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Maan Wind Farm 80 MW

As of 2018, there are Five operational wind power plants at Ibrahimyah, Hofa, Maan & Tafila. The Ibrahimyah plant, located approximately 80 km north of Amman, consists of 4 wind turbines with capacity 0.08 MW for each.[1] The Hofa plant, located approximately 92 km north of Amman, consists of 5 wind turbines with capacity 0.225 MW for each.[2] The Tafila Wind Farm is located in Tafilah Governorate in south-west Jordan.[3] In Maan two Wind Farms ,Maan Wind Farm was inaugurated in 2016 in south Jordan with a capacity of 80 MW,.[4],and Rajef Wind Farm reached the commercial Operation Date by October 2018 ,with a capacity of 86 MW .

Wind farms[edit]

Large wind farms in Jordan
Name Capacity (MW) Location Governorate
Hofa 1 - Irbid Governorate
Ibrahimyah 0.32 - Irbid Governorate
Tafila Wind Farm 117 - Tafilah Governorate
Maan Wind Farm 80 - Maٰān Governorate
Rajef Wind Farm 86 - Maٰān Governorate

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