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The music of Australia and most particularly the rock, pop, Hip hop and indie rock music of Australia has had a long fascination with the local environment be it urban or rural. This is a list of songs which mention or are about Melbourne the capital city of Victoria, Australia, the suburbs of Melbourne and nearby locations. In 2004, an article by Michael Dwyer published in The Age discussed songs written about Melbourne. A list of twenty-five songs about Melbourne were also published.[1]

Fairfax sister publication, The Sydney Morning Herald ran a concurrent article discussing songs written about Sydney at the time. Paul Kelly had four songs in each list, one of which ("From St Kilda to Kings Cross") featured in both lists.[2]


  • "The 4.32 to Epping Has Been Delayed, Connex Apologies For Any Inconvenience" by Fat Cancer Timebomb










  • "I Thank You (For One Hundred Years)"
  • "I Dream of Spring" K.D. Lang
  • "I've Been To Bali Too" by Redgum



  • "Killed her in St Kilda" by Voodoo Lovecats
  • "Know" by Pegz




  • "Napiers Bar" by Cheezlekane[3]
  • “Nepean Highway”, Eddie Perfect
  • "Never Turn Right at Burke Road, Malvern" by Greg Champion
  • "New Kind of Love Song" by the Whirling Furphies
  • "Northcote (So Hungover)" by The Bedroom Philosopher
  • "Northcote" by Blood Duster
  • “North Melbourne” by Allday
  • "Nothing Beats Footy At The MCG" by Jim Cadman
  • "Nut Busta" by Bias B



  • "Platform Girl" by Peter Sherwood
  • “Plummer Road”, by Eddie Perfect
  • "Postcards From Melbourne" by Raul Graf/Ed Kuepper[3]
  • "Prague" by Ruck Rover
  • "Press Release" by Lyrical Commission
  • "Pub" by Cosmic Psychos[3]
  • "Punt Road Traffic" by Mark Ferrie








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