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Lu Xiaofeng
Wuxia character
Created byGu Long
In-universe information
Nicknames"Four Eyebrows"
Lu Xiaofeng
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese陸小鳳
Simplified Chinese陆小凤
Literal meaningLittle Phoenix Lu
Vietnamese name
VietnameseLục Tiểu Phụng

Lu Xiaofeng is the fictional protagonist of the wuxia novel series Lu Xiaofeng Series (陸小鳳系列) by Gu Long.

Character description[edit]

Lu is best identified by his distinctive "Four Eyebrows" (四條眉毛), as he sports two strands of moustache that resemble his eyebrows, making him seem as though he has four eyebrows. He is described as a good-looking and attractive figure to many female admirers in the novels. He is an alcoholic, a flirt and a regular brothel patron.

Lu's true personality and abilities are actually hidden behind his image of a flirt and alcoholic. He is extremely intelligent and observant like a fox, although it may not seem obvious, which enables him to solve the several mysteries in the series. His wit and cunning has also helped him escape from danger, often turning the tables on his enemies unexpectedly when he is apparently on the losing end. Lu also values friendship and often risks his own life to help his friends when needed.

Lu is best known for his 'Lingxi Finger' (靈犀一指), which allows him to catch and hold enemies' weapons between his fingers. He does not really use any particular weapon and often relies on his bare hands to fight enemies, even when he is being surrounded. Lu is a qinggong expert as well, and although Gu Long did not state explicitly Lu's qinggong capability in comparison with other characters, Lu is one of the top ten qinggong exponents in the series.

Major characters[edit]

  • Hua Manlou (花滿樓; 花满楼; Huā Mǎnlóu; Faa1 Mun5-lau4) is one of Lu Xiaofeng's close friends. He lost his sense of sight in his childhood and but has become sharper and more observant towards his surroundings, especially in his hearing. He is intelligent and understands Lu very well, to the extent that he can even identify Lu by listening to his footsteps. Lu taught him the 'Lingxi Finger'. He is skilled in martial arts and handles himself well in fights. However, he prefers to resolve disputes in a peaceful manner as opposed to using violence.
  • Sikong Zhaixing (司空摘星; Sīkōng Zhāixīng; Si1-hung1 Zaak6-sing1) is one of Lu Xiaofeng's close friends. He is highly skilled in martial arts and is arguably the best qinggong exponent in the series. He specialises in the art of thieving and disguise. Although he is normally elusive and unpredictable in his movements, he often shows up when Lu needs his help.
  • Ximen Chuixue (西門吹雪; 西门吹雪; Xīmén Chuīxuě; Sai1-mun4 Ceoi1-syut3) is one of Lu Xiaofeng's close friends. Nicknamed "God of Sword" (劍神), he is the best swordsman in the jianghu after his triumph over Ye Gucheng. He marries Sun Xiuqing of the Emei Sect after saving her life. He appears as a cold-blooded, unfeeling and ruthless killer to others. He is willing to help Lu whenever Lu asks for his assistance.
  • Zhu Ting (朱亭; Zhū Tíng; Zyu1 Ting4) is one of Lu Xiaofeng's friends. He is a master craftsman who is rumoured to have inherited the skills of Lu Ban. It is said that there is no lock in the world that he cannot unlock.
  • Ye Gucheng (葉孤城; 叶孤城; Yè Gūchéng; Jip6 Gu1-sing4), nicknamed "Sword Immortal" (劍仙), is the lord of White Cloud City (白雲城) and a powerful swordsman. Like Ximen Chuixue, he appears cold and unfeeling. He challenges Ximen to a duel on the roof of the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City to determine who is the best swordsman in the jianghu. He is eventually defeated and slain by Ximen Chuixue.
  • Taoist Mu (木道人; Mù Dàorén; Muk6 Dou3-jan4) is one of the elders of the Wudang Sect. He ranks third in the jianghu after Ximen Chuixue and Ye Gucheng in terms of swordplay. As one of Lu Xiaofeng's friends, he often helps the latter in difficult situations. However, in Youling Shanzhuang, he is revealed to be actually the mysterious villain Laodao Bazi (老刀把子; Lǎodāo Bàzǐ; Lou5-dou1 Baa2-zi2), who has been plotting to dominate the jianghu. He is defeated and killed by Lu and his friends.
  • Truthful Monk (老實和尚; 老实和尚; Lǎoshí Héshàng; Lou5-sat6 Wo4-soeng6) is one of Lu Xiaofeng's friends. Lu often consults him for advice in solving mysteries. He is said to be a very honest person and speaks the truth all the time, as his name implies.
  • Master Tortoise (龜孫大爺; 龟孙大爷; Guīsūn Dàyé; Gwai1-syun1 Daai6-je4) is a mysterious hermit who provides Lu with information in solving mysteries in return for monetary rewards.


