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The following is a list of notable professional skateboarders and their sponsors.[1][2][3]

Entries with blank cells represent skateboarders who have not yet secured a sponsor in this category.

Skater Deck Trucks Wheels Shoes Clothing Other
Andy Anderson[4] Powell Peralta Bones
Tony Alva[5] Alva Skates Ace Vans
Jake Anderson[6] Skate Mental Thunder Spitfire HUF Former Five Points Skateshop
Mark Appleyard[7] Element Thunder Bones Globe Volcom CSS
Lizzie Armanto[8] Birdhouse Independent Bones Vans Bro Style 187, Action Cam, GShock, Mahfia
Ray Barbee[3] Element Independent Vans Wesc
Pedro Barros Pocket Pistols Independent Alta Vans Volcom Bronson Speed Co, Evoke, Frágil Skate, Layback Beer, Oi Skate, Petrobras, Red Bull
Theotis Beasley Baker Thunder Spitfire Nike SB Nike Apparel Mountain Dew, Shake Junt, Bones Bearings, Diamond Supply Co., Stance Socks, Ethika
Chico Brenes Chocolate Independent Autobahn DVS LRG Central Skate Shop
Joey Brezinski Cliché Tensor Autobahn Red Bull, Val Surf, Diamond, Andale
Jake Brown Sk8Mafia Independent Spitfire Laced Monster Energy, Paradox Griptape
Letícia Bufoni (New Board Sponsor Coming Soon) Venture Bones NikeSB --- Red Bull, Beats By Dre, GoPro, Grizzly Griptape, Boarders for Breast Cancer, Oi Brasil
Steve Caballero Powell Peralta Independent Autobahn Vans Pro-tec
Curren Caples Flip Independent Ricta Vans RVCA MOB Grip, Momentum Ride Shop, Oakley, Bones Bearings, Monster Energy Drink, Sol Republic, Fin Control Systems
Mike Carroll Girl Royal Lakai Fourstar Diamond Supply Co., Glassy Sunhaters
Chris Cole Zero Thunder Spitfire Fallen Monster Energy, Grizzly, Reign Skateshop, Stance, Kershaw
Corey Duffel Foundation Venture Pig Osiris Mob Grip
Rob Dyrdek Alien Workshop Silver DC DC Apparel Monster Energy, IVI Eyewear, Street League Skateboarding (SLS)
Jagger Eaton Plan B Independent Bones Red Bull, KTR
Erik Ellington Deathwish Thunder Spitfire Supra KR3W Brigada Eyewear, Shake Junt
Jamie Foy Deathwish Thunder Spitfire New Balance Numeric Stance Bones, Bronson Bearings, Red Bull, Shake Junt, Skate Warehouse
Ryan Gallant Visit Theeve Gold C1rca MOB Grip
Nick Garcia Element Etnies Stance Furnace Skateshop
Kerry Getz Terror of Planet X DVS Nocturnal Mob Griptape
Mark Gonzales Krooked Independent Adidas Fourstar
David González Flip Independent Ricta Globe Volcom MOB Grip
Jim Greco Deathwish Independent Supra Brigada
Chris Haslam[9] Santa Cruz Independent Bones Globe Sitka Vestal, Dakine, Bones Bearings, Gypsy Grip, Leftover Hardware
Tony Hawk Birdhouse Independent Bones lakai and pads Nixon, RIDE, Quiksilver & Roxy Initiative, Tony Hawk Foundation, Tony Hawk Series
Riley Hawk Baker Independent Spitfire Lakai Asphalt Yacht Club Quiksilver, Happy Hour Shades
Aaron Homoki Birdhouse Indy Bones Dekline Asphalt Yacht Club Glassy Sunhaters, Nef, Bro Style, Swappow, Footprint Insoles
Yuto Horigome April Venture Spitfire Nike SB G-Shock Andale Bearings
Christian Hosoi Hosoi Skates Independent Penny Vans Evoke Nixon, Pro tec, Diamond Supply Co., McKenna VW, Stance, AWSM, Ollo Clip
Rick Howard Girl Independent --- Lakai Fourstar Diamond Supply Co., Glassy Sunhaters
Jerry Hsu Royal Ricta Bones Bearings, MOB Grip
Nyjah Huston Element Thunder Ricta Nike SB Nike Apparel CBD, MOB Grip, Diamond supply co., Monster Energy, Bolds Cracker Sandwiches, Stance Socks
Boo Johnson DGK Thunder Bones Diamond Ethika Grizzly Griptape, Weedmaps
Tyshawn Jones Fucking Awesome Thunder Adidas New Era, Supreme Hardies Hardware
Marc Johnson Business and Company Thunder Spitfire Adidas Matix Glassy Sunhaters
Josh Kalis DGK Silver Gold DC DC 9Five Eyewear, Bones Bearings, MOB Grip, FTC, Uprise, Premier, Grandeur, Plus reserve
Cory Kennedy Girl Royal Spitfire Nike SB RVCA
Terry Kennedy Mutilation Co. Venture Gold Fly Society Shake Junt, Glassy Sunhaters, Active
Tom Knox Isle Independent Sml New Balance Numeric Dickies Lost Art, Jessup
Eric Koston Numbers Spitfire Nike SB Nike SB Diamond Supply Co., Jessup, Oakley, Skullcandy, The Berrics
PJ Ladd Plan B Venture Bones New Balance Numeric Plan B Jessup, Brick Harbor, Bones Bearings, Diamond Supply Co.
