubs in Singapore

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This is a list of football clubs in Singapore.

S.League (1996–present)[edit]

Current S.League clubs[edit]

Former S.League clubs[edit]

FAS Premier League (1988–1995)[edit]

Singapore National Football League[edit]

The National Football League, commonly known as the NFL, is a semi-professional competition for clubs that are affiliated to the Football Association of Singapore.[1] It makes up the second and third tier of football in Singapore after the S.League and before the FAS Island Wide League.

Former FAS Affiliated Clubs[edit]

Singapore Cosmopolitan Football League[edit]

Singapore Cosmopolitan Football League is an amateur football league founded in 1975. The league is catered for mainly foreign personnel who migrated to came to Singapore for a temporary stay. Although it is an amateur tournament, several ex-professional football players such as Aleksandar Đurić have participated in the tournament. Therefore this increases the competitiveness level of the league. The league is also regarded as the most competitiveness and top amateur football league in Singapore.

2017 Cosmopolitan Football League Clubs[edit]

  • Aioli Purple Monkeys United
  • Casual FC (Cosmo League)
  • Gaelic Lions
  • German All Stars FC (Singapore)
  • Hibernians FC (Singapore)
  • Hotspurs FC
  • Latini FC
  • FC Nippon
  • Olympique Gaulois Singapore
  • SCC Firsts
  • Singapore Vikings
  • Swiss FC (Singapore)
  • TGA Rangers

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