Lu Xiaofeng Series
Lu Xiaofeng Chuanqi
Xiuhua Dadao
Juezhan Qianhou
Yin'gou Dufang
Youling Shanzhuang
Fengwu Jiutian
Jianshen Yixiao
AuthorGu Long
GenreWuxia, adventure, mystery
Media typePrint

Lu Xiaofeng Chuanqi[edit]

陸小鳳傳奇; 陆小凤传奇; Lù Xiǎofèng Chuánqí; Luk6 Siu2-fung6 Cyun4-kei4; 'The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng'

A mysterious martial arts sect, Qingyilou (青衣樓), which recently emerged in the jianghu (martial artists' community), has been stirring up much conflict. Out of curiosity, Lu decides to investigate what is going on. He meets Princess Fengdan of the Kingdom of the Golden Bird (大金鵬國) in the Western Regions. The princess seeks his help on behalf of her father, the king, who is seeking vengeance on three traitors. The three traitors have changed their identities and are currently the wealthiest and most powerful martial artists in the jianghu. Lu is aware that he cannot complete the mission alone so he approaches Hua Manlou and Ximen Chuixue for help. After defeating the three traitors, however, the case is not over yet as Hua Manlou and Princess Fengdan go missing later. Lu also discovers that the king is actually an impostor. On the brink of imminent danger, Lu manages to reverse the odds in an unexpected way and succeeds in solving the mystery.

Xiuhua Dadao[edit]

繡花大盜; 绣花大盗; Xìuhuā Dàdào; Sau3-faa1 Daai6-dou6; 'The Embroidery Bandit'

A mysterious brigand, the "Embroidery Bandit", is suspected of having robbed the Zhenyuan Escort Agency of a large sum of gold and having broken into a prince's residence. The authorities send the constable Jin Jiuling to investigate the case and arrest the bandit. Jin seeks Lu's help to crack the mystery within eight days. With help from Sikong Zhaixing, Xue Bing and the Serpent King, Lu manages to lure the bandit into a trap and reveal himself to be actually Jin. Lu defeats Jin after a fight and retrieves the stolen gold.

Juezhan Qianhou[edit]

決戰前後; 决战前后; Juézhàn Qiánhòu; Kyut3-zin3 Cin4-hau6; 'Before and After the Duel'

Ximen Chuixue and Ye Gucheng, the two best swordsmen in the jianghu, arrange for a duel at the rooftop of the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City on the night of the full moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival. As news of the event spread like wildfire throughout the jianghu, many martial artists gather in the capital to watch the duel and bet on the outcome. Before the duel, however, Ximen disappears and Ye is wounded. At the same time, two of his acquaintances, Li Yanbei and Master Tortoise, are mysteriously murdered, while his romantic interest, Ouyang Qing, is poisoned. Lu has no clue to what is going on and suspects that the duel is a distraction for something sinister. After investigating, Lu discovers that Ye is the mastermind behind a plot to assassinate the emperor and tries to stop him. The duel between Ye and Ximen proceeds as planned, with the latter ultimately emerging victorious.

Yin'gou Dufang[edit]

銀鉤賭坊; 银钩赌坊; Yín'gōu Dǔfāng; Ngan4-ngau1 Dou2-fong1; 'The Silver Hook Gambling House'

The son of the Demonic Cult's (魔教) leader is murdered and Lanhuzi, the owner of the Silver Hook Gambling House (銀鉤賭坊), frames Lu for it. Lanhuzi promises to help Lu clear his name on the condition that Lu helps him find his ex-wife, Li Xia, and the Rakshasa Tablet (羅剎牌), the cult's sacred artefact. Lu recovers the tablet but finds it to be a fake one, and the real one is with Lanhuzi. In fact, Lanhuzi had used Lu to divert the cult's attention so he can take control of the cult with the tablet. Lu defeats Lanhuzi and returns the tablet to its rightful owner.

Youling Shanzhuang[edit]

幽靈山莊; 幽灵山庄; Yōulíng Shānzhuāng; Jau1-ling4 Saan1-zong1; 'Phantoms' Mountain Manor'

Lu had apparently molested Ximen Chuixue's wife and incurred the wrath of Ximen, who has been pursuing and trying to kill him. To avoid Ximen, Lu seeks refuge in the sinister Phantoms' Mountain Manor under its master, Laodao Bazi. Laodao Bazi is planning an "Operation Thunder" (天雷行動) to eliminate four of his rivals and obtain a notebook containing the secrets of the jianghu. The book is hidden inside the hat of the Wudang Sect's leader. Lu foils and exposes Laodao Bazi's evil plans, unveiling Laodao Bazi's true identity as Taoist Mu, an elder of Wudang. In fact, Lu and Ximen Chuixue had staged the hunt-and-kill incident to trick Laodao Bazi so that Lu can infiltrate the manor and disrupt the operation.

