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The Los Angeles Newspaper Group is an umbrella group of local daily newspapers published in the greater Los Angeles area by Digital First Media. The news coverage of the newspapers are mainly local and state stories. The newspapers contain some national and international news, often from the Associated Press. Its entertainment section with advice columns, movie reviews, and comics are found in its "U" (renamed LA.com in 2007) section, which is shared among all newspapers. The newspapers share coverage and printing presses, and staff writers rotate among newspapers and file the same stories for all eight members of the group. The newspapers also share editorials and speak as one voice on regional issues.

The newspapers include:

The group was owned by William Dean Singleton, who also owns the Denver Post, the Bay Area News Group, which includes the Oakland Tribune and San Jose Mercury News, as well as numerous other papers.

It is now operated by, along with the rest of the Media News Group, by Digital First Media.

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