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Luc Langlois
BornLuc Langlois
Occupationwriter and translator

Luc Langlois is a professor of philosophy at Laval University. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at this university during eight years.


Luc Langlois was born in 1963 in Canada. He attended the primary school and high school in Canada.


He earned a Bachelor in philosophy from the Laval University in 1985. He continued his studies in philosophy and received his master's in philosophy from the same university in 1986. Then, he moved to Paris and earned his Master of Advanced Studies degree from Sorbonne University (Paris IV) in 1987. He did a PhD in philosophy at the same university and received his PhD degree in philosophy in 1991. Ha has also a bachelor's degree in Law from Laval University.

Dean of Faculty of Philosophy[edit]

Luc Langlois was the Dean of Faculty of Philosophy at Laval University between 2002 and 2010.

Teaching at university[edit]

He teaches the modern philosophy in the Faculty of Philosophy at Laval University. His expertise is in German modern philosophy (Leibniz, Kant, Fichte, German idealism, neo-Kantianism), critical theory (Habermas) and Heidegger.

Writing and translating academic books[edit]

He has written several academic books in philosophy. He has also translated several books of philosophy from German to French.

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