Bucky Lasek Green Issue Puma Billabong Rockstar Energy Drink
Louie Lopez Fucking Awesome Independent Spitfire Converse Volcom Hardies Hardware, Hardluck Bearings, MOB Grip, Rockstar Energy
Greg Lutzka Darkstar Independent Ricta Osiris Shoes FKD, OC Ramps, Rockstar Energy Drink, Kicker, Daphne's California Greek, Ethika
Sean Malto Girl Thunder Spitfire Nike SB Fourstar Escapist, Diamond Supply Co., Oakley, Grizzly Griptape, Skullcandy, Mountain Dew, GoPro, InCase
Guy Mariano Numbers --- Spitfire Nike SB Nike SB Grizzly Griptape, Glassy Sunhaters, Diamond Supply Co.
Bam Margera Element Destructo Spitfire Speed Metal Bearings, Fairman's Skateshop.
Milton Martinez Creature Independent OJ Converse Volcom Bronson, Redbull, Shifty Skateshop
Rick McCrank Girl Thunder Momentum Vans Bones Bearings, Nixon, MOB Grip, Anti-Social Skateshop
Lance Mountain Flip Independent Spitfire Nike SB
Mike Mo Capaldi Girl Royal Spitfire Diamond, MOB Grip, Bones Bearings, HEX, Glassy Sunhaters
Chad Muska Element Ricta Supra KR3W Mob Grip, Brooklyn Projects
Rodney Mullen Almost Tensor Globe
Steve Nesser The High Five Independent Spitfire IPath Adeline Apparel Bones Swiss, Familia Skateshop
Shane O'Neill April Thunder Trucks Spitfire Nike SB Fourstar CCS, Diamond Supply co., Grizzly Griptape, Monster Energy, Glassy Sunhaters, FKD Bearings
Chaz Ortiz DGK Silver Trucks FKD Ethika Mountain Dew,Grizzly Grip, JBL, Diamond Supply Co.
Edgard Pereira Tent Beach Adrenal
Tom Penny Flip Independent Supra Kr3w Mob Grip
Torey Pudwill Thank You [10] Venture Select Diamond Footwear Bones Bearings, Skatelab, Grizzly Griptape, Red Bull
Lucas Puig Cliché Thunder Autobahn Adidas Fourstar Hélas Caps
Ryan Reyes Creature Bones Ipath KR3W, Glassy Sunhaters, Hex Dry Bones Nation, Krocket Kids
Andrew Reynolds Baker Independent Spitfire Emerica Altamont Apparel, RVCA Brigada Eyewear, Shake Junt, Nixon, Stance
Josh Rodriguez Creature Osiris Merge4 Socks, Skeleton Key 187 Killer Pads, SoCal Skateshop, Taco Dudes
Paul Rodriguez Primitive Venture, Nike SB Nixon, Andalé Bearings, Target, Markisa, Primitive,
Jereme Rogers Plan C Silver --- DVS Famous Stars and straps MOB Grip, Bones Swiss Bearings, Boost Mobile, Diamond Supply co.
Geoff Rowley Flip Independent Ricta Vans MOB Grip
Chris Russell Creature Independent Bones Vans Skeleton Key Bronson Speed Co, ET Surf and Skate, Happy Hour, Layback Beer, Smoker's Choice Papers, Pizzanista, Red Bull, s-One
Bastien Salabanzi Primitive Theeve Type-S Souljah, BUD Skateshop, Rockstar Energy Drink
Manny Santiago Fortune Krux Bliss Ecko Unlimited Flat Fitty, Rockstar Energy Drink, Etcetera Insoles, Grizzly Griptape, Diamond Supply Co., Andale, Ion Cameras, OC Ramps, PSD Underwear, Sk8Hop
Tom Schaar Element Independent Alta Vans Blenders Sunglasses Bones Bearings, Monster, Skatelab
Ryan Sheckler Plan B Independent Plan B Etnies Volcom Red Bull, Oakley, Nixon, CCS, Andale, Ethika, GoPro, Grizzly Griptape
Daewon Song Thank You [10] Tensor Spitfire Adidas Matix Andale, Brick Harbor, MOB Grip, Glassy Sunhaters, Loud Headphones
Elissa Steamer Baker Gnarhunters
Grant Taylor Anti-hero Independent Spitfire Nike SB Volcom Modus Bearings, Stratosphere Skateshop
Tony Trujillo Anti-hero Independent Spitfire Vans Fourstar, Jessie
Mike Vallely Streetplant Servant Footwear Iron Fist Clothing
Danny Way Plan B Independent Plan B DC --- Nixon, Jessup, ASEC, Megaramp, Pacific Drive, Capix
Brandon Westgate Element Venture New Balance Dakine Bones Bearings, MOB Grip
Ishod Wair[11] Real Thunder Spitfire Nike SB Fourstar Exit Skateshop, Stance, Monster Energy Drink, Diamond Supply Co.
Stevie Williams DGK Venture Gold Adidas Asphalt Yacht Club G-Shock, 9Five Eyewear, Grizzly Griptape, Diamond Supply co., Beats by Dre, Bones Bearings, Tango Hotel, StatusLife, Weedmaps
Cole Wilson Foundation Independent Pig AYC Bronson Speed co, Home Skateshop
Jeron Wilson Girl DVS Matix, Diamond, Dakine Val Surf, The Berrics, Filmore
Zion Wright[12] Real Thunder Spitfire Nike SB Glassy Sunhaters Red Bull, SPoT, Bones Bearings, Shake Junt, Kreamy Wax
Brighton Zeuner Frog Independent Vans Bronson Speed Co, MOB Grip, Protec, 187 Pads
Rayssa Leal[13]


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