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This is a list of shorthands, both modern and ancient. Currently, only one shorthand (Duployan) has been given an ISO code, in preparation for inclusion in the Unicode Standard, although the Tironian et has already been included in Unicode.

Script name ISO 15924 Year created Creator Primary languages Notes
Abbreviated Longhand[1] 1908 Angus Weaver English
Abbreviatrix 1945 William Paul Mishkin
Alpha Hand[2]
Bezenšek Shorthand[4] 1923 Anton Bezenšek Bulgarian
Boyd's Syllabic Shorthand[5] 1903 Robert Boyd
Brachygraphy[6] 1672 Samuel Shelton English Based on Thomas Shelton's Tachygraphy from whom he first learned shorthand.
Burnz' Fonic Shorthand 1896 Eliza Boardman Burnz
Carissimi Shorthand[7] 1940 Juan Antonio Carissimi Spanish
Caton Scientific Shorthand[8][9] Thomas Jasper Caton
Century 21 Shorthand[10]
Current Shorthand[11] 1892 Henry Sweet
Cursive Shorthand[12] 1889 Hugh Longbourne Callendar English
Dacomb Shorthand[13] 1934 B. E. Dacomb
Dement's Aristography[14][15] 1896 Isaac Strange Dement
Deutsche Einheitskurzschrift[16] 1924 Used in Germany.
Duployé Shorthand[17] Dupl 755 1868 Émile Duployé French, English, Chinook Jargon
Dutton Speedwords[18] 1922 Reginald J. G. Dutton Intended as an International auxiliary language.
EasyScript Speed Writing[19]
Eclectic Shorthand[20] 1878 J.G. Cross
Forkner shorthand[21] 1952 Hamden L. Forkner
Gabelsberger shorthand[22] 1817 (approx.) Franz Xaver Gabelsberger
Graham shorthand[23]
Gregg Shorthand[24] 1888 John Robert Gregg
Gregg Computer Shorthand /
Productivity Plus[25]
Groote[26] A.W. Groote Dutch
Herout-Mikulík[27] Alois Herout and Svojmír Mikulík Czech Used in the Czech parliament.
Hy-Speed Longhand[28] 1932 Andrew Graham Sexton & R. B. Sexton English
Legible Shorthand[29] 1882 Edward Pocknell English
Malone Shorthand[30]
Melin Shorthand[31] 1880 Olof Werling Melin Swedish Dominant Shorthand system in Sweden.
Merrill Shorthand[32][33] 1942 Albert Merrill English Also called ABC shorthand.
Munson Shorthand[34] 1867 James Eugene Munson
National Simplex Shorthand[35] 1919 Rev. Percival Hubert Chase
Natural Shorthand[36] 1917 August Mengelkamp English
New Art of Real Shorthand[37] 1919 John Malham-Dembleby
New Rapid[38] 1890 C.E. McKee
Paragon Shorthand[39] 1895 A. Lichtentag
Personal Shorthand[40] Carl W. Salser, C. Theo Yerian, Mark R. Salser English Originally called "Briefhand."
Pitman Shorthand[41] 1837 Isaac Pitman English
Polygraphy[42] 1747 Aulay Macaulay
Reformed Phonetic Short-Hand[43] 1868 Andrew J. Marsh
Simson Shorthand[44] 1881 James Simson English
Speedwriting[45] 1924 Emma Dearborn English
State Unified Stenography System (GESS) 1937 N. N. Sokolov Russian Used in the Soviet Union; also adapted for English, French, and some of the languages of the Soviet Union.
Stenoscript 1950 Manuel C. Avancena English
Stiefografie[46] 1966 Helmut Stief German Used in Germany.
Tachygraphy[48] 1626 Thomas Shelton English, French, German Originally called "Short-Writing."
Teeline Shorthand[49] 1968 James Hill English
Thomas Natural Shorthand[50] 1935 Charles A. Thomas English
Tironian notes[51] 63 BC Marcus Tullius Tiro Latin
Typed Shorthand[52] 1917 William Baines English Also known as Baines' Typed Shorthand.
Universal Stenography[53] 1786 Samuel Taylor
Universal English Shorthand[54] about 1740 John Byrom English
Wang-Krogdahl's system[55] 1936 Leif Wang and Olav Krogdahl Used in the Norwegian parliament.
Zeiglographia 1650 Thomas Shelton English


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