List of wineries in the Barossa Valley

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This is a list of wineries in the Barossa Valley, a major wine-producing region of South Australia, located within the Barossa wine zone and adjacent to the Eden Valley wine zone. There are an estimated 50 wineries in the region.[1]

Balthazar of the Barossa
Barossa Ridge Wine Estates
Barossa Settlers
Barossa Valley Estate
Basedow Wines
Beer Brothers
Bethany Wines
Bucklands Estate Wines
Burge Family Winemakers
Charles Cimicky Wines
Charles Melton Wines
Chateau Barossa
Chateau Dorrien
Chateau Tanunda
Chateau Yaldara
Clancy Fuller
Cockatoo Ridge Wines
Cooper Burns
Creed of Barossa
Dell'uva Wines

Domain Day

Dorrien Estate
Dutschke Wines
Eighteen Forty-Seven
Elderton Wines
First Drop Wines

Flaxman Wines

Fox Gordon Wines
Gibson's Barossa Vale Wines
Glaetzer Wines
Glaymond Wines
Glen Eldon Wines
Gnadenfrei Estate
God's Hill Wines
Gomersal Wines
Grant Burge Wines
Greenock Creek Vineyard and Cellars
Gumpara Wines
Haan Wines
Hamilton's Ewell Vineyards
Harbord Wines
Hare's Chase
Hentley Farm
Heritage Wines
Hobbs Wines
Izway Wines
Jenke Vineyards
JJ Hahn
John Duval Wines
Kabminye Wines
Kaesler Wines
Karra Yerta Wines
Kalleske Wines
Kassebaum Wines
Kellermeister Wines
Kies Family Wines
Kurtz Family Vineyards
Langmeil Winery
LanzThomson Vineyards
Laughing Jack Wines
Leo Buring
Limb Vineyards
Linfield Road Wines
Loose End Wines
Lou Miranda Estate
McLean's Farm Wines
Mad Dog Wines
Magpie Estate
Marschall Groom Cellars
Massena Vineyards
Mengler View Wines
Milhinch Wines
Miranda - Barossa
Mt Toolleen (Ebenezer Vineyard)
Murray Street Vineyards
Nurihannam Wines (Nuriootpa High School)
Orlando Wines/Jacob’s Creek
Paulmara Estate
Peter Lehmann Wines
Pheasant Farm Wines
RBJ Wines
Red Nectar Wines
RedHeads Wine
Richmond Grove Wines
Ringland Vintners
Rockford Wines
Rocland Estate
Roehr Wines
Rolf Binder @ Veritas Winery
Rosenvale Vineyards
Ross Estate Wines
Rusden Wines
Russell Wines
St Hallett Wines
St John's Road
Saltram Wine Estates
Schild Estate Wines
Schiller Vineyards
Schubert Estate
Seppelt Winery
Sheep’s Back
Shiralee Wines
Smallfry Wines
Small Gully Wines
Soul Growers
Stanley Lambert
Steinborner Family Vineyards
Stonewell Vineyards
Tait Wines
Te-aro Estate
The Colonial Estate
The Standish Wine Company
The Willows Vineyard
Thorn-Clarke Wines
Tim Smith Wines
Torbreck Vintners
Tscharke's Winery
Turkey Flat
Two Hands Wines
Viking Wines
Villa Tinto
Vinecrest Fine Barossa Wines
Whistler Wines
Winter Creek
Whitechapel Wines
Wolf Blass
Yaldara Wines

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