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Ludhiana Junction railway station

Coordinates: 30°54′43″N 75°50′53″E / 30.912°N 75.848°E / 30.912; 75.848
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Ludhiana Junction
Indian Railways junction station
Entrance of Ludhiana Junction
General information
LocationLudhiana, Punjab
Coordinates30°54′43″N 75°50′53″E / 30.912°N 75.848°E / 30.912; 75.848
Elevation246 metres (807 ft)
Owned byIndian Railways
Operated byNorthern Railways
Line(s)Ambala–Attari line,
Ludhiana–Fazilka line,
Ludhiana–Jakhal line,
Ludhiana–Chandigarh line
Tracks18 5 ft 6 in (1,676 mm) broad gauge
Structure typeStandard on ground
Bicycle facilitiesNo
AccessibleDisabled access Available
Other information
Station codeLDH
Zone(s) Northern Railway zone
Division(s) Firozpur
Opened1864; 160 years ago (1864)
Preceding station Indian Railways Following station
towards ?
Northern Railway zone Dhandari Kalan
towards ?
Terminus Northern Railway zone Model Gram
towards ?
Northern Railway zone
Ludhinana–Jakhal line
towards ?
Ludhiana Junction is located in Punjab
Ludhiana Junction
Ludhiana Junction
Location within Punjab
Ludhiana Junction is located in India
Ludhiana Junction
Ludhiana Junction
Ludhiana Junction (India)
Interactive map

Ludhiana Junction railway station (station code: LDH) is a railway station located in Ludhiana district in the Indian state of Punjab and serves Ludhiana. It is located in about the centre of the city and is among the busiest railway stations of Punjab. It is also among the cleanest of railway stations of India.

The railway station

Nameboard of Ludhiana Railway Station on PF4

Ludhiana railway station is at an elevation of 246 metres (807 ft) and was assigned the code – LDH.[1]



The Scinde, Punjab & Delhi Railway completed the 483 km (300 mi)-long AmritsarAmbala CanttSaharanpurMeerutGhaziabad line in 1870 connecting Multan (now in Pakistan) with Delhi.[2]

The Ludhiana–Jakhal line was laid in 1901, possibly by the Southern Punjab Railway Co.[3]

The extension from the Macleodganj (later renamed Mandi Sadiqganj and now in Pakistan) railway line to Ludhiana was opened by the Southern Punjab Railway Company in 1905.[4]

The SahnewalChandigarh rail link (also referred to as Ludhiana–Chandigarh rail link) was inaugurated in 2013.[5]



The Mandi Gobindgarh-Ludhiana sector was electrified in 1996–97.[6]

Loco sheds


Ludhiana Diesel Loco Shed holds 184+ locos including WDM-2, WDM-3A and WDG-3A/WDG-4D. Ludhiana Electric Loco Shed was commissioned in 2001 and houses WAG-5 (now transferred to other sheds), WAG-7, WAG-9 and WAP-4 (now transferred to TKD DLS) locos.

Passenger movement


Ludhiana is amongst the top hundred booking stations of Indian Railways.[7]


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