List of free-content licences

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This is a list of free content licences not specifically intended for software. For information on software-related licences, see Comparison of free and open-source software licenses.

A variety of free content licences exist, some of them tailored to a specific purpose. Also listed are open hardware licences, which may be used on design documents of and custom-made software for open-source hardware.


For documents and text[edit]

For any type of content[edit]

For fonts[edit]

For hardware[edit]

For tabletop games[edit]

Other content[edit]

Using software licences for other content[edit]

Some free software licences, including the GNU General Public License (GPL) and European Union Public Licence, can also be used to license content other than software. However, the FSF has recommended against using the GPL for educational works.[2]


  1. ^ CC0 is technically not a licence, although it is often called one. The legal code of CC0 does contain a "Public License Fallback" clause, which will act as a free content licence when a jurisdiction does not recognizes the 'waiving your rights' part for some reason. See also the CC0 FAQ.
  2. ^ Free Software Foundation. "FAQ about the GNU Licenses - Can I use the GPL for something other than software?".