Lorraine Regional Natural Park

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Lorraine Regional Natural Park (Parc naturel régional de Lorraine)
Protected Area
La côte de Meuse depuis la butte de Montsec.JPG
Country France
State Meuse
Region Lorraine
Coordinates 48°53′23″N 6°02′39″E / 48.88967°N 6.04428°E / 48.88967; 6.04428Coordinates: 48°53′23″N 6°02′39″E / 48.88967°N 6.04428°E / 48.88967; 6.04428

Lorraine Regional Natural Park (French: Parc naturel régional de Lorraine) is a protected area of pastoral countryside in the Lorraine region of northeastern France. The park covers a total area of 205,000 hectares (510,000 acres).[1] The parkland spreads between the cities of Metz and Nancy and spans three departments.[2]

Ancient ruins and modern monuments are common throughout the area.[2] The land was officially designated a regional natural park in 1974.[1]

Ruins of the Château de Prény, original castle of the Dukes of Lorraine

Member communes[edit]

There are 193 communes within the parkland boundaries.[3][4]

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