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This is a list of notable works made with machinima techniques.

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Title Creator(s) Genre Game(s) or game engine(s) Release date(s)
The Adventures of Bill & John KBS Productions Comedy Lock On: Modern Air Combat 20042006
Am Ende der Distanz David Riedel Social drama The Movies 2005
Anachronox: The Movie Jake Hughes Science fiction Quake II engine (modified) 2002
Apartment Huntin' ILL Clan Comedy Quake 1999
Blahbalicious Avatar, Wendigo, LordTrans Comedy Quake 1998
BloodSpell Strange Company Fantasy Neverwinter Nights 2006
Civil Protection[1] Ross Scott/Accursed Farms Comedy Half-Life 2 2006-2009
C N' P Alexo Dark Comedy Halo 3 and Halo: Reach 2008 - present
Clear Skies Ian Chisholm Science Fiction Half-Life 2 and Eve Online 2008-2011
The Codex Series Edgeworks Entertainment Space opera Halo 2 20052007
Common Sense Cooking with Carl the Cook ILL Clan Comedy Quake II 2003
Counter-Strike For Kids Janus Syndicate Comedy/Parody Source 2008
Decisive Battles[2] The History Channel Historical documentary Rome: Total War 2004
Deus Ex Machina Jon Graham Drama Halo 3 20072008
Diary of a Camper[3] United Ranger Films Action Quake 1996
"Down the Rabbit Hole" ILL Clan Drama/Action Second Life 2007
Hard Justice Jon Graham Comedy-drama Halo 3 20082010
Father Frags Best[4] Zarathustra Studios Situational comedy, parody Quake II 1999
Fire Team Charlie Fire Team Charlie Comic science fiction Halo: Combat Evolved 20032005
Freeman's Mind Ross Scott Comic science fiction Half-Life: Source 2007-2014[5]
The French Democracy[6] Alex Chan Political The Movies 2005
Game: On[7] Ethan Vogt Advertising Unreal Engine 2 2004
Hardly Workin' ILL Clan Comedy Quake II 2000
I Misteri dell'Area 51[8] Ultra AleM Comedy GTA: San Andreas 20092011
I'm Still Seeing Breen Paul Marino Music video Half-Life 2 2005
Jack and Holly Blockhouse TV Children's program Moviestorm 2010
Looking for the Truth Eddie Duggan / Wilf Duggan Drama Moviestorm 2010
"Make Love, Not Warcraft" South Park Studios Comedy World of Warcraft 2006
Male Restroom Etiquette[9] Zarathustra Studios Mockumentary The Sims 2, SimCity 4[10] 2006
Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator[11] Douglas Gayeton Documentary Second Life 2008
Neverending Nights Adam Freese, Tawmis Logue Comic fantasy Neverwinter Nights 20042006
One Life Remaining Jon Graham Comedy-drama Halo 3 20092010
Operation Bayshield[12] Clan Undead Comedy Quake 1997
PANICS Rooster Teeth Productions Comic science fiction F.E.A.R. 2005
Playtime[13][14] CruelLEGACY Productions[15] dramatic comedy Halo: Reach 20102013
Portal G4 Comedy Various[16] 20022004
Quad God[17] Tritin Films Action Quake III Arena 1999
Red vs. Blue Rooster Teeth Productions Science fiction Halo series, Marathon Trilogy 2003–present
Rise of the Spartans Black Plasma Studios Science fiction Halo: Reach 20112013
The Seal of Nehahra Mindcrime Productions Drama/Action Quake 2000
Stolen Life[18] Nanoflix Productions Science fiction 3D GameStudio 2007
The Strangerhood Rooster Teeth Productions Comedy The Sims 2 20042006
This Spartan Life[19] Bong + Dern Productions Talk show Halo 2, Halo 3 20052007
Time Commanders LionTV Historical simulation Rome: Total War 20032005
War of Internet Addiction[20] Oil Tiger Machinima Team Political World of Warcraft 2010