List of public art in Charlotte, North Carolina

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This is a list of public art in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Niki de Saint-Phalle L'oiseau de feu sur l'arche/The Firebird on the Arch 1991 Bechtler Museum of Modern Art420 S Tryon St

35°13'27.7"N 80°50'51.0"W

Mosaic on polyester over steel armature h: 17'5"
David Černý Metalmorphosis 2011 Whitehall Corporate Center

3701 Arco Corporate Dr

35°09'02.9"N 80°56'52.9"W

Stainless steel, motors, computer-driven control center, and water h: 30'

14 tons

Sight Unseen.jpg
Living Lenses (Po Shu Wang and Louise Bertelsen) Sight Unseen 2012 Midtown Park

S. Kings Dr. and Baxter St

35°12'39.7"N 80°50'10.4"W

Stainless steel d: 7'

1600 pounds

Flying Shuttles.jpg
Andrew Leicester Flying Shuttles 2005 Time Warner Cable Arena

333 E Trade St

35°13'30.8"N 80°50'25.7"W

Ceramic tile, brick, precast concrete, lighting device components, and steel (alloy) h: 50'
Raymond Kaskey, Queen Charlotte.jpg
Raymond Kaskey Queen Charlotte 1990 Charlotte Douglas International Airport

35°13'32.0"N 80°56'40.0"W

Bronze h: 15'

2.5 tons

Gold miner.jpg
Lorenzo Ghiglieri Gold Miner 1991 UNC Charlotte

35°18'15.1"N 80°43'56.0"W

Bronze h: 68"
Dennis Oppenheim, Reconstructed Dwelling.jpg
Dennis Oppenheim Reconstructed Dwelling 2007 Tyvola Station, LYNX Blue Line

35°09'45.0"N 80°52'39.1"W

Steel, wood, roofing material, corrugated aluminum, backed aluminum sheet, structural acrylic h: 24'

w: 35'

d: 40'