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"List of ports" redirects here. For computer networking ports, see List of TCP and UDP port numbers.

This is a list of the world's seaports arranged by oceans and seas. For other lists, including lists of other types of ports, see Lists of ports.

Atlantic Ocean[edit]

Adriatic Sea[edit]

Aegean Sea[edit]

Azov Sea[edit]

Baltic Sea[edit]

See: Ports of the Baltic Sea.

Bay of Biscay[edit]

Black Sea[edit]

Caribbean Sea[edit]

Chesapeake Bay[edit]

English Channel[edit]

Great Lakes[edit]

Port of Montreal, the world's largest inland port and Canada's second busiest port

Irish Sea[edit]

Sea of Marmara[edit]

Mediterranean Sea[edit]

Gulf of Mexico[edit]

North Sea[edit]


Ottawa River/Saint Lawrence River[edit]

Gulf of Paria[edit]

Tyrrhenian Sea[edit]

Arctic Ocean[edit]

Indian Ocean[edit]

Gulf of Aden[edit]

Arabian Sea[edit]

Bay of Bengal

Hooghly River[edit]

Strait of Malacca[edit]

Gulf of Martaban[edit]

Sea of Oman[edit]

Persian Gulf[edit]

Port Phillip[edit]

Red Sea[edit]

Pacific Ocean[edit]

Columbia River[edit]

Drake Passage, Beagle Channel and Strait of Magellan[edit]

SacramentoSan Joaquin rivers[edit]

Gulf of Alaska[edit]

Arafura Sea[edit]

Bering Strait[edit]

Bohai Sea[edit]

Gulf of Carpentaria[edit]

Coral Sea[edit]

East China Sea[edit]

Gulf of Thailand[edit]

Korea Bay[edit]

Yangtze River / Changjiang[edit]

Gulf of California[edit]

East Sea[edit]

Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia[edit]

Port of Vancouver, the largest port in Canada and on the West Coast of North America by metric tons of total cargo

San Francisco Bay[edit]

South China Sea[edit]

Pearl River / Zhujiang[edit]

Tasman Sea[edit]

Yellow Sea[edit]

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