List of national conventions held by the Socialist Left Party

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This is a list of national conventions held by the Socialist Left Party. The national convention works as the highest decision making organ of the party, and is held every second year.[1]

List of national conventions[edit]

# Held Elected leaders Location
1st Berit Ås
5th Theo Koritzinsky
7th April 3-7 Erik Solheim
8th Skien, Telemark
9th Hamar
10th March 15-17 Oslo
11th June 8-10 Ålesund
12th May 3-5 Kristin Halvorsen Oslo
13th April 9-11 Lillehammer
14th March 8-11 Hell
15th March 6-9 Tromsø
16th March 31-April 3 Kristiansand
17th March 22-25 Gardermoen
18th March 19-22 Bergen


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