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Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts
715 University Parkway
Natchitoches, Louisiana 71457
United States
Coordinates 31°45′09″N 93°05′45″W / 31.7526°N 93.0959°W / 31.7526; -93.0959Coordinates: 31°45′09″N 93°05′45″W / 31.7526°N 93.0959°W / 31.7526; -93.0959
Type Public, Selective Magnet, Residential
Motto Praecellemus [2]
(We shall excel)
Opened 1983
Founder Jimmy D. Long, Donald G. Kelly, Robert A. Alost, Dave Treen
Oversight Board of Elementary and Secondary Education; LSMSA Board of Directors
Authorizer State of Louisiana, Division of Administration
Executive Director Dr. Steve Horton
Staff 115
Faculty 57
Grades 10-12
Gender Coed
Average class size 15 (maximum mandated by state statute)
Student to teacher ratio 17:1
Color(s)           Blue and gold
Slogan Above. Beyond.
Mascot Ace the Eagle
Nickname LSMS-Gay
Team name Eagles
Accreditation Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Newspaper The Renaissance
Yearbook The Rubicon
School fees About $1500 in boarding and facility fees (2013)[1]
Affiliations NCSSSMST, Blue Ribbon Schools Program
Literary Publication Folio

The Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) is located in Natchitoches, Louisiana on the campus of Northwestern State University (NSU).[3] It is a member of the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science and Technology (NCSSSMST).[4] In 2016, Niche ranked LSMSA the 9th best public high school nationwide.[5]


LSMSA is the brainchild of State Representative Jimmy D. Long of Natchitoches, Robert A. Alost, then Dean of the College of Education at Northwestern State University; Democratic State Senator Donald G. Kelly of Natchitoches; and the one-term Republican Governor David Conner Treen, which is where the Treen auditorium gets its name. The school was conceived to offer a unique experience to the state's brightest students while supplying Natchitoches with an influx of commerce and attention. On the heels of a fleeting surplus of state funds from oil revenues following America's oil crises of the late seventies, Gov. Treen approved the funding for the school. Classes were originally held on the ground floor of Prudhomme Hall, an unused dormitory on the campus of NSU while female students lived in the upper floor and male students originally lived in Bossier Hall, another dorm. Renovation of the "High School Building," (known by no other formal title, but formerly the campus of Natchitoches High School) was completed in 1984, and the ceremonial ribbon was cut by then Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards.

The Louisiana School was the second state-supported residential school of its kind - the first being the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, which opened in 1980. The school was founded in the early 1980s with the first class enrolling as juniors in the fall of 1983, graduating in 1985.

Academically, the school is similar to the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM). Studies focus on mathematics, science, and the humanities. Like NCSSM math and science high schools, it has an arts program, with instruction in music, theater, visual art, and dance.

Among the various ensembles in both voice and instrumental, student musicians get the opportunity to perform music special to Louisiana through the Louisiana Composers' Consortium founded by LSMSA's own Dr. Al Benner.

The school's College Admission Profile summarizes the school: "Graduating its first class in 1985, the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts is a state-supported, residential program, enrolling high achieving and talented students throughout Louisiana in grades ten through twelve. Most students begin as sophomores or juniors and are selected from a pool of applicants representing at least 65% of the state's public school districts, as well as private schools. The student body, therefore, represents the ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic diversity of Louisiana residents. LSMSA is considered as a "Special School" by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education."[6]

In 2017, state Senator Francis C. Thompson of Delhi introduced legislation to name the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts in honor of Jimmy D. Long, who as the chairman for sixteen years of the House Education Committee, was among those instrumental in the establishment of the institution. After strong support in the state Senate, the renaming legislation passed the House Education Committee despite some opposition from alumni who object in part to the school having such a lengthy name.[7]


Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts sign

As LSMSA recruits students from all of Louisiana, it can be described as a statewide magnet school. Prospective students apply during the fall of their freshman, sophomore or junior year. Applicants submit application forms, grade transcripts, SAT or ACT results, and four letters of recommendation with one optional recommendation form. Applicants to the arts curriculum also submit a portfolio of artwork or audition. As of the 2007–2008 school year, LSMSA added its first sophomore class, which composed of 40 students. 65 students have been invited to be in the 2008–2009 Sophomore class.

Residential life[edit]

The Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts is located on the campus of Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Students who attend LSMSA live in dorms, away from their families, much like college students. The dormitories are single-sex: those of female sex in Caddo Hall and those of male sex in Prudhomme Hall. At Caddo and Prudhomme, students of the other sex are only allowed in the dormitory lobbies unless accompanied by an SLA (Student Life Advisor). Caddo Hall was renovated during the spring semester of 2011 and the Caddo residents lived in Varnado Hall for that time. A new dorm is in the works, closer to the High School Building.

Rules regarding residential life are fairly stringent. Students have free time during weekdays during which they can sign out to various areas within the city of Natchitoches. The Louisiana School provides a shuttle for transportation because students can only use their cars to drive home on weekends, unless they have high grades and a good disciplinary record, in which case they may use their cars for a specified time period.

As LSMSA is located on a university campus, much of the residential life of LSMSA students resembles that of their university counterparts. Whereas a university has relatively little liability to bear when dealing with 18+ year old adults, LSMSA must contend with a student body mainly of minors. The school tries to enforce rigorous discipline under terms of "in loco parentis," meaning in the place of a parent.

Academic integrity[edit]

Students must agree to the following honor code pledge:

As a student of the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts, I understand that I belong to an institution dedicated to the pursuit of learning. Thus, I promise to uphold the Honor Code that safeguards this pursuit. I accept my personal duty to promote an honorable attitude in my academic life by refraining from lying, cheating, stealing, plagiarizing, or vandalizing.

Alleged infractions upon said honor code are put before an honor court.

Students refer to agreeing to this code during Matriculation as "selling their souls" to the Louisiana School.

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