Fengwu Jiutian[edit]

鳳舞九天; 凤舞九天; Fèngwǔ Jǐutiān; Fung6-mou5 Gau2-tin1; 'The Phoenix Dances in the Nine Heavens'

A large amount of gold belonging to a prince has been robbed during its delivery and the 109 escorts have gone missing. Lu is roaming the land freely when his help is much needed. He meets Yue Yang and Niuroutang, martial artists in disguise, and secretly follows them on board a ship. He is shipwrecked during a storm and cast onto a desolate island. While exploring his surroundings, Lu discovers that the island is home to a group of martial artists and the missing people are held captive there by Gong Jiu. He also meets a mysterious maiden, Sha Man, and falls in love with her. Lu escapes with Sha Man and Gong Jiu spreads rumours in the jianghu, framing Lu for the crime and forcing Lu into hiding. Lu gets Ximen Chuixue to help him. Through a series of investigations, they confirm that Gong Jiu is the mastermind behind the robbery. Lu confronts Gong Jiu and defeats him by using his most powerful skill, the 'Phoenix Dances in the Nine Heavens'.

Jianshen Yixiao[edit]

劍神一笑; 剑神一笑; Jiànshén Yīxiào; Gim3-san4 Jat1-siu3; 'Laughter of the God of Sword'

Ximen Chuixue seeks Lu's help in finding Liu Chengfeng of the Mount Ba Sword Sect (巴山劍派). Lu travels to a town at the desert border and finds Liu, but the latter is already dead. Lu realises that the town is full of lurking dangers and tracks Liu's murderer to a former imperial consort, Gong Susu. Lu also finds hidden treasure in the desert after a series of adventures. However, the martial artists hiding in town followed him secretly and Lu is stabbed after finding the treasure. At that moment, Ximen Chuixue arrives and reveals that Lu is still alive and they had actually set a trap for the villains. All the enemies are killed and the heroes leave in triumph. At the end of the story, for the first time ever, the cold and unfeeling Ximen Chuixue bursts into laughter.



Year Production Main cast Additional information
1978 Shaw Brothers Studio
(Hong Kong)
Tony Liu, Ching Li, Ling Yun, Elliot Ngok, Shih Szu See Clan of Amazons (1978 film)
Taiwan Barry Chan, Ling Yun, Nora Miao See The Last Duel (1978 film)
1981 Shaw Brothers Studio
(Hong Kong)
Tony Liu, Elliot Ngok, Jason Pai, Linda Chu, Helen Poon, Sun Chien, Lung Tin-sang See The Duel of the Century
1996 My Way Film Company
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2000 Hong Kong Andy Lau, Ekin Cheng, Nick Cheung, Kristy Yang, Zhao Wei, Patrick Tam See The Duel (film)


Year Production Main cast Additional information
1976 TVB (Hong Kong) Damian Lau, Wong Wan-choi, Wong Yuen-sun, Adam Cheng, Wong Hang-sau, Kwan Hoi-san See Luk Siu-fung (1976 TV series)
1986 Alex Man, Wong Wan-choi, Austin Wai, Rebecca Chan, King Doi-yum, Lau Kong See The Return of Luk Siu-fung
2000 China, Taiwan, Singapore Jimmy Lin, Christopher Lee, Max Mok, Kristy Yang, Thomas Ong, Qi Yuwu, Tao Hong, Wu Hsing-kuo See Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng
2001 Eric Suen, Christopher Lee, Gigi Lai, Rayson Tan, Ma Yong, Yvonne Lim, Mark Cheng, Yu Rongguang See Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng 2
2006 Hong Kong Julian Cheung, Ken Chang, Cheung Tat-ming, Peter Ho, Yan Kuan, Fann Wong, Cecilia Liu, Cynthia Khan, Wong Jat-fei See The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng (TV series)
2014 China Raymond Lam, Kent Cheng, Lemon Zhang, Zhang Xiaolong, Lan Xi, Nikita Mao, Zong Fengyan, Leanne Liu, Tan Junyan, Cai Juntao, Zeng Zeng, Jojo Chen See Detectives and Doctors 陸小鳳與花滿樓 (2014 TV series) is a 3D TV Series based on The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng <陸小鳳傳奇>


Luk Siu-fung (陸小鳳) is also the title of the theme song of Part 1 of the 1976 Hong Kong television series. It was composed by Joseph Koo, lyrics provided by Wong Jim, and sung by Adam Cheng in Cantonese.

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