Little Camanoe

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Little Camanoe
Little Camano is to the mid-left, behind Tortola airport's runway
Little Camanoe is located in British Virgin Islands
Little Camanoe
Little Camanoe
The location of Little Camanoe within the British Virgin Islands
Little Camanoe is located in Caribbean
Little Camanoe
Little Camanoe
Little Camanoe (Caribbean)
LocationCaribbean Sea
Coordinates18°27′32″N 64°32′34″W / 18.4589°N 64.5427°W / 18.4589; -64.5427Coordinates: 18°27′32″N 64°32′34″W / 18.4589°N 64.5427°W / 18.4589; -64.5427
ArchipelagoVirgin Islands
United Kingdom
British Overseas TerritoryBritish Virgin Islands
Additional information
Time zone
ISO codeVG

Little Camanoe is an uninhabited island of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

The island provides habitat for the common Puerto Rican ameiva (Ameiva exsul), the crested anole (Anolis cristatellus wileyae), and the big-scaled least gecko (Sphaerodactylus macrolepis macrolepis).[1]


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