Live at the Epicentre

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Live at the Epicentre
Live album by Fear Before the March of Flames
Released September 2004
Recorded August 7, 2004
Genre Mathcore, post-hardcore, metalcore
Length 16:29
Label Equal Vision Records
Producer Kevin Buchheister
Fear Before the March of Flames chronology
Art Damage
(2003)Art Damage2003
Live at the Epicentre
The Always Open Mouth
(2006)The Always Open Mouth2006

Live at the Epicentre is a live album recorded by the Colorado band Fear Before the March of Flames. It was recorded on August 7, 2004, shortly before the release of their second album Art Damage. It was recorded at the Epicentre in San Diego, California, and contains five songs performed by the band.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "The 20th Century Was Entirely Mine" 3:19
2. "Absolutely Fabulous and Me" 2:33
3. "Given to Dreams" 3:37
4. "Whiskey Is Alright in Its Place, But Its Place Is in Hell" 2:12
5. "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" 4:45

Album information[edit]

  • Little is known about this limited edition live album by many fans, as it has never been widely released.