Luis Ángel González Macchi

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Luis Ángel González Macchi
Gonzalez Macchi 2003.jpg
46th President of Paraguay
In office
March 29, 1999 – August 15, 2003
Vice PresidentNone (Mar 1999 – Sep 2000; Oct 2002 – Aug 2003)
Julio César Franco (Sep 2000 – Oct 2002)
Preceded byRaúl Cubas
Succeeded byNicanor Duarte
Personal details
Born (1947-12-13) December 13, 1947 (age 73)
Asuncion, Paraguay
Political partyColorado Party

Luis Ángel González Macchi (born December 13, 1947, in Asunción) was the President of Paraguay from 1999 until 2003.

He was the President of the Paraguayan Senate from 1998 to 1999.[1] As the president of the Senate, González Macchi was next in line for the presidency on March 23, 1999 following the assassination of Vice President Luis María Argaña. President Raúl Cubas was suspected of being involved in the assassination. This, combined with other scandals resulted in his impeachment by the Chamber of Deputies on March 24. Realizing that he faced almost certain conviction and removal by the Senate, Cubas resigned on March 29, and González Macchi ascended to the presidency.

As president, González Macchi attempted to create a coalition government to spur cooperation within Paraguay and repair the economy which had been damaged by the political crisis. This coalition did not last long, as the Authentic Radical Liberal Party left it in 2000, leaving González Macchi without a majority in the legislature. González Macchi became ever more unpopular as the economy sagged further and found passing legislation difficult because few legislators would vote on bills that he pushed for. There was a coup attempt in 2000 and an impeachment attempt in 2001, though both failed. González Macchi was able to hold on to his presidency until the elections of 2003, which Nicanor Duarte won. He left office on August 15, 2003.

On December 4, 2006, González Macchi was sentenced to eight years in prison for fraud and embezzlement.[2] The sentence was appealed.


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Raúl Cubas
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